Fauci. Lies. Treason.

Fauci. Lies. Treason.

read 250 page pdf here: https://f.hubspotusercontent10.net/hubfs/8079569/The%20FauciCOVID-19%20Dossier.pdf

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Geoengineering with Black Carbon Lofting

Jim Lee Climate Viewer

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The Chinese Connection…R.I.C.O. anyone?

Oversight Board Member Who Upheld Trump Facebook Ban Connected to China’s United Front

ByPrakash Gogoi

May 15, 2021

A member of an independent review panel that recently upheld former President Donald Trump’s Facebook suspension suffers from major conflicts of interest with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) notorious United Front Work Department (UFWD), reveals a recent investigation.

The United Front is one of the primary Communist Party organs responsible for conducting foreign political influence operations, intelligence gathering, and suppression and control of overseas dissident movements, working day and night to corrupt not only overseas Chinese communities, but western high value political and economic targets as well.

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Popeye: I love this History.

Share from fascist book:
POPEYE the Sailor Man really existed….. His real name was Frank “Rocky” Fiegel. He was born in 1868 in Poland and, as a child, immigrated to the United States with his parents, who settled down in a small town in Illinois. As a young man, Rocky went to sea. After a 20 year career as a sailor in the Merchant Marines, Fiegel retired. He was later hired by Wiebusch’s Tavern in the city of Chester, Illinois as a ‘Bouncer’ to maintain order in the rowdy bar.
Rocky quickly developed a reputation for always being involved in fighting ( and usually winning). As a result, he had a deformed eye (“Pop-eye”). He also ‘always’ smoked his pipe, so he always spoke out of one side of his mouth. In his spare time as a Bouncer, Rocky would entertain the customers by regaling them with exciting stories of adventures he claimed to have had over his career as a sailor crossing the ‘Seven Seas.’
The creator of Popeye, Elzie Crisler Segar, grew up in Chester and, as a young man, met Rocky at the tavern and would sit for hours listening to the old sailor’s amazing ‘sea’ stories.’ Years later, Segar became a cartoonist and developed a comic strip called ‘Thimble Theater.’ He honored Fiegel by asking if he could model his new comic strip character, ‘Popeye the Sailor Man,’ after him. Naturally Fiegel was flattered and agreed.
Segar claimed that ‘Olive Oyl,’ along with other characters, was also loosely based on an actual person. She was Dora Paskel, owner of a small grocery store in Chester. She apparently actually looked much like the Olive Oyl character in his comics. He claimed she even dressed much the same way..
Through the years, Segar kept in touch with Rocky and always helped him with money; giving him a small percentage of what he earned from his ‘Popeye’ illustrations.

(I borrowed this from my friend, Nancy’s page… I thought it was a good one.)

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Senior Hamas official is urging Palestinians to buy “cheap knives” and “cut off the heads of all Jews” in Jerusalem

The “squads” hero.

Read more:

Source: Senior Hamas official is urging Palestinians to buy “cheap knives” and “cut off the heads of all Jews” in Jerusalem

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In this “brave new normal” doctors will no longer be medically competent.

American Medical Association Rejects “Equality” and “Meritocracy” In Just-Released “Racial Justice” and “Equity” Strategic Plan

It is hard to overstate how radical the AMA becomes under this Strategic Plan. It rejects meritocracy in medical education explicitly embedding Critical Race Theory in that education, and rejects the core legal protection of “equality” substituting the goal of “equity.”

Posted by William A. Jacobson

While you weren’t watching, the American Medical Association surrendered to Critical Race Theory activism, rejecting “equality” and “meritocracy” as goals of medical education, and insisting the Critical Race Theory be a central part of medical education. While the AMA does not run the health care system, it is hugely influential and the radicalization of the organization is a precursor to pushing discriminatory “equity” programs deeper into medical schools and health care itself.

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Are Retired French and American Military Generals Standing Up against Tyranny?

Are we at the place we were in 1775?

By J.B. Shurk

Three weeks ago, over a thousand active and retired members of the French military (including twenty retired generals) signed their names to a letter warning President Macron that “multiculturalism,” “racial war,” and “fanatic partisans” are destroying French society and leading the country to “civil war.” The blunt message caused a tizzy — not just in France, but across Europe. The French government and the French media immediately condemned the unsolicited warning (with Macron and the minister in charge of the armed forces, Florence Parly, promising punishment for those involved), but the French people did not. Subsequent polling showed that 58% “support the words of the soldiers,” 73% believe France that is disintegrating, 84% feel that violence is increasing, and 49% think the military should “restore order.” In their letter, servicemembers warned, “The hour is grave, France is in peril,” and to the great consternation of Macron and his government, the French people overwhelmingly agreed.

Now we have a letter in the United States from 124 retired generals and admirals warning Americans in a strikingly similar tone: “Our nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.”

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Exploring Biodigital Convergence

Massive reading. Please share. They say it’s all a con… well you be the judge
Exploring Biodigital Convergence
Policy Horizons | Horizons de politiques February 11, 2020

From a 2016 interview with Klaus Schwab, boss of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in which he says humans will have a chip implanted in their brain or skin within 10 years.

2019 Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of “The Great Reset” when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.

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Second Stage Terror Wars

May 11, 2021

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director, Feb. 1981

It is well known that the endless U.S. war on terror was overtly launched following the mass murders of September 11, 2001 and the linked anthrax attacks. The invasion of Afghanistan and the Patriot Act were immediately justified by those insider murders, and subsequently the wars against Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. So too the terrorizing of the American people with constant fear-mongering about imminent Islamic terrorist attacks from abroad that never came.

It is less well known that the executive director of the U.S. cover story – the fictional 9/11 Commission Report – was Philip Zelikow, who controlled and shaped the report from start to finish.

It is even less well known that Zelikow, a professor at the University of Virginia, was closely associated with Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, Dickey Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Brent Scowcroft, et al. and had served in various key intelligence positions in both the George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations. In 2011 President Obama named him to his President’s Intelligence Advisory Board as befits bi-partisan elite rule and coverup compensation across political parties.

Perhaps it’s unknown or just forgotten that The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission repeatedly called for Zelikow’s removal, claiming that his appointment made a farce of the claim that the Commission was independent.

Now Zelikow has been named to head a COVID Commission Planning Group based at the University of Virginia that is said to prepare the way for a National COVID Commission. The group is funded by the Schmidt Futures, the Skoll Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and Stand Together, with more expected to join in. Zelikow, a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program Advisory Panel, will lead the group that will work in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Stand together indeed: Charles Koch, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, the Rockefellers, et al. funders of disinterested truth.

So once again the fox is in the hen house.

If you wistfully think the corona crisis will soon come to an end, I suggest you alter your perspective. Zelikow’s involvement, among other things, suggests we are in the second phase of a long war of terror waged with two weapons – military and medical – whose propaganda messaging is carried out by the corporate mainstream media in the pursuit of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Part one has so far lasted twenty years; part two may last longer. You can be certain it won’t end soon and that the new terrorists are domestic dissidents.

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5-Year-Old Report Discusses Weaponizing Coronavirus In “Chilling” Detail To Fight WWIII

News video embedded in article.

