The Rebel: The government censors take aim at The Rebel

The Rebel
Here are some of the top stories on The Rebel from the past week:


Ezra Levant explains how Rachel Notley and the NDP government of Alberta have finally made their move against The Rebel: They are prosecuting us for what we have said about them.

Watch the crazy story and please help chip in for our legal defence at


Canadians from every province were polled by Angus Reid on energy-related issues, ranging from which pipelines they supported to the federal government’s performance on the file. Quebec was out of step with the consensus in the rest of the country — but not as much as you might think.

Sheila Gunn Reid explores some surprising poll results from those places that the mainstream media would have us believe hate oil and gas.


Kurt Schlichter reports on the American government shutdown. Kurt argues that nobody really cares about it (except maybe a few DC swamp-dwellers.)

The Democrats are trying to destroy Trump, by making him break his biggest promise to his base: to build a wall at the southern border. As the shutdown drags on, Kurt reviews what tactics they’re going to use next to come at Trump.


Martina Markota examines the leftist new rage, “drag kids.” The left is using these poor children in their political game, refusing to see these victims as victims, and slamming conservatives for daring to suggest that what they’re doing with these children is wrong.

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Hero gets prison instead of parade

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NY Governor Cuomo proposes three new gun laws Waiting period would increase

NY Governor Cuomo proposes three new gun laws Waiting period would increase“Under the Red Flag Bill, teachers and school administrators would also have the ability to pursue court intervention to remove guns from a household if a student shows signs of being a threat to themselves or others. ”

Read more:

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🔴BOMBSHELL AUDIO🔴 John Kerry on Obama’s Plot to Disrupt Middle East (2013)
Published on Jan 5, 2019
In this video is audio from John Kerry talking about how the US needs to pump weapons to Daesh (ISIS) for the purpose of destabilizing the region to throw Assad out so ISIS can take Syria and approve the US’s plan for a pipeline.

◼️PAYPAL: benspolitics1)

Twitter/Gab: @benspolitics

Channel that sent me the audio:


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Repost: Why is Justin Trudeau hiding his involvement with George Soros?

The Rebel
Here are some of the top stories on The Rebel from the past week:


Ezra Levant reports on the Canadian government refusing to disclose any details regarding Justin Trudeau’s dealings with billionaire globalist George Soros. In September 2016, the Trudeau government partnered with Soros’ Open Society Foundations to increase the number of “refugees” entering Canada. What exactly is the agreement?

To find out, we filed an Access to Information request. But we were told “no records were found” — which Ezra believes is a lie.


Sheila Gunn Reid brings you the entire crazy story of Justin Trudeau’s cottage upgrade. According to CBC, Trudeau ultimately paid the tab for a lavish sauna, but taxpayers were still stuck with a nearly $4,500 bill for wiring this behemoth.

But Access to Information documents Sheila acquired showed some fascinating findings, like how the Trudeau family didn’t even know how to use their sauna properly, plus the real reason the sauna wasn’t moved, as the PM had requested. (Hint: It wasn’t the cost).


Martina Markota explores the concept of “conformity” in the modern political climate. Asch’s Conformity Experiment shows that it only takes one person to challenge conformity, and empower others to do the same. It’s an inspiring discovery!


Amanda Head finds surprising common ground with the famous singer (and liberal) Cher. In a series of all-caps, emoji-filled tweets, the superstar performer told Democratic leaders to “let Trump have his” — expletive deleted — “money” to build the promised wall at the southern U.S. border.

Amanda points out that the tweets are hysterical and wrongheaded, but it’s still nice to know that she and a notorious Hollywood progressive can (more or less) agree on something.


Keean Bexte launched a new series that we’re calling Meet Alberta’s Destroyers, where we will report on all the crazy things NDP MLAs have said and done.

In his first video, Keean focuses on Rod Loyola, a Chavez-loving communist in Rachel Notley’s backbench.

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Cuomo pardons dozens of people facing deportation

Many of those receiving a pardon were facing the possibility of deportation because of their criminal record.
Read More:

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Der Spiegel to Press Charges Against Reporter Who Made Up Articles

HANOVER, Germany — Der Spiegel has announced that it will press charges against a former star reporter accused of systemically faking interviews and articles, in what might be the biggest journalism scandal in Germany since another newsmagazine published fake Hitler diaries 35 years ago.

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Here Are The Advertisers Boycotting Tucker Carlson’s Show…The “TOO BIG TO FAIL” big pharma, car companies who’ve gotten tax dollars, BANKING INSTITUTIONS, political insiders (presidents of bowflex, indeed, minted, ancestry, just for men (is also big pharma), IHOP, career builder), ALL WITH ALLEGIANCES TO THE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS!

The people who are IN CHARGE of these “institutions” are all socialist democrats.
Agenda you say? YOU BET!!!!

1) Pacific Life

2) Bowflex

3) Indeed

4) Minted

5) NerdWallet

6) SmileDirectClub

7) Voya Financial

8) (I cancelled 2 kits I had ordered for Christmas, use instead, a better company)

9) Land Rover (too expensive, not worth the cost)

10) Zenni Optical

11) IHOP (have boycotted IHOP for years now)

12) Just for Men

13) United Explorer credit card

14) ScotteVest

15) TD Ameritrade

16) CareerBuilder

17) SodaStream

18) Robitussin

19) Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

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What is Democrat Socialism in the United States


Where does DSAUSA stem from? Their propaganda says they formed in 1984.

The Democratic socialists started in the 1920’s when Leon Trotsky was exiled from Russia and he ended up in New York, and eventually in Mexico, where Stalin had him assassinated.

Leon Trotsky, V. Lenin’s close collaborative friend, equal in Russian politics and ally, were split on Lenin’s desire for political power in the up-coming government in Russia. to be run by Stalin.
Trotsky’s ideas, of unending revolution for a better society, was a bane to Stalin, who craved absolute dictatorial power.
V. Lenin partnered with Stalin and Leon Trotsky was driven, permanently, from his Nation, Russia.

“The success of the Future is to understand the Past and not to repeat it.” 12-23-2018

This is their current web page:

Hidden among many searches through their site has revealed their desire for a Central Government to run huge energy and communication companies, along with “other huge private companies and organizations” such as Unions ect.
You need to verify what you will be willing to give up, as individuals, to acknowledge allowing who and what you want, to control your fundamental human rights.
They have a pleasing face to their call for people to join them, but under their surface they are as evil as, if not more evil, than what is in place currently.
What legacy, as youth, do you want to leave to the next generation? Complete Central Government control of all of the monied industries, or an ability for you and/or children to possibly create their own industry.

My example is the growing web and internet industry, which the central government (including the DSAUSA) are trying to have total control over…do you crave real human rights or the DSA’s vision, collective rights over human rights?

You NEED to be the Judges, TODAY, of what YOU AS A GENERATION, want for YOUR FUTURE!

Current list of political socialism parties in the United States circa 2018.


United States Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism does not run candidates in elections
The Socialist Humanist League does not run candidates in elections
Democratic Socialists of America run candidates in some elections, Democratic socialism
Green Party of the United States run candidates on depends party’s ballot access, Eco-socialism
Liberty Union Party runs candidates in Vermont
Peace and Freedom Party runs candidates in California
Socialist Alternative Runs candidates in local elections, Trotskyist, member of Committee for a Workers’ International
Socialist Party USA runs candidates in New Jersey
Socialist Workers Movement active in Puerto Rico
Solidarity does not run candidates in elections
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This Islander helped recover the bodies of fallen Marines he’d hidden from the Japanese 60 years earlier

On August 18, 1942, U.S. Marine Corps Raiders assaulted Japanese positions on Makin Island (today known as Butaritari). The Raiders were a WWII-era elite unit trained for special amphibious light infantry combat. Their mission was to destroy Japanese installations and gather intelligence as well as divert attention from the landings on Guadalcanal. This small raid on a Japanese seaplane base was among the first American offensive operations of the Pacific War.


