MSNBC reports that President Obama is no longer meeting with his cabinet members and is instead seeking presidential council elsewhere. Who had his ear?

Who had his ear? Union boss Richard Trumka said, “I am at the White House a couple of times a week…two, three times a week.” What about this unprecedented access that unions have to the Obama administration? How does this all tie into “top down, bottom up” insurrection?

Bottom up, top down revolution

Tuesday, Feb 22, 2011 at 12:01 PM EST
Who has the President’s ear nowadays? Is it the Senate? His cabinet? No, it appears to be union boss Richard Trumka. Glenn gave his reaction to some shocking audio from Trumka on radio this morning.
“Just remember what we told you about a year ago. That he was creating a new structure. And we told you that this is what, I think it was Caesar Augustus did, that he would leave all of the trappings but they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t work. They didn’t do anything. He left the Senate. He left all the trappings of the republic, but it changed,” Glenn explained.
MSNBC is reporting that Obama may be following the same path as Augustus.
“Just to set this up, it’s a discussion of Obama on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell about how many times he has spoken in the last two years to some of his cabinet members,” Pat explained.
“It doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve been talking for a while about why doesn’t the president use cabinet officials. You report that in fact there were a half a dozen cabinet members who had not heard from the president personally, had not got a phone call or had an opportunity to be one on one with him in the first two years,” Andrea Mitchell said in the audio.
“And this person said, I’ve talked, I’ve had individual meetings with all the cabinet members. And he was shocked to hear that a number of them, he said half a dozen of them, have never had a single phone call from the president in the first two years up to that point,” her guest said, adding “That is a pretty dramatic thing because it tells you not only was the president not listening to people outside the administration, he wasn’t even listening to senior members of the administration. He was really only listening to a very small group of people.”
Glenn said, “You see the MSNBC saying he’s not even meeting with the cabinet. So who is he meeting with? And it goes into this: New audio from Richard Trumka.”
Richard Trumka was asked, “How often is the White House meeting with you, having conversations with you?”
“I am at the White House a couple of times a week, two, three times a week,” Trumka responded. “ I have conversations every day with someone in the White House.”
“You have to see his body language, the arrogance when he begins to respond is incomprehensible,” Glenn said of Trumka.
“The President has not met with his cabinet, but he meets with Richard Trumka,” Glenn lamented.
“What is it that they are doing with Richard Trumka every single day? Start again with MSNBC. MSNBC reporting that they’ve talked to half a dozen cabinet members who in two years have not received as much as a phone call from the president. This is his real cabinet, the unions. The radicals and the communists,” Glenn said.
“If this isn’t evidence of top down, bottom up revolution, or bottom up, top down revolution, I don’t know what is. You get the people in the top to be a part of the ‑‑ they’re revolutionaries, and you put them in the top. Revolutionaries. They’re there. We’ve seen them to you. Revolutionaries, in the White House. In our government.”
“Bottom up, that’s what Richard Trumka’s doing right now. That is what’s happening in Wisconsin, it’s what’s happening all over the country. Bottom up. Rise up. And the top will come down because they will recognize that the people have spoken!”
“It goes back to exactly, the video that we showed you over the summer where they were giving advice to these organizations. All the leftists that are marching now, give the president a reason to do what he wants and knows he has to do. Give him the reason where he must do it. That is what is happening.”

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