Utterly shocking information has come to light this week which is entirely absent from the American mainstream media. The only outlet willing to report on the newly released information is Sky News Australia. On Sunday, Sky News reported on a “chilling” leaked document produced by Chinese military scientists, in which they discussed weaponizing SARS coronaviruses — five years before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

The Chinese language paper titled ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons’ suggested that World War III would be fought with biological weapons.

In 2015, according to the report, the Chinese military was considering and predicted elements of a scenario that is currently playing out right now across the globe. The report discussed overwhelming hospital infrastructure, as well as many other factors which can be empirically observed.

The documents describe SARS coronaviruses as heralding a “new era of genetic weapons” and said they can be “artificially manipulated into an emerging human – disease virus, then weaponized and unleashed in a way never seen before.”

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‘Our Nation Is In Deep Peril’: More Than 120 Retired Flag Officers Sign Open Letter Warning Of Biden’s ‘Tyrannical’ Policies

May 11, 2021

Over 120 retired flag officers — military officers entitled to carry a flag indicating their rank — have signed a letter warning Americans of the “tyrannical” and “dictatorial” threats posed by the Biden administration.

“Our Nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776,” the letter, penned by a group of former generals and admirals known as Flag Officers 4 America, stated. “The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.”

Ret. Major General Joe Arbuckle, a spokesperson for Flag Officers 4 America, told the Daily Caller that the group’s purpose in writing the letter was “to encourage citizens to take a close look at what is happening to our Nation and then get involved now at the local, state and national level to elect political representatives/officials who will act to Save America, our Constitutional Republic, and hold those currently in office accountable.”

Arbuckle further emphasized that the signatories of the letter “firmly believe our Nation is in deep peril.”

Read more:

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JustTheNews.com | Judge orders IRS to reveal if it criminally investigated Clinton Foundation, citing records ‘gap’

From JustTheNews.com: Judge orders IRS to reveal if it criminally investigated Clinton Foundation, citing records ‘gap’

May 11, 2021

Tax court refuses to dismiss whistleblowers’ case involving famous political family charity, remands case back to agency to fill in blanks.

A U.S. Tax Court judge has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to reveal if it criminally investigated the Clinton Foundation, directing the agency to cure a mysterious “gap” in its records in the case.

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RebelNews: Pastor Pawlowski is Finally Free

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is finally free. This morning, our legal dream team went to the Court of Queen’s Bench and argued for his immediate release from jail. That order was granted by Mr. Justice Germain — setting free both Pastor Artur and his brother Dawid, who was arrested in the same SWAT-team raid.That should have been the end of it — the court order was signed by the judge, and then sent over to the jail, called the Calgary Remand Centre.And normally that would be that — prison guards do whatever a judge tells them to do. And in this case, that would be releasing Pastor Artur and his brother.But they didn’t.The prison guards refused.They went rogue — or more likely, they were ordered by the prison’s director to disobey.I wish I were making this up.I just got off the phone with one of Pastor Artur’s lawyers. She told me that the prison refused — they sent the order back, demanding that there be two separate release orders, one for each brother.And then they said the judge spelled Dawid’s name wrong. Except he didn’t — that’s how his name is spelled. It’s Polish.Back and forth went the paperwork, with Pastor Artur languishing in his concrete cell.But hang on. Since when do prison guards, or even a prison warden, tell a judge what to do?Since when do they have an opinion on the correctness of a judge’s court order? On whether or not a judge is correct?The Government of Alberta had its day in court — they lost. They were represented by Justice Department lawyers and Health Department lawyers. Pastor Artur’s excellent lawyers beat them, and won his freedom.But some angry jailer thinks they’re above the law?How is that anything other than a police state? How is Pastor Artur anything other than a political prisoner?He’s finally out now — these rogue jailers and their tantrum kept Pastor Artur in prison many hours longer than the law required. How outrageous.But just another day in Alberta’s rapid descent into authoritarianism.Don’t think for a second any of this is just about a virus. It’s about power and fear.I promise we’ll keep you up to date on this important story. We have two reporters in Calgary covering it around the clock.For updates, please keep checking our website, at www.SaveArtur.com. And if you haven’t had a chance to chip in to the legal defence fund yet, you can do that on the website too.Thanks for your help.Yours truly,Ezra Levant
Rebel NewsP.S. When I spoke with Pastor Artur’s lawyer about this, I couldn’t even believe it. Neither could she — we’ve never heard of a prison simply telling a judge to stuff it. The fact that those guards or the prison director himself haven’t been immediately suspended shows that the Government of Alberta not only approves of that illegal move — they probably ordered it.P.P.S. I should also note that when our young reporter showed up to wait outside the jail for Pastor Artur’s release, he was repeatedly threatened by officers that they’d arrest him too if he didn’t leave. He held his ground, but it shows how malicious they are.P.P.P.S. If you can help with Pastor Artur’s legal fees, please go to www.SaveArtur.com to chip in. All donations go through a registered charity, and you’ll get a charitable tax receipt for it.                  Rebel News Network Ltd. 
PO Box 61056, Eglinton/Dufferin RO, Toronto, ON M6E 5B2, Canada 
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Pretty comprehensive list, stolen from Telegram.

Pretty comprehensive list, stolen from Telegram.

I’ve posted this list before… sadly, the sheeple just don’t care. They either ignore or attack. I’m done trying to save them but if you want to try here’s the list:

Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren’t safe or effective.

1. Dr. Nancy Banks – http://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm
2. Dr. Russell Blaylock – http://bit.ly/1BXxQZL
3. Dr. Shiv Chopra – http://bit.ly/1gdgh1s
4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – http://bit.ly/1MPVbjx
5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries – http://bit.ly/17sKDbf
6. Dr. Larry Palevsky – http://bit.ly/1LLEjf6
7. Dr. Toni Bark – http://bit.ly/1CYM9RB
8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield – http://bit.ly/1MuyNzo
9. Dr. Meryl Nass – http://bit.ly/1DGzJsc
10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin – http://bit.ly/1G9ZXYl
11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot – http://bit.ly/1MrVeUL
12. Dr. Robert Rowen – http://bit.ly/1SIELeF
13. Dr. David Ayoub – http://bit.ly/1SIELve
14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD – http://bit.ly/1KsdVby
15. Dr. Rashid Buttar – http://bit.ly/1gWOkL6
16. Dr. Roby Mitchell – http://bit.ly/1gdgEZU
17. Dr. Ken Stoller – http://bit.ly/1MPVqLI
18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein – http://bit.ly/1LLEqHH
19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD – http://bit.ly/1OHbLDI
20. Dr. David Davis – http://bit.ly/1gdgJwo
21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych – http://bit.ly/16Z7k6J
22. Dr. Harold E Buttram – http://bit.ly/1Kru6Df
23. Dr. Kelly Brogan – http://bit.ly/1D31pfQ
24. Dr. RC Tent – http://bit.ly/1MPVwmu
25. Dr. Rebecca Carley – http://bit.ly/K49F4d
26. Dr. Andrew Moulden – http://bit.ly/1fwzKJu
27. Dr. Jack Wolfson – http://bit.ly/1wtPHRA
28. Dr. Michael Elice – http://bit.ly/1KsdpKA
29. Dr. Terry Wahls – http://bit.ly/1gWOBhd
30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff – http://bit.ly/1OtWxAY
31. Dr. Paul Thomas – http://bit.ly/1DpeXPf
32. Many doctors talking at once – http://bit.ly/1MPVHOv
33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz – censored
34. Dr. Jane Orient – http://bit.ly/1MXX7pb
35. Dr. Richard Deth – http://bit.ly/1GQDL10
36. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic – http://bit.ly/1eqiPr5
37. Dr Chris Shaw – http://bit.ly/1IlGiBp
38. Dr. Susan McCreadie – http://bit.ly/1CqqN83
39. Dr. Mary Ann Block – http://bit.ly/1OHcyUX
40. Dr. David Brownstein – http://bit.ly/1EaHl9A
41. Dr. Jayne Donegan – http://bit.ly/1wOk4Zz
42. Dr. Troy Ross – censored
43. Dr. Philip Incao – http://bit.ly/1ghE7sS
44. Dr. Joseph Mercola – http://bit.ly/18dE38I
45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet – http://bit.ly/1MaX0cC
46. Dr. Robert Mendelson – http://bit.ly/1JpAEQr
47. Dr Theresa Deisher https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=6Bc6WX33SuE
48. Dr. Sam Eggertsen-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8LB-3xkeDAE

Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren’t safe or effective, in these documentaries….

1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic – http://bit.ly/1vvQJ2W
2. The Greater Good – http://bit.ly/1icxh8j
3. Shots In The Dark – http://bit.ly/1ObtC8h
4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth – http://bit.ly/KEYDUh
5. Vaccine Nation – http://bit.ly/1iKNvpU
6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines – http://bit.ly/1vlpwvU
7. Lethal Injection – http://bit.ly/1URN7BJ
8. Bought – http://bit.ly/1M7YSlr
9. Deadly Immunity – http://bit.ly/1KUg64Z
10. Autism – Made in the USA – http://bit.ly/1J8WQN5
11. Beyond Treason – http://bit.ly/1B7kmvt
12. Trace Amounts – http://bit.ly/1vAH3Hv
13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate – http://bit.ly/1KbXhuf

9 hour court case


1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic(2013)


2. The Greater Good – (2011)


3. Shots In The Dark -(2009)


4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth -(1998)


5. Vaccine Nation – (2008)


6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines –


7. Lethal Injection – http://bit.ly/1URN7BJ

8. Bought – (2015)


9. Deadly Immunity – (2005)


10. Autism – Made in the USA(2009)


11. Beyond Treason – (2005)


12. Trace Amounts – (2014)


13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate –


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RebelNews: EXCLUSIVE: Jailhouse interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski is still in jail. He was arrested yesterday in a shocking SWAT team raid, made to kneel in the middle of a busy highway. It was clear from the moment of his arrest that this had nothing to do with a virus, and everything to do with political control.Since that moment, he’s been treated brutally — thrown painfully into a police car; then forced to sit on a concrete slab, in a jail cell where the lights are never turned off. He is separated from his brother, who was arrested too, but he has no privacy — curious police come to gawk at him like he’s a circus animal.But incredibly, Pastor Artur hasn’t lost hope — in fact, he’s more resolved than ever.Our reporter Adam Soos managed to speak with him for five minutes. Here’s the full recording of that call:As you can hear, Pastor Artur wasn’t aware of the massive wave of support for him around the world — obviously police wouldn’t tell him that.And he was also unaware that his three-person legal team has been trying relentlessly to speak with him — but that police refused to put their phone calls through to him. (Since that call, his lawyers have been permitted a very brief phone call to him.)He is being treated as a political prisoner.This isn’t an arrest about a health order. It’s an “extraordinary rendition” like the CIA used to do to terrorists after 9/11.Of course, Pastor Artur isn’t a terrorist. There isn’t a violent bone in his body. He isn’t accused of a crime.He simply won’t close his church at the whim of public health officials — the same public health officials who have no problem with Costco and Walmart being open.I promise we’ll keep you posted on Pastor Artur’s state.And if you haven’t yet had a chance to support his legal defence fund, please do — by the looks of things, he’s going to be in legal battles against this injustice for a long time. (Please click here, or go to www.SaveArtur.com).Thanks for your support for Pastor Artur.Yours truly,Ezra Levant
Rebel NewsP.S. We’ve been defending Pastor Artur for more than a year — he was one of the first Canadians to get a lockdown ticket in April of 2020 for the “crime” of feeding the homeless. Police called that an illegal gathering too and gave him a whopping fine. We crowdfunded his lawyer back then and we won the case — that same lawyer is still fighting for Pastor Artur now, along with two others.P.P.S. The unlimited resources of the state are being thrown at Pastor Artur. But we’ve got something better on our side — we’ve got you! If enough people can help chip in, we’ll be able to continue to have three excellent lawyers fighting back. I truly believe we’ll win. Please click here, or go to www.SaveArtur.com.P.P.P.S. This was an interesting interview for a number of reasons. But the fact that police were abusing him, and stopping him from getting legal counsel is outrageous — and shows that this has never been about a pandemic.                  Rebel News Network Ltd.
PO Box 61056, Eglinton/Dufferin RO, Toronto, ON M6E 5B2, Canada 
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RebelNews: POLICE STATE: Watch the moment a SWAT team arrests a Canadian pastor

They hunted him down like he’s a terrorist.Police cars swarmed him as he drove home from his church.They ordered him out of his car and made him kneel down on a busy highway.Heavily-armed SWAT police arrested him.But he’s not a terrorist.He’s Artur Pawlowski, a Christian pastor. And he’s now in jail.Watch this shocking police attack for yourself:POLICE STATE: Watch the moment a SWAT team arrests a Canadian

pastorThis doesn’t look like video from Canada. It looks like it’s from China or Iran.But it is from Canada. And Pastor Artur’s crime was “inciting” people to go to church.That’s actually the word police used in a press release about their raid.It’s shocking.He is the second pastor thrown in jail this year for opening his church — Pastor James Coates of Edmonton was put in a maximum security prison for 35 days.I can’t believe it.We’ve hired a team of lawyers to help Pastor Artur.If you can, please go to www.SaveArtur.com to help us crowdfund the cost of his legal defence.Yours truly,Ezra Levant
Rebel NewsP.S. Pastor Artur knew he’d be arrested. And yet he still opened his church. That’s courage and faith — two things our government lacks.P.P.S. I’ll keep you posted on how the court case goes. If you can help us crowdfund his lawyers, please click here or go to www.SaveArtur.com. Thank you.         Rebel News Network Ltd.
PO Box 61056, Eglinton/Dufferin RO, Toronto, ON M6E 5B2, Canada 
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RebelNews: URGENT: Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED moments after church today