The Raiders met strong resistance but killed a number of Japanese defenders, destroyed two ships, and took out two planes attempting to land in a nearby lagoon. All went well until it came time to be extracted via submarine. Mechanical problems and an unexpectedly strong surf kept 11 of the 18 extraction boats from beating the surf. Eventually, more would make it to the submarine but the raid would end with 18 Marines killed in action and 12 more missing. The raid failed to return any meaningful intel but it was a successful test of coastal raider tactics.

The Americans had to leave in such a hurry they were unable to take the bodies of the dead with them. They asked the Butaritari men on the island to bury the bodies of the dead so the Japanese couldn’t find them. Locals wound up burying the Marines after the U.S. withdrawal.

In 2000, U.S. Department of Defense search teams came looking for the bodies of the Marines because they received a tip from one of the then-teenagers who found the bodies on a coral island so long ago. Now an old man, he showed the search team where to look.


Fifty-eight years after the the last living Marines were extracted from the atoll by submarine, the graves of the fallen were found. The graves were dug with respect and were intact according to the burial customs of the Butaritari. They were still clothed, complete with helmets, rifles, grenades, and dog tags. Marines in full dress blues arrived via C-130 and carried the flag-draped coffins from an island airstrip to accompany the remains as they were repatriated to the United States.


As the Marines carried the 19 Raiders aboard, the old Butaritari man who pointed out the gravesite began to sing the Marine Corps Hymn. The man didn’t speak English or even understand what he was saying, but the Marines taught him the song as a boy and he remembered it 60 years later.


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The shocking death at the border

Copyright © 2018. ACT for America, All rights reserved.

1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Suite 190, #614
Washington, DC 20004
United States
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When you found out….I LOVE IT!

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In 2019 Bill Gates Will Spray Toxic Chemicals Into The Sky To Dim Our Sun

Mote outrage from satans minion…👹

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SWEDEN: The country with nearly the world’s highest rates of violent crime and rape incidents, supports bringing in even more of the migrants who are responsible for a majority of these incidents


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Proposed Constitution for The United States – Written in 1974

Constitution for the New States of America


So that we may join in common endeavors, welcome the future in good order, and create an adequate and self-repairing government – we, the people, do establish the Newstates of America, herein provided to be ours, and do ordain this Constitution whose supreme law it shall be until the time prescribed for it shall have run.


Rights and Responsibilities

A. Rights

SECTION 1. Freedom of expression, of communication, of movement, of assembly, or of petition shall not be abridged except in declared emergency.

SECTION 2. Access to information possessed by governmental agencies shall not be denied except in the interest of national security; but communications among officials necessary to decisionmaking shall be privileged.

SECTION 3. Public communicators may decline to reveal sources of information, but shall be responsible for hurtful disclosures.

SECTION 4. The privacy of individuals shall be respected; searches and seizures shall be made only on judicial warrant; persons shall be pursued or questioned only for the prevention of crime or the apprehension of suspected criminals, and only according to rules established under law.

SECTION 5. There shall be no discrimination because of race, creed, color, origin, or sex. The Court of Rights and Responsibilities may determine whether selection for various occupations has been discriminatory.

SECTION 6. All persons shall have equal protection of the laws, and in all electoral procedures the vote of every eligible citizen shall count equally with others.

SECTION 7. It shall be public policy to promote discussion of public issues and to encourage peaceful public gatherings for this purpose. Permission to hold such gatherings shall not be denied, nor shall they be interrupted, except in declared emergency or on a showing of imminent danger to public order and on judicial warrant.

SECTION 8. The practice of religion shall be privileged; but no religion shall be imposed by some on others, and none shall have public support.

SECTION 9. Any citizen may purchase, sell, lease, hold, convey, and inherit real and personal property, and shall benefit equally from all laws for security in such transactions.

SECTION 10. Those who cannot contribute to productivity shall be entitled to a share of the national product; but distribution shall be fair and the total may not exceed the amount for this purpose held in the National Sharing Fund.

SECTION 11. Education shall be provided at public expense for those who meet appropriate tests of eligibility.

SECTION 12. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. No property shall be taken without compensation.

SECTION 13. Legislatures shall define crimes and conditions requiring restraint, but confinement shall not be for punishment; and, when possible, there shall be preparation for return to freedom.

SECTION 14. No person shall be placed twice in jeopardy for the same offense.

SECTION 15. Writs of habeas corpus shall not be suspended except in declared emergency.

SECTION 16. Accused persons shall be informed of charges against them, shall have a speedy trial, shall have reasonable bail, shall be allowed to confront witnesses or to call others, and shall not be compelled to testify against themselves; at the time of arrest they shall be informed of their right to be silent and to have counsel, provided, if necessary, at public expense; and courts shall consider the contention that prosecution may be under an invalid or unjust statute.

B. Responsibilities

SECTION 1. Each freedom of the citizen shall prescribe a corresponding responsibility not to diminish that of others: of speech, communication, assembly, and petition, to grant the same freedom to others; of religion, to respect that of others; of privacy, not to invade that of others; of the holding and disposal of property, the obligation to extend the same privilege to others.

SECTION 2. Individuals and enterprises holding themselves out to serve the public shall serve all equally and without intention to misrepresent, conforming to such standards as may improve health and welfare.

SECTION 3. Protection of the law shall be repaid by assistance in its enforcement; this shall include respect for the procedures of justice, apprehension of lawbreakers, and testimony at trial.

SECTION 4. Each citizen shall participate in the processes of democracy, assisting in the selection of officials and in the monitoring of their conduct in office.

SECTION 5. Each shall render such services to the nation as may be uniformly required by law, objection by reason of conscience being adjudicated as hereinafter provided; and none shall expect or may receive special privileges unless they be for a public purpose defined by law.

SECTION 6. Each shall pay whatever share of governmental costs is consistent with fairness to all.

SECTION 7. Each shall refuse awards or titles from other nations or their representatives except as they be authorized by law.

SECTION 8. There shall be a responsibility to avoid violence and to keep the peace; for this reason the bearing of arms or the possession of lethal weapons shall be confined to the police, members of the armed forces, and those licensed under law.

SECTION 9. Each shall assist in preserving the endowments of nature and enlarging the inheritance of future generations.

SECTION 10. Those granted the use of public lands, the air, or waters shall have a responsibility for using these resources so that, if irreplaceable, they are conserved and, if replaceable, they are put back as they were.

SECTION 11. Retired officers of the armed forces, of the senior civil service, and of the Senate shall regard their service as a permanent obligation and shall not engage in enterprise seeking profit from the government.

SECTION 12. The devising or controlling of devices for management or technology shall establish responsibility for resulting costs.

SECTION 13. All rights and responsibilities defined herein shall extend to such associations of citizens as may be authorized by law.


The Newstates

SECTION 1. There shall be Newstates, each comprising no less than 5 percent of the whole population. Existing states may continue and may have the status of Newstates if the Boundary Commission, hereinafter provided, shall so decide. The Commission shall be guided in its recommendations by the probability of accommodation to the conditions for effective government. States electing by referendum to continue if the Commission recommend otherwise shall nevertheless accept all Newstate obligations.

SECTION 2. The Newstates shall have constitutions formulated and adopted by processes hereinafter prescribed.

SECTION 3. They shall have Governors, legislatures, and planning, administrative, and judicial systems.

SECTION 4. Their political procedures shall be organized and supervised by electoral Overseers; but their elections shall not be in years of presidential election.

SECTION 5. The electoral apparatus of the Newstates of America shall be available to them, and they may be allotted funds under rules agreed to by the national Overseer; but expenditures may not be made by or for any candidate except they be approved by the Overseer; and requirements of residence in a voting district shall be no longer than thirty days.