Just minutes ago, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested for opening his church in Calgary.Half a dozen police cars swarmed around him and he was taken into custody. Here’s the latest from our new Calgary reporter, Adam Soos:Wal-mart and Costco are open across Canada, so are liquor stores and marijuana stores.But a Christian pastor cannot open his doors with a massive police raid.This is the second Christian pastor jailed in Alberta this year — the first was Pastor James Coates of the GraceLife Church outside Edmonton. He was kept in a maximum-security prison for 35 days for refusing to close his church. Eventually, police raided the church itself, expropriating it and turning it into a permanent police garrison.If you think today’s arrest is an outrage — not only to Pastor Artur, and his congregants, but an outrage against our constitutional freedoms — then please help us. We’re crowdfunding his lawyers. I just got off the phone with them — they are working on getting Pastor Artur released right now.If you can help, please go to www.SaveArtur.com. Arresting Christians for holding church services is what police states do, not liberal democracies. This has to stop.Yours truly,Ezra Levant
Rebel NewsP.S. What have we come to when Alberta — once known as the freest province in Canada — now routinely prosecutes and jails Christian pastors? I don’t know of anywhere else in the free world that has that disgraceful distinction.P.P.S. I just spoke with the lawyers we’re crowdfunding — they’re on the case. They already have a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday, and they’re going to try to get Pastor Artur out right now. Please go to www.SaveArtur.com to help crowdfund his legal fees.             Rebel News Network Ltd.
PO Box 61056, Eglinton/Dufferin RO, Toronto, ON M6E 5B2, Canada 
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China’s African take-over: Beijing has built infrastructure, lent billions and located its first overseas military base there – now top US general warns they want to built an Atlantic naval base

China’s African take-over: Beijing has built infrastructure, lent billions and located its first overseas military base there – now top US general warns they want to built an Atlantic naval base

  • General Townsend, America’s top brass in Africa, has warned China is seeking a new western naval base
  • The base, similar to one in Djibouti, would allow Beijing to project its military might into the Atlantic, he said
  • Any new base would be just the latest chapter in a decades-long effort by China to gain influence in Africa
  • Country has lent billions to African states while building roads, railways, ports, power stations, internet networks, government buildings in an effort to bring the continent under its sway

Read more:

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Well, there ya go…This Biden pal censored Trump — now he’s censoring you (here’s how)

Many social media posts about “election disinformation” are being tracked, compiled — and censored — by none other than Joe Biden and his communications team.

The legal watchdog Judicial Watch started watching the social media crackdown after the election, which put many people in Facebook prison, or forced them to quit social media in frustration.

Judicial Watch filed a request to find out exactly who was behind this… and it found Biden’s paid lackeys.

At the front is the California Secretary of State’s office, headed by Democrat Alex Padilla.

Read more: https://thehornnews.com/this-biden-pal-censored-trump-now-hes-censoring-you-heres-how/

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Over the past one hundred years, armbands have been frequently employed by authoritarians. Today in an increasingly precarious Republic the control freaks have been using “facebands”

America’s Cultural Revolution

America’s Cultural Revolution
In its own way, the United States of America is suffering the equivalent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. Ironically, because the Constitution should be proof against such ambitious control freaks. Using fear of disease and global warming.

With Mao’s nightmare, every decision was made at the top and mobs of radicals turned all of society upside down. The stated goal was to preserve Chinese communism by purging remnants of capitalism as well as other suddenly undesirable traditions. The result was massive hardship and famine as well as political massacres. Estimates are up to 20 million deaths.

Read more:


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Interview with Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier, USAF on CRT in DoD, His Book Irresistible Revolution

Video interview here:

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It’s left blank

This will be pulled down, watch while you can. If you have the ability, please grab.
What does the insert tell you?

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“An ‘Islamophobe’ Behind Every Bush” pretty much sums up Muslim professor Dalia Fahmy’s Ramadan rant

A phobia is a fear, but America does not fear political islam, like Marxism we fight against it.

“An ‘Islamophobe’ Behind Every Bush” pretty much sums up Muslim professor Dalia Fahmy’s Ramadan rant https://barenakedislam.com/2021/05/07/an-islamophobe-behind-every-bush-pretty-much-sums-up-muslim-professor-dalia-fahmys-ramadan-rant/

Link: https://barenakedislam.com/2021/05/07/an-islamophobe-behind-every-bush-pretty-much-sums-up-muslim-professor-dalia-fahmys-ramadan-rant/

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Swiss Diplomat Who Was Preparing To Testify Against Biden Corruption Found Dead In Tehran

Swiss Diplomat Who Was Preparing To Testify Against Biden Corruption Found Dead In Tehran

Posted by PeteSantilli on May 7, 2021

Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner was found dead this week after falling from her 17th-floor apartment balcony in Tehran. She was the first secretary of the Swiss delegation and worked in the US Interests Section.

Neighbors heard a loud explosion late at night before her death.

Her body was found in the garden the next morning.

According to reports, Sylvie Brunner was called to Iran to testify about her knowledge of the details of the American accounts who pocketed billions of dollars due to the bribes to lift sanctions against Iran.
We cannot verify that report at this time.

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Sharyl Attkisson investigates Covid-19 origins

Transcript and additional information follow the video.


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THE BIG RESET — How Big Tech wants to “run the world”

THE BIG RESET — How Big Tech wants to “run the world” Google …. data collection….. how they do it….. what they collect
Constant Surveillance coming to more areas of the globe?
China’s “social credit” score can be used in more countries

“Algorithms can decide whether to grant loans, who is an insurance risk, and how good employees are. But there is a huge problem: humans can no longer comprehend how algorithms arrive at their decisions. And another big problem is AI’s capacity for widespread surveillance. The Chinese city of Rongcheng is already using an AI-supported ‘social credit system’ to monitor and assess its citizens. Does AI pose a danger to our personal freedoms or democracy? Which decisions can we leave to the algorithms – and which do we want to? And what are AI’s social implications?”
Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s0dMTAQM4cw

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Project Veritas – LET THE DEPOSITIONS BEGIN: Taking the Fight to AFT

Veritas Logo


As Project Veritas gears up to go on offense with defamation litigation against Big Tech and the Mainstream Media, we thought it would be appropriate to remind the public of our past experiences in the legal arena.

Below is a newly produced video from last year showing Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe answering questions and discussing exhibits under oath, after he was deposed by American Federation of Teachers (AFT) attorney Mark Cousens. This occurred after we exposed AFT for covering up a teacher’s allegedly improper conduct.

O’Keefe deposition did not go as planned for the plaintiff:

Michigan’s AFT President, David Hecker, literally admitted under oath that the purpose of their lawsuit against Project Veritas was to “stop” the work that we do.

Here’s some news for you David: Project Veritas will NEVER stop or back down. We will not be intimidated by people like you.

While deposing O’Keefe, AFT’s attorney attempted to get him to reveal Veritas’ sources, to which O’Keefe replied:

“I don’t think a New York Times reporter or an NBC News reporter or a 60 Minutes reporter would ever reveal their sources.”

The Veritas CEO pointed out that the Supreme Court sided with him on this issue.

In arrogant fashion, Cousens shot back at O’Keefe:

“The difference between you and them [Mainstream Media] is that they would never compare themselves to you.”

The best part, however, came when O’Keefe calmly pulled out a subpoena from his jacket pocket for AFT National President Randi Weingarten. AFT’s Cousens asked for a break during the deposition.

Cousens: “I just want to know whether you are asserting that Lauren Windsor or anyone else communicated either with me or anyone associated with my law firm?”

O’Keefe: “We are about to find out, because today we are issuing a subpoena to Randi Weingarten.”

Cousens: “Okay…that wasn’t my question…Okay, I’ll take ten minutes.”

This is what happens when corrupt organizations file frivolous lawsuits against Project Veritas and depose us.

Stay tuned as Veritas will be flipping the script and do some deposing of our own with members of The New York Times, Twitter, CNN and many more.

Be Brave. Do Something.


Project Veritas Team

Project Veritas
1214 W. Boston Post Rd #148
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Project Veritas Privacy Policy: https://www.projectveritas.com/privacy/

Project Veritas Is Recognized As a Tax Exempt Organization Under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your Donations Are Tax Deductible As Allowed by Federal Law and the Laws of Various States.

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Dominion Voting System Corruption Uncovered

​We have the proof that voting machines used in the 2020 elections can be compromised and votes easily transferred from one candidate to another. We can flip votes at the tabulator/precinct level. We can flip votes at the county level. The American people are losing their voice for the future of our democracy. We must fight together for free and fair elections. Watch video and read more: https://www.depernolaw.com/dominion.html

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Cats Claws, they got it all. It’s deep.

Sorry for crypt,, but you know why.

May 3, 2021



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ProjectVeritas: Project Veritas presents: OLIGARCHY (Official Video)

Veritas Logo


Project Veritas exposed CNN’s “propaganda” just a few weeks ago, leading to viral videos that eventually resulted in my permanent suspension from Twitter.

To honor Twitter’s outrageous collusion with CNN to censor journalism, Project Veritas has produced an epic response to the Mainstream Media and Big Tech OLIGARCHY.

You can watch it here:

This video is for everyone out there who has been defamed. Project Veritas will hold the corrupt oligarchy accountable.

We will SUE them. We will DEPOSE them. We will EXPOSE them.

If you have been lied about by the media, email PVLegal.

As you know, we already filed lawsuits against CNN and Twitter. We are also WINNING our ongoing lawsuit against The New York Times. Veritas is UNDEFEATED in litigation.

Paula,this is just the beginning.


In Veritas,


Project Veritas
1214 W. Boston Post Rd #148
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Project Veritas Privacy Policy: https://www.projectveritas.com/privacy/

Project Veritas Is Recognized As a Tax Exempt Organization Under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your Donations Are Tax Deductible As Allowed by Federal Law and the Laws of Various States.

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a well known trial laywer, who has won major lawsuits against big fraudulent corporations

Video interview: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/fuellmich/?fbclid=IwAR063EKsvrKJFefHa3-XUwY4PxqHM5A_L_X16DVEblulW64eX5XTgut0wgQ

Together with a large network of lawyers all over the world, he has listened to over a hundred experts from every field of science, over the course of an entire year. They have collected undeniable evidence that the covid pandemic is a planned criminal operation.

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“Lockstep” Written 10 years ago chronicles how to bring the world down with a pandemic | This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network. May 2010

Read more:

Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=136&v=PBQlpDeF5yQ&feature=emb_title

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Dr. Scott Jensen For Governor of Minnesota

Dr. Scott Jensen was one of the first and most vocal medical professionals to raise the alarm about troubling changes at state health departments at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite a decades long carreer filled with accolades and praise, Dr. Jensen immediately came under fire, even facing the threat of challenges to his medical license. Dr. Jensen joins me tonight to discuss his run for Governor of Minnesota. https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2253&v=dsxKqtN7w58&feature=emb_title

visit https://drscottjensen.com/

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There is no scientific foundation to the concept of Vaccine Passports: Doctors for Covid Ethics

By Oliver May • THE DAILY EXPOSE • April 29, 2021

Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group of doctors across Europe and North America, say studies on Covid-19’s closest-related virus to infect humans, SARS, revealed that those who had acquired natural immunity in 2003 remain protected even now. They also maintain that, even before the onset of vaccination campaigns, most people had become immune to Covid-19, either through infection with the virus itself, often without symptoms or with only mild,

uncharacteristic ones, or due to cross-immunity conferred by other, naturally occurring coronaviruses.

But under an Article of Law Decree just published by the European Union, its proposed Digital Green Pass will have validity for just six months. Once this expires the holder would need to be re-vaccinated or have had Covid in the last six months or take a test every 48 hours in order to regain their freedoms.

Doctors for Covid Ethics argue there is no rational case for such a pass, which is currently being used in Israel and proposed in the UK, adding that immunity from infection is likely to be durable and unaffected by variants.

Doctors for Covid Ethics said: “There is no scientific foundation to the concept of vaccine passports and no rational case at all for vaccine passports. To set a six-month cut-off is bizarre and arbitrary. Examining the time course of antibodies in blood samples is not a valid approach to the question of, ‘how long does immunity last?’.

“This is because antibodies aren’t the most important host defence mechanism in immunity to viruses. That’s considered to be T-cell memory (cytotoxic as well as ‘helper’ lymphocytes) and B-memory (antibody producing) cells. Antibodies naturally fall over time if you’re no longer constantly rechallenged with the infective pathogen. As community prevalence falls away, this re-exposure to the virus also diminishes.

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Opposing Communism in North America

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who went viral for driving police out of his church, joins “I’m Right” to discuss the dangers of communism.

The Poland-born pastor says liberty is personal to him because he “grew up behind the Iron Curtain, under the boots of the Soviets.”

“Peaceful non-compliance… You’ve got to just say three words, really.”



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[Video] Biden struggles in front of angry liberal mob in GA

As American cities burn and innocent Americans are injured, even killed, Buy-den promises chaos.

Speaking from the podium in Duluth, Georgia, Biden was midway into his speech when a disturbing group of agitators interrupted his speech.

“End detention now!” they chanted, shouting down Biden.

Abolish ICE!” they demanded,

Biden attempted to appease the crowd, but couldn’t win over the protesters.

“I agree with you!” he yelled. “I’m working on it man, gimme another five days.”

Folks,” Biden continued again, speaking to his audience. “Y’all know what they’re talking about. There should be no private prisons period. None. Period. That’s what they’re talking about, private detention centers.”

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Biden’s Post Office spy scandal explodes (wild)

APRIL 29, 2021

by Frank Holmes, reporter

If you are conservative, your Facebook posts have a much larger audience than you think: your friends, your family, and an unknown number of government agents.

Stunning congressional testimony has confirmed that the Biden administration has the Post Office spying on “right-wing leaning” social media accounts that post “inflammatory” material… and the program may not even be legal.

Yahoo News first broke the story of a secret surveillance program run by the U.S. Postal Service called the Internet Covert Operations Program, or “iCOP.”


But why is domestic spying happening through the Post Office?

“There is no need for the Post Office to do it. You’ve got FBI, Homeland Security, and so on, so I don’t know why the post office is doing this,” said University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone, a former Obama associate.

He said he doesn’t think “the Postal Service has the degree of sophistication that you would want if you were dealing with national security issues.”