SECTION 6. They may charter subsidiary governments, urban or rural, and may delegate to them powers appropriate to their responsibilities.

SECTION 7. They may lay, or may delegate the laying of, taxes; but these shall conform to the restraints stated hereinafter for the Newstates of America.

SECTION 8. They may not tax exports, may not tax with intent to prevent imports, and may not impose any tax forbidden by laws of the Newstates of America; but the objects appropriate for taxation shall be clearly designated.

SECTION 9. Taxes on land may be at higher rates than those on its improvements.

SECTION 10. They shall be responsible for the administration of public services not reserved to the government of the Newstates of America, such activities being concerted with those of corresponding national agencies, where these exist, under arrangements common to all.

SECTION 11. The rights and responsibilities prescribed in this Constitution shall be effective in the Newstates and shall be suspended only in emergency when declared by Governors and not disapproved by the Senate of the Newstates of America.

SECTION 12. Police powers of the Newstates shall extend to all matters not reserved to the Newstates of America; but preempted powers shall not be impaired.

SECTION 13. Newstates may not enter into any treaty, alliance, confederation, or agreement unless approved by the Boundary Commission hereinafter provided.

They may not coin money, provide for the payment of debts in any but legal tender, or make any charge for inter-Newstate services. They may not enact ex post facto laws or ones impairing the obligation of contracts.

SECTION 14. Newstates may not impose barriers to imports from other jurisdictions or impose any hindrance to citizens’ freedom of movement.

SECTION 15. If governments of the Newstates fail to carry out fully their constitutional duties, their officials shall be warned and may be required by the Senate, on the recommendation of the Watchkeeper, to forfeit revenues from the Newstates of America.


The Electoral Branch

  SECTION 1. To arrange for participation by the electorate in the determination of policies and the selection of officials, there shall be an Electoral Branch.

SECTION 2. An Overseer of electoral procedures shall be chosen by majority of the Senate and may be removed by a two-thirds vote. It shall be the Overseer’s duty to supervise the organization of national and district parties, arrange for discussion among them, and provide for the nomination and election of candidates for public office. While in office the Overseer shall belong to no political organization; and after each presidential election shall offer to resign.

SECTION 3. A national party shall be one having had at least a 5 percent affiliation in the latest general election; but a new party shall be recognized when valid petitions have been signed by at least 2 percent of the voters in each of 30 percent of the districts drawn for the House of Representatives. Recognition shall be suspended upon failure to gain 5 percent of the votes at a second election, 10 percent at a third, or 15 percent at further elections.

District parties shall be recognized when at least 2 percent of the voters shall have signed petitions of affiliation; but recognition shall be withdrawn upon failure to attract the same percentages as are necessary for the continuance of national parties.

SECTION 4. Recognition by the Overseer shall bring parties within established regulations and entitle them to common privileges.

SECTION 5. The Overseer shall promulgate rules for party conduct and shall see that fair practices are maintained, and for this purpose shall appoint deputies in each district and shall supervise the choice, in district and national conventions, of party administrators. Regulations and appointments may be objected to by the Senate.

SECTION 6. The Overseer, with the administrators and other officials, shall:

a. Provide the means for discussion, in each party, of public issues, and, for this purpose, ensure that members have adequate facilities for participation.

b. Arrange for discussion, in annual district meetings, of the President’s views, of the findings of the Planning Branch, and such other information as may be pertinent for enlightened political discussion.

c. Arrange, on the first Saturday in each month, for enrollment, valid for one year, of voters at convenient places.

SECTION 7. The Overseer shall also:

a. Assist the parties in nominating candidates for district members of the House of Representatives each three years; and for this purpose designate one hundred districts, each with a similar number of eligible voters, redrawing districts after each election. In these there shall be party conventions having no more than three hundred delegates, so distributed that representation of voters be approximately equal.

Candidates for delegate may become eligible by presenting petitions signed by two hundred registered voters. They shall be elected by party members on the first Tuesday in March, those having the largest number of votes being chosen until the three hundred be complete. Ten alternates shall also be chosen by the same process.

District conventions shall be held on the first Tuesday in April. Delegates shall choose three candidates for membership in the House of Representatives, the three having the most votes becoming candidates.

b. Arrange for the election each three years of three members of the House of Representatives in each district from among the candidates chosen in party conventions, the three having the most votes to be elected.

SECTION 8. The Overseer shall also:

a. Arrange for national conventions to meet nine years after previous presidential elections, with an equal number of delegates from each district, the whole number not to exceed one thousand.

Candidates for delegates shall be eligible when petitions signed by five hundred registered voters have been filed. Those with the most votes, together with two alternates, being those next in number of votes, shall be chosen in each district.

b. Approve procedures in these conventions for choosing one hundred candidates to be members-at-large of the House of Representatives, whose terms shall be coterminous with that of the President. For this purpose delegates shall file one choice with convention officials. Voting on submissions shall proceed until one hundred achieve 10 percent, but not more than three candidates may be resident in any one district; if any district have more than three, those with the fewest votes shall be eliminated, others being added from the districts having less than three, until equality be reached. Of those added, those having the most votes shall be chosen first.

c. Arrange procedures for the consideration and approval of party objectives by the convention.

d. Formulate rules for the nomination in these conventions of candidates for President and Vice-Presidents when the offices are to fall vacant, candidates for nomination to be recognized when petitions shall have been presented by one hundred or more delegates, pledged to continue support until candidates can no longer win or until they consent to withdraw. Presidents and Vice-Presidents, together with Representatives-at-large, shall submit to referendum after serving for three years, and if they are rejected, new conventions shall be held within one month and candidates shall be chosen as for vacant offices.

Candidates for President and Vice-Presidents shall be nominated on attaining a majority.

e. Arrange for the election on the first Tuesday in June, in appropriate years, of new candidates for President and Vice-Presidents, and members-at-large of the House of Representatives, all being presented to the nation’s voters as a ticket; if no ticket achieve a majority, the Overseer shall arrange another election, on the third Tuesday in June, between the two persons having the most votes; and if referendum so determine he shall provide similar arrangements for the nomination and election of candidates.

In this election, the one having the most votes shall prevail.

SECTION 9. The Overseer shall also:

a. Arrange for the convening of the national legislative houses on the fourth Tuesday of July.

b. Arrange for inauguration of the President and Vice-Presidents on the second Tuesday of August.

SECTION 10. All costs of electoral procedures shall be paid from public funds, and there shall be no private contributions to parties or candidates; no contributions or expenditures for meetings, conventions, or campaigns shall be made; and no candidate for office may make any personal expenditures unless authorized by a uniform rule of the Overseer; and persons or groups making expenditures, directly or indirectly, in support of prospective candidates shall report to the Overseer and shall conform to his regulations.

SECTION 11. Expenses of the Electoral Branch shall be met by the addition of one percent to the net annual taxable income returns of taxpayers, this sum to be held by the Chancellor of Financial Affairs for disposition by the Overseer.

Funds shall be distributed to parties in proportion to the respective number of votes cast for the President and Governors at the last election, except that new parties, on being recognized, shall share in proportion to their number. Party administrators shall make allocations to legislative candidates in amounts proportional to the party vote at the last election.

Expenditures shall be audited by the Watchkeeper; and sums not expended within four years shall be returned to the Treasury.

It shall be a condition of every communications franchise that reasonable facilities shall be available for allocations by the Overseer.


The Planning Branch

SECTION 1. There shall be a Planning Branch to formulate and administer plans and to prepare budgets for the uses of expected income in pursuit of policies formulated by the processes provided herein.

SECTION 2. There shall be a National Planning Board of fifteen members appointed by the President; the first members shall have terms designated by the President of one to fifteen years, thereafter one shall be appointed each year; the President shall appoint a Chairman who shall serve for fifteen years unless removed by him.