Or maybe that’s the point: “Amateurs” don’t know where to draw the line, so they’re looking for “domestic terrorists” bleeds over into spying on American citizens.

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Sen. Tim Scott delivers GOP rebuttal to Biden’s remarks | FULL

Tim Scott – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DbBnEd20myY

Instead of blocking the rebuttal, yt decided to add 4, yes 4 commercials to reap profits, in this 14 minute speech.

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New York radio host says ‘f*ck the police’ on live stream while drinking booze; kills officer hours later in hit-and-run

Just hours after downing shots and filming herself on Facebook Live saying “f*ck the police,” Jessica Beauvais struck and killed an NYPD office.

Just hours after downing shots and filming herself on Facebook Live saying “f*ck the police,” Jessica Beauvais struck and killed an NYPD officer, the Daily Mail reports.

A nearly 2 hour live stream was posted to Beauvais’ Facebook page as part of the Face the Reality radio show she appears on. During the stream, Beauvais slammed the justice system and police officers, and played the NWA song “F*ck Tha Police.”

Beauvais begun her stream by talking about the Chauvin trial.

“This week we are going to talk about the ignorance that was the Derek Chauvin trial — or the ignorance that is essentially just is this f—ing justice system,” said Beauvais. “Police say an oath and in that oath they say an oath that they are not supposed to be afraid of that position and that is literally in the rules.”

She then equated officers signing up for the job to “signing up for potential death like in the army” and that it is “part of the job” that people “might try to f–ing kill you.”

She also claimed that if ever faced with a fatal police encounter, she would not be the only victim.

“Like NWA say about the police – if you’re going to kill me, at least I get to take someone with me. I’m one of those people. If I’m going to go, someone is coming.”

Beauvais also equated herself to the DC comic book character Harley Quinn, and stated that she thinks guns are pretty, and carries a knife everywhere.

“I’m for guns. I like guns. I like them – they’re pretty… Maybe I’m a little Harley Quinn on the brain. I like weapons. I carry a knife with me everywhere I go. That shit is normally on my hip but I got this thing here so I can’t do that,” said Beauvais. “I like weapons, because you’re not going to try me. I got tried once in my life when I was very young and I didn’t know no better. B—h you’re not going to try me again in my life as I fight n—as too.”

Beauvais also voiced her support for capital punishment, saying “If you guilty, blow his head off.”

While being arrested, Beauvais reportedly told cops, “F*ck you, I don’t have to listen to you.”

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In theory, president Joe Biden wants you to cut meat consumption drastically to meet his 2030 sustainability goals. According to the Daily Mail, this level of reduction will leave you with just one hamburger per month.

Now you might be saying to yourself; this can’t happen; I won’t let it. A recent poll of 5,500 Foogle Fam showed 70% would not give up any meat to meet Joe Biden’s demands. But will you really have a choice, and how exactly would the Powers-That-Be force us to give up our meat consumption?

Well, they could try to tax our meat and work with suppliers to reduce supply and raise prices via subsidies. But these regulations are subject to congress, and it would be impossible to reach a 90% reduction in beef as suggested. There is a way, as this last year has shown us, the one thing that can send people home, shut down industries, and most importantly, reset human behavior – Pandemics.

Is a cow-demic even possible? Absolutely, and it’s not that unrealistic. Let’s review some facts you may not know.

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Video of Vizag Gas Leak Being Shared as ‘COVID Surge in India’

Published: 26 Apr 2021

The video is from a gas leak at a polymer factory near Visakhapatnam which killed 12 people in May 2020.

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RenewAmerica: The death blow: An Article V convention to replace our constitution

Please explore the 3 links to proposed new constitutions. I’ve been banging this drum since 2005…

By Publius Huldah

April 22, 2021

Open your eyes and see what is going on in our Country. If you don’t face up to Reality right now and act accordingly, we are doomed.

The fight over whether to have an Article V convention isn’t between Republicans and Democrats, or liberals or “conservatives.” It is spiritual warfare between those who want to keep our Biblically based Constitution of 1787; [1] and godless revolutionaries who want to get rid of our Constitution and set up the New World Order.

1. Our institutions have long since been captured by the enemy

The transformation of our Country into the New World Order has been going on for well over 100 years. A brief summary of the capture of our institutions is set forth here. But even worse than the capture of our institutions, was the ideological subversion of the American People: former KGB officer Yuri Bezemov described that ideological subversion here.

Now that all of our institutions have been captured, and great numbers of Americans have been ideologically subverted; the War is turning “hot”: The enemy now seeks to finish the job of destroying us and our Country.

2. Our Republic was overthrown in the last election

The essential characteristic of a “republic” is that power is exercised by representatives elected by the People. Due to last minute unconstitutional changes to State elections laws which made massive election fraud possible,[2] the last election was stolen; and we lost our Right to choose our representatives. They are now chosen by those who control the voting machines.

3. Violent insurrections in the cities

The violent insurrections in the cities are carried on by Marxist-trained communist agitators who mean to kill us and burn down our cities – they say so here and in many other videos which have been on the internet. And we’ve seen on the internet videos showing that the violent insurrections are supported by various members of Congress and the pretended Vice-President of the United States.

4. Replacing our Constitution at an Article V convention

So now the time is ripe for the forces of the New World Order to move in for the final kill: To get rid of our Constitution. That Constitution is the only thing [other than the Mercy of God] remaining which stands between us and hell of the New World Order.

If Congress calls a convention under Article V, US Constitution; our present Constitution of 1787 can – and almost certainly will – be replaced with a new constitution.[3]

Congress is the body which has the constitutional authority to “call” – organize and set up – an Article V convention. Congress – the same Congress which is now controlled by those who egg on the insurrections which are destroying our cities and intimidating the inhabitants.

And it is that Congress which has the power to determine how Delegates to an Article V Convention are selected – and even who they will be. The Constitution is explicit:

Article V grants to Congress the power to “call” the Convention. Article I, §8, last clause, grants to Congress the power to make the laws necessary & proper to carry out its power to organize and set up the convention. Accordingly, the Congressional Research Service Report of April 11, 2014 [link] recognizes:

“First, Article V delegates important and exclusive authority over the amendment process to Congress…”

“Second…Congress has traditionally laid claim to broad responsibilities in connection with a convention, including… (4) determining the number and selection process for its delegates…” (p.4)

So, among its other powers respecting a convention, Congress may appoint the Delegates – they may appoint themselves! And those members of Congress who support the violent insurrections, or are getting money from the Chinese Communists, and other subversives may well be the Delegates!

If State Legislatures give to Congress the power to call an Article V Convention, there is nothing any of us can do to stop it if Congress appoints subversives & revolutionaries as Delegates.

If State Legislatures give to Congress the power to call an Article V Convention, there is nothing any of us can do to stop it if Congress appoints subversives & revolutionaries as Delegates.

And while Congress is deciding who the Delegates will be, and where the Convention will meet, what will be going on outside the Capitol Building? Busloads of armed and violent Antifa and BLM rioters were sent into Minneapolis to intimidate the Jury in the Chauvin trial;[4] and to commit murder, mayhem, and burn down the City in the event Chauvin were acquitted [link]. Will these thugs also descend on the District of Columbia when Congress is deciding who the Delegates will be?

And what about the convention itself? Will the Delegates be intimidated by armed and violent Antifa and BLM thugs surrounding the place the Convention meets? Will these thugs demand that the proposed Constitution for the New Socialist Republic of North America [link] be imposed? Will they demand the Marxist Constitution George Soros wants [link]? Will the Chinese Communist Party demand that the Delegates impose the Constitution they want? Or will the globalists demand that the Delegates propose a new Constitution which transforms the formerly sovereign United States into a member state of the North American Union [link]? Will the Delegates be in such fear of their lives that – as in the Chauvin Jury – they surrender to the demands of the mob?

And know this: Any constitution has its own mode of ratification. The proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America [link] provides at Article XII, §1 that it is ratified by a referendum called by the President. The States don’t vote on it; they are dissolved and replaced by regional governments answerable to the new national government.

And as to ratification of the new constitution by national referendum: we would see once again, that Lenin was right when he said the people who vote don’t determine the outcome of elections – the people who count the votes do.

5. And it is Republican State Legislators who are putting us in this fatal danger

The Article V Convention is being marketed by demagogues and hirelings to State Legislators (primarily Republicans) as the “conservative” solution to our problems. They falsely assure State Legislators that they will select Delegates and have complete control over what they do.[5] And since Legislators of today often know little to nothing about our Founding Documents, History, or Civics; and have been ideologically subverted as well, they fall for the marketing.

And, like many others, they are shutting their eyes to the unpleasant Reality described above. But that is the context in which an Article V convention would take place today.

These are the ones who will turn over to Congress the power to get the new Constitution which will be the death blow to this Country.

Read More:

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan Dresses Down Vatican Over Globalist Confab with Chelsea Clinton, Dr. Fauci, Jane Goodall and Other Heretics – Only 2 Clergy Speakers in 114 Listed

By Jim Hoft
Published April 21, 2021

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò went off on Pope Francis and the upcoming Vatican Globalist confab this week in Vatican City.

Globalist Pope Francis organized a conference that includes a Who’s Who of globalist activists and pro-abortion fanatics.
This is just the latest slap-in-the-face to his conservative Catholic flock.

Archbishop Vigano spoke out Tuesday against this upcoming conference.

Vaccine developers, Mormon elders, pro-abortion Chelsea Clinton, population control advocate Jane Goodall, a New Age activist, a prominent UK Muslim scholar, and a pro-abortion American actress known for posing nude, are all speakers at an upcoming Vatican conference on ‘health.’ There are only two Catholic clergy listed amongst the 114 speakers. May 6-8.

Here is Archbishop Vigano’s letter on the conferenceconference – via LifeSite News:

From May 6-8, 2021, the fifth International Vatican Conference will take place, entitled Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul. Unite to Prevent & Unite to Cure. A Global Health Care Initiative: How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health. The event is being hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Cura Foundation, the Science and Faith Foundation, and Stem for Life.

Michael Haynes of LifeSiteNews has reported (here) on the topics to be addressed and the participants, including the infamous Anthony Fauci, whose scandalous conflicts of interest did not prevent him from taking over the management of the pandemic in the United States; Chelsea Clinton, a follower of the Church of Satan and a staunch abortion advocate; the New Age guru Deepak Chopra; Dame Jane Goodall, environmentalist and chimpanzee expert; the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna; representatives of Big Tech; and a whole slew of abortionists, Malthusians, and globalists known to the general public. The conference has recruited five prominent journalists to be moderators, who are exclusively from left-wing media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS and Forbes.

This Conference – along with the Council for Inclusive Capitalism of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the Global Compact on Education, and the inter-religious Pantheon to be held in June in Astana, Kazakhstan – is the umpteenth scandalous confirmation of a disturbing departure of the current Hierarchy, and in particular its highest Roman members, from Catholic orthodoxy. The Holy See has deliberately renounced the supernatural mission of the Church, making itself the servant of the New World Order and Masonic globalism in an antichristic counter-magisterium.

The same Roman Dicasteries, occupied by people ideologically aligned with Jorge Mario Bergoglio and protected and promoted by him, now continue unrestrained in their implacable work of demolishing Faith, Morals, ecclesiastical discipline, and monastic and religious life, in an effort as vain as it is unprecedented to transform the Bride of Christ into a philanthropic association enslaved to the Strong Powers. The result is the super-imposition over the true Church of a sect of heretical and depraved Modernists who are intent on legitimizing adultery, sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, idolatry, and any perversion of the intellect and will. The true Church is now eclipsed, denied and discredited by her very Pastors, betrayed even by the one who occupies the highest Throne.

Read More:

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NAMED & SHAMED: The “Journalists” Who Went on Chinese Communist Party Junkets, Then Delivered “Favorable Coverage.”

The National Pulse can now exclusively reveal Western journalists – including those praised by President Biden and married to potential members of his White House – who are listed as having accepted trips from the Chinese Communist Party influence group.

Read more:

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Defense Dept. Leaders Warn U.S. Facing Increasing Nuclear, Space-Based Threats

Russia and China have spent the last decades building bunkers and educating and training their citizens while the US has been doing what?

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, two Defense Department leaders discussed threats to the United States from Communist China and Russia and the Department of Defense (DOD) steps at providing a credible deterrent during a Senate Armed Services Committee budget hearing.

Stratcom is responsible for maintaining the nation’s nuclear triad, consisting of strategic bombers, submarines, and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“For the first time in our history, the nation is facing two nuclear-capable strategic peer adversaries at the same time,” Navy Adm. Charles A. Richard, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, stated.

Read More:

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Maxine Waters Actions Directly Support Communists & Terrorists

by John D. Guandolo

There are a number of federal laws Maxine Waters has likely violated over the years, but inciting insurrection, sedition, treason, and conspiring to overthrow the United States government all come to mind when we listen to her incite communist agitators from Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa to riot.

On Saturday night (4/17/21) at the Brooklyn Center (MN), Waters called for protesters to “stay on the street” and “get more confrontational” if Derek Chauvin was acquitted in the killing of George Floyd.

“This liberal will be all about…basically taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

Maxine Waters speaking to leaders of petroleum companies testifying before Congress in 2008

Maxine Waters has a long historical relationship with Communist Party USA (CPUSA), and has ties to the Communist Workers Party and Workers World Party. Waters has also employed staffers from communist organizations DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and the League of Revolutionary Struggle.

Read more:

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Executive Order Canceling the Constitution

On April 15, Preident Biden signed an Executive Order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation. Contrary to its title, this EO is not about Russia. It is designed to allow the Biden administration to deprive American citizens and organizations of their rights and property by arbitrarily linking those persons to real, imagined, or vaguely defined activities of the Russian government.

Check out this Article from AmericanThinker https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/04/executive_order_canceling_the_constitution.html

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19 April, 2021 BREAKING: James O’Keefe SUES Twitter in New York Supreme Court

Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe sued Twitter in The Supreme Court of New York today, over “false and defamatory” statements made by the Big Tech giant.