SECTION 3. The Chairman shall appoint, and shall supervise, a planning administrator, together with such deputies as may be agreed to by the Board.

SECTION 4. The Chairman shall present to the Board six- and twelve-year development plans prepared by the planning staff. They shall be revised each year after public hearings, and finally in the year before they are to take effect. They shall be submitted to the President on the fourth Tuesday in July for transmission to the Senate on September 1 with his comments.

If members of the Board fail to approve the budget proposals by the forwarding date, the Chairman shall nevertheless make submission to the President with notations of reservation by such members. The President shall transmit this proposal, with his comments, to the House of Representatives on September 1.

SECTION 5. It shall be recognized that the six-and twelve-year development plans represent national intentions tempered by the appraisal of possibilities. The twelve-year plan shall be a general estimate of probable progress, both governmental and private; the six-year plan shall be more specific as to estimated income and expenditure and shall take account of necessary revisions.

The purpose shall be to advance, through every agency of government, the excellence of national life. It shall be the further purpose to anticipate innovations, to estimate their impact, to assimilate them into existing institutions, and to moderate deleterious effects on the environment and on society.

The six- and twelve-year plans shall be disseminated for discussion and the opinions expressed shall be considered in the formulation of plans for each succeeding year with special attention to detail in proposing the budget.

SECTION 6. For both plans an extension of one year into the future shall be made each year and the estimates for all other years shall be revised accordingly. For nongovernmental activities the estimate of developments shall be calculated to indicate the need for enlargement or restriction.

SECTION 7. If there be objection by the President or the Senate to the six- or twelve-year plans, they shall be returned for restudy and resubmission. If there still be differences, and if the President and the Senate agree, they shall prevail. If they do not agree, the Senate shall prevail and the plan shall be revised accordingly.

SECTION 8. The Newstates, on June 1, shall submit proposals for development to be considered for inclusion in those for the Newstates of America. Researches and administration shall be delegated, when convenient, to planning agencies of the Newstates.

SECTION 9. There shall be submissions from private individuals or from organized associations affected with a public interest, as defined by the Board. They shall report intentions to expand or contract, estimates of production and demand, probable uses of resources, numbers expected to be employed, and other essential information.

SECTION 10. The Planning Branch shall make and have custody of official maps, and these shall be documents of reference for future developments both public and private; on them the location of facilities, with extension indicated, and the intended use of all areas shall be marked out.

Official maps shall also be maintained by the planning agencies of the Newstates, and in matters not exclusively national the National Planning Board may rely on these.

Undertakings in violation of official designation shall be at the risk of the venturer, and there shall be no recourse; but losses from designations after acquisition shall be recoverable in actions before the Court of Claims.

SECTION 11. The Planning Branch shall have available to it funds equal to one-half of one percent of the approved national budget (not including debt services or payments from trust funds). They shall be held by the Chancellor of Financial Affairs and expended according to rules approved by the Board; but funds not expended within six years shall be available for other uses.

SECTION 12. Allocations may be made for the planning agencies of the Newstates; but only the maps and plans of the national Board, or those approved by them, shall have status at law.

SECTION 13. In making plans, there shall be due regard to the interests of other nations and such cooperation with their intentions as may be approved by the Board.

SECTION 14. There may also be cooperation with international agencies and such contributions to their work as are not disapproved by the President.


The Presidency

SECTION 1. The President of the Newstates of America shall be the head of government, shaper of its commitments, expositor of its policies, and supreme commander of its protective forces; shall have one term of nine years, unless rejected by 60 percent of the electorate after three years; shall take care that the nation’s resources are estimated and are apportioned to its more exigent needs; shall recommend such plans, legislation, and action as may be necessary; and shall address the legislators each year on the state of the nation, calling upon them to do their part for the general good.

SECTION 2. There shall be two Vice-Presidents elected with the President; at the time of taking office the President shall designate one Vice-President to supervise internal affairs; and one to be deputy for general affairs. The deputy for general affairs shall succeed if the presidency be vacated; the Vice-President for internal affairs shall be second in succession. If either Vice-President shall die or be incapacitated, the President, with the consent of the Senate, shall appoint a successor. Vice-Presidents shall serve during an extended term with such assignments as the President may make.

If the presidency fall vacant through the disability of both Vice-Presidents, the Senate shall elect successors from among its members to serve until the next general election.

With the Vice-Presidents and other officials the President shall see to it that the laws are faithfully executed and shall pay attention to the findings and recommendations of the Planning Board, the National Regulatory Board, and the Watchkeeper in formulating national policies.

SECTION 3. Responsible to the Vice-President for General Affairs there shall be Chancellors of External, Financial, Legal, and Military Affairs.

The Chancellor of External Affairs shall assist in conducting relations with other nations.

The Chancellor of Financial Affairs shall supervise the nation’s financial and monetary systems, regulating its capital markets and credit-issuing institutions as they may be established by law; and this shall include lending institutions for operations in other nations or in cooperation with them, except that treaties may determine their purposes and standards.

The Chancellor of Legal Affairs shall advise governmental agencies and represent them before the courts.

The Chancellor of Military Affairs shall act for the presidency in disposing all armed forces except militia commanded by governors; but these shall be available for national service at the President’s convenience.

Except in declared emergency, the deployment of forces in far waters or in other nations without their consent shall be notified in advance to a national security committee of the Senate hereinafter provided.

SECTION 4. Responsible to the Vice-President for Internal Affairs there shall be chancellors of such departments as the President may find necessary for performing the services of government and are not rejected by a two-thirds vote when the succeeding budget is considered.

SECTION 5. Candidates for the presidency and the vice-presidencies shall be natural-born citizens. Their suitability may be questioned by the Senate within ten days of their nomination, and if two-thirds of the whole agree, they shall be ineligible and a nominating convention shall be reconvened. At the time of his nomination no candidate shall be a member of the Senate and none shall be on active service in the armed forces or a senior civil servant.

SECTION 6. The President may take leave because of illness or for an interval of relief, and the Vice-President in charge of General Affairs shall act. The President may resign if the Senate agree; and, if the term shall have more than two years to run, the Overseer shall arrange for a special election for President and Vice-President.

SECTION 7. The Vice-Presidents may be directed to perform such ministerial duties as the President may find convenient; but their instructions shall be of record, and their actions shall be taken as his deputy.

SECTION 8. Incapacitation may be established without concurrence of the President by a three-quarters vote of the Senate, whereupon a successor shall become Acting President until the disability be declared, by a similar vote, to be ended or to have become permanent. Similarly the other Vice-President shall succeed if a predecessor die or be disabled. Special elections, in these contingencies, may be required by the Senate.

Acting Presidents may appoint deputies, unless the Senate object, to assume their duties until the next election.

SECTION 9. The Vice-Presidents, together with such other officials as the President may designate from time to time, may constitute a cabinet or council; but this shall not include officials of other branches.

SECTION 10. Treaties or agreements with other nations, negotiated under the President’s authority, shall be in effect unless objected to by a majority of the Senate within ninety days. If they are objected to, the President may resubmit and the Senate reconsider. If a majority still object, the Senate shall prevail.

SECTION 11. All officers, except those of other branches, shall be appointed and may be removed by the President. A majority of the Senate may object to appointments within sixty days, and alternative candidates shall be offered until it agrees.

SECTION 12. The President shall notify the Planning Board and the House of Representatives, on the fourth Tuesday in June, what the maximum allowable expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year shall be.

The President may determine to make expenditures less than provided in appropriations; but, except in declared emergency, none shall be made in excess of appropriations. Reduction shall be because of changes in requirements and shall not be such as to impair the integrity of budgetary procedures.

SECTION 13. There shall be a Public Custodian, appointed by the President and removable by him, who shall have charge of properties belonging to the government, but not allocated to specific agencies, who shall administer common public services, shall have charge of building construction and rentals, and shall have such other duties as may be designated by the President or the designated Vice-Presidents.