Here are some of the highlights from this massive legal development:

  • James O’Keefe made good on his promise to fight back and “go on offense” against corrupt media platforms today, by filing a lawsuit against Twitter — citing false and defamatory statements the company made about him last week.
  • Project Veritas has already sued and won on Motion to Dismiss against The New York Times for defamation and will sue CNN for similar reasons.
  • O’Keefe, who was permanently banned from Twitter on Thursday, was accused of operating “fake accounts. O’Keefe operates no fake accounts.
  • Legal Complaint reads“This is a defamation action arising from the publication of a false and defamatory statement by Twitter on April 15, 2021 concerning its decision that day to ban Plaintiff James O’Keefe, an investigative journalist followed by over 926,000 Twitter users as of the time he was banned.”
  • The Complaint continues: “Twitter’s false and defamatory claim was that it removed Mr. O’Keefe because he “operated fake accounts.”  
  • The ban came on the heels of Project Veritas’ Bombshell undercover CNN videos, showing Technical Director Charlie Chester admitting the news network is “propaganda,” designed to oust President Trump and control viewers through “fear.”
  • This most recent lawsuit against Twitter is just one in a string of litigation O’Keefe and Project Veritas have lined up.

Despite these efforts to silence the truth – Project Veritas will continue to seek remedy in the courts where the rule of law has final say.

Be Brave. Do Something. Make your stand, because the time is now.

If you witness corruption, fraud or waste within institutions of power — Send an encrypted message to our Signal: 914-653-3110 or contact us at VeritasTips@protonmail.com.

In Truth,

Project Veritas Team Project Veritas
1214 W. Boston Post Rd #148
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Project Veritas Privacy Policy: https://www.projectveritas.com/privacy/

Project Veritas Is Recognized As a Tax Exempt Organization Under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your Donations Are Tax Deductible As Allowed by Federal Law and the Laws of Various States

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LewRockwell: Christian Morality

the good was done to all men, not merely to the household of faith.

– Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, third century

The Age of Paradise: Christendom from Pentecost to the First Millennium, by John Strickland

In the aftermath of the notorious Spartacus rebellion, for instance, the road leading to Rome had been lined with no fewer than six thousand crucified slaves.

Rome was a cruel society, albeit the Romans did not believe it to be. They practiced their ethic, finding their behaviors to be quite moral. As Strickland notes, “Roman statesmen were connoisseurs of cruelty,” and this cruelty was not limited to the early Christians.

There is the story of Perpetua and Felicity, a young, aristocratic woman and her slave girl. In 203, they were rounded up and brought to the central amphitheater to be executed – a fate which could be avoided if they gave up the Christian faith. They would not.

The two walked into the arena together, hand in hand – the aristocrat with the slave. Their death was to be especially cruel – first a bear, then a leopard, finally a raging bull. None having fulfilled their purpose, finally the executioner finished the task.

Strickland notes that this event was one of many that began to shake traditional pagan morality. The spectators could not help but see the victimization of the Christians and the fact that a slave was held in regard by the noblewoman. They saw an image of a society far different than their own.

How to contrast some of the key features of the pagan religion and the Christian? Many gods vs. one God; the world a spiritual prison vs. a world created in goodness; the gods appear as men vs. man created in God’s image; a god becoming man is unconscionable vs. the Incarnation.

These differences, coupled with Christ’s moral teaching, would present to the Roman world an ethic almost diametrically contrary to their own. The improvements, which we take for granted today, were remarkable and stunning. Christianity, blamed by many today for all the ills of the West, instead was the cure.

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This hits the nail right on its head… About Kneeling..

Lest we forget how evil prevales.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

From John McNulty..

“I watched the Democratic leaders of Congress kneel
in the halls of Congress for about 9 minutes,
for the death of a black man named George Floyd.

I have never seen them kneel for a fallen *Police Officer.

I have never seen them kneel for a fallen *Soldier.


I have never seen them kneel for the thousands of
(black and white) *babies aborted EVERY DAY.

I have never seen them kneel for
a murdered *white man or woman.

I have not seen them kneel for the
thousands of *black-on-black murder victims.

I have not seen them kneel for the thousands
of *elderly people that died in nursing homes
due to the Corona Virus.(Especially N.Y.)

I have to ask: *WHY are Democrats putting
the life of George Floyd as more valuable

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WARNING: Renowned Virologist Sucharit Bhakdi Warns Against Hastily Created Gene-Altering Coronavirus Vaccine (video)

Suppressed in 2020. “The former Emeritus Head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz, Germany explains that the scientific “standard” for vaccine creation is “four to five years.” Why are prominent voices silenced?


WARNING: Renowned Virologist Sucharit Bhakdi Warns Against Hastily Created Gene-Altering Coronavirus Vaccine (video) https://rairfoundation.com/warning-renowned-virologist-sucharit-bhakdi-warns-against-hastily-created-gene-altering-coronavirus-vaccine-video/

WARNING: Renowned Virologist Sucharit Bhakdi Warns Against Hastily Created Gene-Altering Coronavi…
“The prominent physician dismisses the notion that a coronavirus vaccine so hasitily developed could be safe.”


Add Post WARNING: Renowned Virologist Sucharit Bhakdi Warns Against Hastily Created Gene-Altering Coronavirus Vaccine (video)

“The prominent physician dismisses the notion that a coronavirus vaccine so hasitily developed could be safe.”

In the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusively-translated video, German virologist Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi expresses deep suspicion of the vaccination development process in place for the Chinese coronavirus, which violates well-established scientific norms. The Doctor makes several very powerful points that should be considered by those touting a potential vaccine.

The former Emeritus Head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in…

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This isn’t censored cuz it’s misleading. It’s not even censored for fear of us agreeing. It’s being censored for fear that so many of us agree



This isn’t censored cuz it’s misleading. It’s not even censored for fear of us agreeing. It’s being censored for fear that so many of us agree, if we could see how many, it would blow the idea that we are lone conspiracy theorists out of the water. They’re censoring consensus.
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They’re not “vaccine passports,” they’re movement licenses. It’s not a vaccine, it’s experimental gene therapy. “Lockdown” is at best completely pointless universal medical isolation and at worst ubiquitous public incarceration. Call things what they are, not their euphemisms.

This Tweet is misleading. Learn more about how vaccines work.

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Emerging Evidence Suggests Nightclub Where Floyd and Chauvin Worked Linked to Intelligence/Money Laundering

Really have to question why all of this was buried from the public.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Sunday Talks: Crump on Floyd – “We Don’t Understand”…

The Last Refuge

Our old friend Ben ‘objectib ebidense’ Crump, the defense lawyer for the Floyd family, appears on Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan to discuss the death of George Floyd. It’s been a while…. Ben does what Ben does, and factually he’s a goofy cat doing the best he can on behalf of his client.

“Officer” (in quotes deliberately) Derek Chauvin did kill George Floyd; that’s not the issue. The issue driving the media narrative surrounds why “Officer” Derek killed George. Toward the end of the interview Brennan asked Crump about Derek and George knowing each-other. Ben’s response, specifically how he phrases the admission, is what’s worth watching.

Hi Ben. Good to see you again. Oh, and you’re right, nothing makes sense.

By now Ben is discovering that everything around El Nuevo Rodeo, the Mexican Cantina and Dance Club…

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