SECTION 14. There shall be an Intendant responsible to the President who shall supervise Offices for Intelligence and Investigation; also an Office of Emergency Organization with the duty of providing plans and procedures for such contingencies as can be anticipated.

The Intendant shall also charter nonprofit corporations (or foundations), unless the President shall object, determined by him to be for useful public purposes. Such corporations shall be exempt from taxation but shall conduct no profitmaking enterprises.

SECTION 15. The Intendant shall also be a counselor for the coordination of scientific and cultural experiments, and for studies within the government and elsewhere, and for this purpose shall employ such assistance as may be found necessary.

SECTION 16. Offices for other purposes may be established and may be discontinued by presidential order within the funds allocated in the procedures of appropriation.


The Legislative Branch

(The Senate and the House of Representatives)

A. The Senate

SECTION 1. There shall be a Senate with membership as follows: If they so desire, former Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Principal Justices, Overseers, Chairmen of the Planning and Regulatory Boards, Governors having had more than seven years’ service, and unsuccessful candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency who have received at least 30 percent of the vote. To be appointed by the President, three persons who have been Chancellors, two officials from the civil services, two officials from the diplomatic services, two senior military officers, also one person from a panel of three, elected in a process approved by the Overseer, by each of twelve such groups or associations as the President may recognize from time to time to be nationally representative, but none shall be a political or religious group, no individual selected shall have been paid by any private interest to influence government, and any association objected to by the Senate shall not be recognized. Similarly, to be appointed by the Principal Justice, two persons distinguished in public law and two former members of the High Courts or the Judicial Council. Also, to be elected by the House of Representatives, three members who have served six or more years.

Vacancies shall be filled as they occur.

SECTION 2. Membership shall continue for life, except that absences not provided for by rule shall constitute retirement, and that Senators may retire voluntarily.

SECTION 3. The Senate shall elect as presiding officer a Convener who shall serve for two years, when his further service may be discontinued by a majority vote. Other officers, including a Deputy, shall be appointed by the Convener unless the Senate shall object.

SECTION 4. The Senate shall meet each year on the second Tuesday in July and shall be in continuous session, but may adjourn to the call of the Convener. A quorum shall be more than three-fifths of the whole membership.

SECTION 5. The Senate shall consider, and return within thirty days, all measures approved by the House of Representatives (except the annual budget). Approval or disapproval shall be by a majority vote of those present. Objection shall stand unless the House of Representatives shall overcome it by a majority vote plus one; if no return be made, approval by the House of Representatives shall be final.

For consideration of laws passed by the House of Representatives or for other purposes, the Convener may appoint appropriate committees.

SECTION 6. The Senate may ask advice from the Principal Justice concerning the constitutionality of measures before it; and if this be done, the time for return to the House of Representatives may extend to ninety days.

SECTION 7. If requested, the Senate may advise the President on matters of public interest; or, if not requested, by resolution approved by two-thirds of those present. There shall be a special duty to note expressions of concern during party conventions and commitments made during campaigns; and if these be neglected, to remind the President and the House of Representatives that these undertakings are to be considered.

SECTION 8. In time of present or prospective danger caused by cataclysm, by attack, or by insurrection, the Senate may declare a national emergency and may authorize the President to take appropriate action. If the Senate be dispersed, and no quorum available, the President may proclaim the emergency, and may terminate it unless the Senate shall have acted. If the President be not available, and the circumstances extreme, the senior serving member of the presidential succession may act until a quorum assembles.

SECTION 9. The Senate may also define and declare a limited emergency in time of prospective danger, or of local or regional disaster, or if an extraordinary advantage be anticipated. It shall be considered by the House of Representatives within three days and, unless disapproved, may extend for a designated period and for a limited area before renewal.

Extraordinary expenditures during emergency may be approved, without regard to usual budget procedures, by the House of Representatives with the concurrence of the President.

SECTION 10. The Senate, at the beginning of each session, shall select three of its members to constitute a National Security Committee to be consulted by the President in emergencies requiring the deployment of the armed forces abroad. If the Committee dissent from the President’s proposal, it shall report to the Senate, whose decision shall be final.

SECTION 11. The Senate shall elect, or may remove, a National Watchkeeper, and shall oversee, through a standing committee, a Watchkeeping Service conducted according to rules formulated for their approval.

With the assistance of an appropriate staff the Watchkeeper shall gather and organize information concerning the adequacy, competence, and integrity of governmental agencies and their personnel, as well as their continued usefulness; and shall also suggest the need for new or expanded services, making report concerning any agency of the deleterious effect of its activities on citizens or on the environment.

The Watchkeeper shall entertain petitions for the redress of grievances and shall advise the appropriate agencies if there be need for action.

For all these purposes, personnel may be appointed, investigations made, witnesses examined, postaudits made, and information required.

The Convener shall present the Watchkeeper’s findings to the Senate, and if it be judged to be in the public interest, they shall be made public or, without being made public, be sent to the appropriate agency for its guidance and such action as may be needed. On recommendation of the Watchkeeper the Senate may initiate corrective measures to be voted on by the House of Representatives within thirty days. When approved by a majority and not vetoed by the President, they shall become law.

For the Watchkeeping Service one-quarter of one percent of individual net taxable incomes shall be held by the Chancellor of Financial Affairs; but amounts not expended in any fiscal year shall be available for general use.

B. The House of Representatives

SECTION 1. The House of Representatives shall be the original lawmaking body of the Newstates of America.

SECTION 2. It shall convene each year on the second Tuesday in July and shall remain in continuous session except that it may adjourn to the call of a Speaker, elected by majority vote from among the Representatives-at-large, who shall be its presiding officer.

SECTION 3. It shall be a duty to implement the provisions of this constitution and, in legislating, to be guided by them.

SECTION 4. Party leaders and their deputies shall be chosen by caucus at the beginning of each session.

SECTION 5. Standing and temporary committees shall be selected as follows:

Committees dealing with the calendaring and management of bills shall have a majority of members nominated to party caucuses by the Speaker; other members shall be nominated by minority leaders. Membership shall correspond to the parties’ proportions at the last election. If nominations be not approved by a majority of the caucus, the Speaker or the minority leaders shall nominate others until a majority shall approve.

Members of other committees shall be chosen by party caucus in proportion to the results of the last election. Chairmen shall be elected annually from among at-large members.

Bills referred to committees shall be returned to the house with recommendations within sixty days unless extension be voted by the House.

In all committee actions names of those voting for and against shall be recorded.

No committee chairman may serve longer than six years.

SECTION 6. Approved legislation, not objected to by the Senate within the alloted time, shall be presented to the President for his approval or disapproval. If the President disapprove, and three-quarters of the House membership still approve, it shall become law. The names of those voting for and against shall be recorded. Bills not returned within eleven days shall become law.

SECTION 7. The President may have thirty days to consider measures approved by the House unless they shall have been submitted twelve days previous to adjournment.

SECTION 8. The House shall consider promptly the annual budget; if there be objection, it shall be notified to the Planning Board; the Board shall then resubmit through the President; and, with his comments, it shall be returned to the House. If there still be objection by a two-thirds majority, the House shall prevail. Objection must be by whole title; titles not objected to when voted on shall constitute appropriation.

The budget for the fiscal year shall be in effect on January 1. Titles not yet acted on shall be as in the former budget until action be completed.

SECTION 9. It shall be the duty of the House to make laws concerning taxes.

1. For their laying and collection:

a. They shall be uniform, and shall not be retroactive.

b. Except such as may be authorized by law to be laid by Authorities, or by the Newstates, all collections shall be made by a national revenue agency. This shall include collections for trust funds hereinafter authorized.

c. Except for corporate levies to be held in the National Sharing Fund, hereinafter authorized, taxes may be collected only from individuals and only from incomes; but there may be withholding from current incomes.

d. To assist in the maintenance of economic stability, the President may be authorized to alter rates by executive order.

e. They shall be imposed on profitmaking enterprises owned or conducted by religious establishments or other nonprofit organizations.

f. There shall be none on food, medicines, residential rentals, or commodities or services designated by law as necessities; and there shall be no double taxation.

g. None shall be levied for registering ownership or transfer of property.

2. For expenditures from revenues:

a. For the purposes detailed in the annual budget unless objection be made by the procedure prescribed herein.

b. For such other purposes as the House may indicate and require the Planning Branch to include in revisions of the budget; but, except in declared emergency, the total may not exceed the President’s estimate of available funds.

3. For fixing the percentage of net corporate taxable incomes to be paid into a National Sharing Fund to be held in the custody of the Chancellor of Financial Affairs and made available for such welfare and environmental purposes as are authorized by law.

4. To provide for the regulation of commerce with other nations and among the Newstates, Possessions, Territories; or, as shall be mutually agreed, with other organized governments; but exports shall not be taxed; and imports shall not be taxed except on recommendation of the President at rates whose allowable variation shall have been fixed bylaw. There shall be no quotas, and no nations favored by special rates, unless by special acts requiring two-thirds majorities.

5. To establish, or provide for the establishment of, institutuions for the safekeeping of savings, for the gathering and distribution of capital, for the issuance of credit, for regulating the coinage of money, for controlling them edia of exchange, and for stabilizing prices; but such institutions, when not public or semipublic, shall be regarded as affected with the public interest and shall be supervised by the Chancellor of Financial Affairs.

6. To establish institutions for insurance against risks and liabilities, or to provide suitable agencies for the regulation of such as are not public.

7. To ensure the maintenance, by ownership or regulation, of facilities for communication, transportation, and others commonly used and necessary for public convenience.

8. To assist in the maintenance of world order, and, for this purpose, when the President shall recommend, to vest jurisdiction in international legislative, judicial, or administrative agencies.

9. To develop with other peoples, and for the benefit of all, the resources of space, of other bodies in the universe, and of the seas beyond twelve miles from low-water shores unless treaties shall provide other limits.

10. To assist other peoples who have not attained satisfactory levels of well-being; to delegate the administration of funds for assistance, whenever possible, to international agencies; and to invest in or contribute to the furthering of development in other parts of the world.

11. To assure, or to assist in assuring, adequate and equal facilities for education; for training in occupations citizens may be fitted to pursue; and to reeducate or retrain those whose occupations may become obsolete.

12. To establish or to assist institutions devoted to higher education, to research, or to technical training.

13. To establish and maintain, or assist in maintaining, libraries, archives, monuments, and other places of historic interest.

14. To assist in the advancement of sciences and technologies; and to encourage cultural activities.

15. To conserve natural resources by purchase, by withdrawal from use, or by regulation; to provide, or to assist in providing, facilities for recreation; to establish and maintain parks, forests, wilderness areas, wetlands, and prairies; to improve streams and other waters; to ensure the purity of air and water; to control the erosion of soils; and to provide for all else necessary for the protection and common use of the national heritage.

16. To acquire property and improvements for public use at costs to be fixed, if necessary, by the Court of Claims.

17. To prevent the stoppage or hindrance of governmental procedures, or of other activities affected with a public interest as defined by law, by reason of disputes between employers and employees, or for other reasons, and for this purpose to provide for conclusive arbitration if adquate provision for collective bargaining fail. From such finding there may be appeal to the Court of Arbitration Review; but such proceedings may not stay the acceptance of findings.

18. To support an adequate civil service for the performance of such duties as may be designated by administrators; and for this purpose to refrain from interference with the processes of appointment or placement, asking advice or testimony before committees only with the consent of appropriate superiors.

19. To provide for the maintenance of armed forces.

20. To enact such measures as will assist families in making adjustment to future conditions, using estimates concerning population and resources made by the Planning Board.

21. To vote within ninety days on such measures as the President may designate as urgent.


The Regulatory Branch

SECTION 1. There shall be a Regulatory Branch, and there shall be a National Regulator chosen by majority vote of the Senate and remoable by a two-thirds vote of that body. His term shall be seven years, and he shall preside over a National Regulatory Board. Together they shall make and administer rules for the conduct of all economic enterprises.

The Regulatory Branch shall have such agencies as the Board may find necessary and are not disapproved by law.

SECTION 2. The Regulatory Board shall consist of seventeen members recommended to the Senate by the Regulator. Unless rejected by majority vote they shall act with the Regulator as a lawmaking body for industry.

They shall initially have terms of one or seventeen years, one being replaced each year and serving for seventeen years. They shall be compensated and shall have no other occupation.

SECTION 3. Under procedures approved by the board, the Regulator shall charter all corporations or enterprises except those exempted because of sixe or other characteristics, or those supervised by the Chancellor of Financial Affairs, or by the Intendant, or those whose activities are confined to one Newstate.

Charters shall describe proposed activities, and departure from these shall require amendment on penalty of revocation. For this purpose there shall be investigation and enforcement services under the direction of the Regulator.

SECTION 4. Chartered enterprises in similar industries or occupations may organize joint Authorities. These may formulate among themselves codes to ensure fair competition, meet external costs, set standards for quality and service, expand trade, increase production, eliminate waste, and assist in standardization. Authorities may maintain for common use services for research and communcation; but membership shall be open to all eligible enterprises. Nonmembers shall be required to maintain the same standards at those prescribed for members.

SECTION 5. Authorities shall have governing committees of five, two being appointed by the Regulator to represent the public. they shall serve as he may determine; they shall be compensated; and he shall take care that there be no conflicts of interest. The Board may approve or prescribe rules for the distribution of profits to stockholders, allowable amounts of working capital, and reserves. Costing and all other practices affecting the public interest shall be monitored.

All codes shall be subject to review by the Regulator with his Board.

SECTION 6. Member enterprises of an Authority shall be exempt from other regulation.

SECTION 7. The Regulator, with his Board, shall fix standards and procedures for mergers of enterprises or the acquisition of some by others; and these shall be in effect unless rejected by the Court of Administrative Settlements. The purpose shall be to encourage adaptation to change and to further approved intentions for the nation.

SECTION 8. The charters of enterprises may be revoked and Authorities may be dissolved by the Regulator, with the concurrence of the Board, if they restrict the production of goods and services, or controls of their prices; also if external costs are not assessed to their originators or if the ecological impacts of their operations are deleterious.

SECTION 9. Operations extending abroad shall conform to policies notified to the Regulator by the President; and he shall restrict or control such activities as appear to injure the national interest.

SECTION 10. The Regulator shall make rules for and shall supervise marketplaces for goods and services; but this shall not include security exchanges regulated by the Chancellor of Financial Affairs.

SECTION 11. Designation of enterprises affected with a public interest, rules for conduct of enterprises and of their Authorities, and other actions of the Regulator or of the Board may be appealed to the Court of Administrative Settlements, whose judgments shall be informed by the intention to establish fairness to consumer and competitors and stability in economic affairs.

SECTION 12. Responsible also to the Regulator, there shall be an Operations Commission appointed by the Regulator, unless the Senate object, for the supervision of enterprises owned in whole or in part by government. The commission shall choose its chairman, and he shall be the executive head of a supervisory staff. He may require reports, conduct investigations, and make rules and recommendations concerning surpluses or deficits, the absorption of external costs, standards of service, and rates or oprices charged for services or goods.

Each enterprise shall have a director, chosen and removable by the Commission; and he shall conduct its affairs in accordance with standards fixed by the Commission.


The Judicial Branch

SECTION 1. There shall be a Principal Justice of the Newstates of America; a Judicial Council; and a Judicial Assembly. There shall also be a Supreme Court and a High Court of Appeals; also Courts of Claims, Rights and Duties, Administrative Review, Arbitration Settlements, Tax Appeals, and Appeals from Watchkeeper’s Findings. There shall be Circuit Courts to be of first resort in suits brought under national law; and they shall hear appeals from courts of the Newstates.

Other courts may be established by law on recommendation of the Principal Justice with the Judicial Council.

SECTION 2. The Principal Justice shall preside over the judicial system, shall appoint the members of all national courts, and, unless the Judicial Council object, shall make its rules; also, through an Administrator, supervise its operations.

SECTION 3. The Judicial Assembly shall consist of Circuit Court Judges, together with those of the High Courts of the Newstates of America and those of the highest courts of the Newstates. It shall meet annually, or at the call of the Principal Justice, to consider the state of the Judiciary and such other matters as may be laid before it.

It shall also meet at the call of the Convener to nominate three candidates for the Principal Justiceship whenever a vacancy shall occur. From these nominees the Senate shall choose the one having the most votes.

SECTION 4. The Principal Justice, unless the Senate object to any, shall appoint a Judicial Council of five members to serve during his incumbency. He shall designate a senior member who shall preside in his absence.

It shall be the duty of the Council, under the direction of the Principal Justice, to study the courts in operation, to prepare codes of ethics to be observed by members, and to suggest changes in procedure. The Council may ask the advice of the Judicial Assembly.

It shall also be a duty of the Council, as hereinafter provided, to suggest constitutional amendments when they appear to be necessary; and it shall also draft revisions if they shall be required. Further, it shall examine, and from time to time cause to be revised, civil and criminal codes; these, when approved by the Judicial Assembly, shall be in effect throughout the nation.

SECTION 5. The Principal Justice shall have a term of eleven years; but if at any time the incumbent resign to be disabled from continuing in office, as may be determined by the Senate, replacement shall be by the senior member of the Judicial Council until a new selection be made. After six years the Assembly may provide, by a two-thirds vote, for discontinuance in office, and a successor shall then be chosen.

SECTION 6. The Principal Justice may suspend members of any court for incapacity or violation of rules; and the separation shall be final if a majority of the Council agree.

For each court the Principal Justice shall, from time to time, appoint a member sho shall preside.

SECTION 7. A presiding judge may decide, with the concurrence of the senior judge, that there may be pretrial proceedings, that criminal trials shall be conducted by either investigatory or adversary proceedings, and whether there shall be a jury and what the number of jurors shall be; but investigatory proceedings shall require a bench of three.

SECTION 8. In deciding on the concordance of statutes with the Constitution, the Supreme Court shall return to the House of Representatives such as it cannot construe. If the House fail to make return within ninety days the Court may interpret.

SECTION 9. The Principal Justice, or the President, may grant pardons or reprieves.

SECTION 10. The High Courts shall have thirteen members; but nine members, chosen by their senior justices from time to time, shall constitute a court. The justices on leave shall be subject to recall.

Other courts shall have nine members; but seven, chosen by their seniors, shall constitute a court.

All shall be in continuous session except for recesses approved by the Principal Justice.

SECTION 11. The Principal Justice, with the Council, may advise the Senate, when requested, concerning the appropriateness of measures approved by the House of Representatives; and may also advise the President, when requested, on matters he may refer for consultation.

SECTION 12. It shall be for other branches to accept and to enforce judicial decrees.

SECTION 13. The High Court of Appeals may select applications for further consideration by the Supreme Court, of decisions reached by other courts, including those of the Newstates. If it agree that there be a constitutional issue it may make preliminary judgment to be reviewed without hearing, and finally, by the Supreme Court.

SECTION 14. The Supreme Court may decide:

a. Whether, in litigation coming to it on appeal, constitutional provisions have been violated or standards have not been met.

b. On the application of constitutional provisions to suits involving the Newstates.

c. Whether international law, as recognized in treaties, United Nations agreements, or arranagements with other nations, has been ignored or violated.

d. Other causes involving the interpretation of constitutional provisions; except that in holding any branch to have exceeded its powers the decision shall be suspended until the Judicial Council shall have determined whether, in order to avoid confrontation, procedures for amendment of the Constitution are appropriate.

If amendatory proceedings are instituted, decision shall await the outcome.

SECTION 15. The Courts of the Newstates shall have initial jurisdiction in cases arising under their laws except those involving the Newstate itself or those reserved for national courts by a rule of the Principal Justice with the Judicial Council.


General Provisions

SECTION 1. Qualifications for participation in democratic procedures as a citizen, and eligibility for office, shall be subject to repeated study and redefinition; but any change in qualification or eligibility shall become effective only if not disapproved by the Congress.

For this purpose a permanent Citizenship and Qualifications Commission shall be constituted, four members to be appointed by the President, three by the Convener of the Senate, three by the Speaker of the House, and three by the Principal Justice. Vacancies shall be filled as they occur. The members shall choose a chairman; they shall have suitable assistants and accommodations; and they may have other occupations. Recommendations of the commission shall be presented to the President and shall be transmitted to the House of Representatives with comments. They shall have a preferred place on the calendar and, if approved, shall be in effect.

SECTION 2. Areas necessary for the uses of government may be acquired at its valuation and may be maintained as the public interest may require. Such areas shall have self-government in matters of local concern.

SECTION 3. The President may negotiate for the acquisition of areas outside the Newstates of America, and, if the Senate approve, may provide for their organization as Possessions or Territories.

SECTION 4. The President may make agreements with other organized peoples for a relation other than full membership in the Newstates of America. They may become citizens and may participate in the selection of officials. They may receive assistance for their development or from the National Sharing Fund if they conform to its requirements; and they may serve in civilian or military services, but only as volunteers. They shall be represented in the House of Representatives by members elected at large, their number proportional to their constituencies; but each shall have at least one; and each shall in the same way choose one permanent member of the Senate.

SECTION 5. The President, the Vice-Presidents, and members of the legislative houses shall in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of the peace by exempt from penalty for anything they may say while pursuing public duties; but the Judicial Council may make restraining rules.

SECTION 6. Except as otherwise provided by this Constitution, each legislative house shall establish its requirements for membership and may make rules for the conduct of members, including conflicts of interest, providing its own disciplines for their infraction.

SECTION 7. No Newstate shall interfere with officials of the Newstates of America in the performance of their duties, and all shall give full faith and credit to the Acts of other Newstates and of the Newstates of America.

SECTION 8. Public funds shall be expended only as authorized in this Constitution.


Governmental Arranagements

SECTION 1. Officers of the Newstates of America shall be those named in this Constitution, including those of the legislative houses and others authorized by law to be appointed; they shall be compensated, and none may have other paid occupation unless they be excepted by law; none shall occupy more than one position in government; and no gift or favor shall be accepted if in any way related to official duty.

No income from former employments or associations shall continue for their benefits; but their properties may be put in trust and managed without their intervention during continuance in office. Hardships under this rule may be considered by the Court of Rights and Duties, and exceptions may be made with due regard to the general intention.

SECTION 2. The President, the Vice-Presidents, and the Principal Justice shall have households appropriate to their duties. The President, the Vice-President, the Principal Justice, the Chairman of the Planning Board, the Regulator, the Watchkeeper, and the Overseer shall have salaries fixed by law and continued for life; but if they become members of the Senate, they shall have senatorial compensation and shall conform to senatorial requirements.

Justices of the High Courts shall have no term; and their salaries shall be two-thirds that of the Principal Justice; they, and members of the Judicial Council, unless they shall have become Senators, shall be permanent members of the Judiciary and shall be available for assignment by the Principal Justice.

Salaries for members of the Senate shall be the same as for Justices of the High Court of Appeals.

SECTION 3. Unless otherwise provided herein, officials designated by the head of a branch as sharers in policymaking may be appointed by him with the President’s concurrence and unless the Senate shall object.

SECTION 4. There shall be administrators:

a. for executive offices and official households, appointed by authority of the President;

b. for the national courts, appointed by the Principal Justice;

c. for the Legislative Branch, selected by a committee of members from each house (chosen by the Convener and the Speaker), three from the House of Representatives and four from the Senate.

Appropriations shall be made to them; but those for the Presidency shall not be reduced during his term unless with his consent; and those for the Judicial Branch shall not be reduced during five years succeeding their determination, unless with the consent of the Principal Justice.

SECTION 5. The fiscal year shall be the same as the calendar year, with new appropriations available at its beginning.

SECTION 6. There shall be an Officials’ Protective Service to guard the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Principal Justice, and other officials whose safety may be at hazard; and there shall be a Protector appointed by and responsible to a standing committee of the Senate. Protected officials shall be guided by procedures approved by the committee.

The service, at the request of the Political Overseer, may extend its protection to candidates for office; or to other officials, if the committee so decide.

SECTION 7. A suitable contingency fund shall be made available to the President for purposes defined by law.

SECTION 8. The Senate shall try officers of government other than legislators when such officers are impeached by a two-third vote of the House of Representatives for conduct prejudicial to the public interest. If Presidents or Vice-Presidents are to be tried, the Senate, as constituted, shall conduct the trial. Judgments shall not extend beyond removal from office and disqualification for holding further office; but the convicted official shall be liable to further prosecution.

SECTION 9. Members of legislative houses may be impeached by the Judicial Council; but for trials it shall be enlarged to seventeen by Justices of the High Courts appointed by the Principal Justice. If convicted, members shall be expelled and be ineligible for future public office; and they shall also be liable for trial as citizens.



  SECTION 1. It being the special duty of the Judicial Council to formulate and suggest amendments to this Constitution, it shall, from time to time, make proposals, through the Principal Justice, to the Senate. The Senate, if it approve, and if the President agree, shall instruct the Overseer to arrange at the next national election for submission of the amendment to the electorate. If not disapproved by a majority, it shall become part of this Constitution. If rejected, it may be restudied and a new proposal submitted.

It shall be the purpose of the amending procedure to correct deficiencies in the Constitution, to extend it when new responsibilities require, and to make government responsible to needs of the people, making use of advances in managerial competence and establishing security and stability; also to preclude changes in the Constitution resulting from interpretation.

SECTION 2. When this Constitution shall have been in effect for twenty-five years the Overseer shall ask, by referendum, whether a new Constitution shall be prepared. If a majority so decide, the Council, making use of such advice as may be available, and consulting those who have made complaint, shall prepare a new draft for submission at the next election. If not disapproved by a majority it shall be in effect. If disapproved it shall be redrafted and resubmitted with such changes as may be then appropriate to the circumstances, and it shall be submitted to the voters at the following election.

If not disapproved by a majority it shall be in effect. If disapproved it shall be restudied and resubmitted.



SECTION 1. The President is authorized to assume such powers, make such appointments, and use such funds as are necessary to make this Constitution effective as soon as possible after acceptance by a referendum he may initiate.

SECTION 2. Such members of the Senate as may be at once available shall convene and, if at least half, shall constitute sufficient membership while others are being added. They shall appoint an Overseer to arrange for electoral organization and elections for the offices of government; but the President and Vice-Presidents shall serve out their terms and then become members of the Senate. At that time the presidency shall be constituted as provided in this Constitution.

SECTION 3. Until each indicated change in the government shall have been completed the provisions of the existing Constitution and the organs of government shall be in effect.

SECTION 4. All operations of the national government shall cease as they are replaced by those authorized under this Constitution.

The President shall determine when replacement is complete.

The President shall cause to be constituted an appropriate commission to designate existing laws inconsistent with this Constitution, and they shall be void; also the commission shall assist the President and the legislative houses in the formulating of such laws as may be consistent with the Constitution and necessary to its implementation.

SECTION 5. For establishing Newstates boundaries a commission of thirteen, appointed by the President, shall make recommendations within one year. For this purpose the members may take advice and commission studies concerning resources, population, transportation, communication, economic and social arranagements, and such other conditions as may be significant. The President shall transmit the commission’s report to the Senate. After entertaining, if convenient, petitions for revision, the Senate shall report whether the recommendations are satisfactory but the President shall decide whether they shall be accepted or shall be returned for revision.

Existing states shall not be divided unless metropolitan areas extending over more than one state are to be included in one Newstate, or unless other compelling circumstances exist; and each Newstate shall possess harmonious regional characteristics.

The Commission shall continue while the Newstates make adjustments among themselves and shall have jurisdiction in disputes arising among them.

SECTION 6. Constitution of the Newstates shall be established as arranged by the Judicial Council and the Principal Justice.

These procedures shall be as follows: Constitutions shall be drafted by the highest courts of the Newstates. There shall then be a convention of one hundred delegates chosen in special elections in a procedure approved by the Overseer. If the Constitution be not rejected it shall be in effect and the government shall be constituted. If it be rejected, the Principal Justice, advised by the Judicial Council, shall promulgate a Constitution and initiate revisions to be submitted for approval at a time he shall appoint. If it again be rejected he shall promulgate another, taking account of objections, and it shall be in effect. A Constitution, once in effect, shall be valid for twenty-five years as herein provided.

SECTION 7. Until Governors and legislatures of the Newstates are seated, their governments shall continue, except that the President may appoint temporary Governors to act as executives until suceeded by those regularly elected. These Governors shall succeed to the executive functions of the states as they become one of the Newstates of America.

SECTION 8. The indicated appointments, elections, and other arrangements shall be made with all deliberate speed.

SECTIONN 9. The first Judicial Assembly for selecting a register of candidates for the Principal Justiceship of the Newstates of America shall be called by the incumbent Chief Justice immediately upon ratification.

SECTION 10. Newstates electing by referendum not to comply with recommendations of the Boundary Commission, as approved by the Senate, shall have deducted from taxes collected by the Newstates of America for transmission to them a percentage equal to the loss in efficiency from failure to comply.

Estimates shall be made by the Chancellor of Financial Affairs and approved by the President; but the deduction shall not be less than 7 percent.

SECTION 11. When this Constitution has been implemented the President may delete by proclamation appropriate parts of this article.

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Muslim Eddie Deen Preys on a Naive and Trusting Christian

Via Chris Logan:

Muslim Eddie Deen Preys on a Naive and Trusting Christian

by admin • January 25, 2018 • 0 Comments

If you do not know who Eddie Deen is, he is the head Muslim propagandist of the Deen Show. A Muslim that I have exposed here before on Logan’s Warning.

As with the last video of his that I refuted, Eddie is once again in full kitman mode (lying by omission), as he preys on an unsuspecting Christian named Christopher.

Muslim Eddie Deen Preys on a Naive and Trusting Christian | Logan’s Warning

Muslim Eddie Deen Preys on a Naive and Trusting Christian | Logan’s Warning

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You MUST See President Trump’s Border Wall VIDEO

by Kevin Jackson | Jan 5, 2018

You MUST See President Trump’s Border Wall [VIDEO]

Talk about punching all the buttons. Trump’s wall has it all.

This wall is a manufacturing marvel. Protection, beauty, and it’s even green. Because of some of the features, even Leftists will find it difficult to complain.

hqdefault.jpg First Look At Trump’s USA and Mexico Border Wall – Official
The engineering here is awesome * multi-awardshort film that make you cry “Hold your tears” President Donald Trump has set in mo…

The Left continues their attack on the wall. And as the Washington Examiner reported, Trump’s wall has been compared to that of East Berlin’s.

The CBS Evening News began the New Year last night with a new hit on President Trump, this one comparing his promise to build a border wall to keep illegals out to East Germany’s Berlin Wall put up to keep its citizens from escaping communism.

“Do walls really work? Mark Phillips went to Berlin to find out,” said anchor Jericka Duncan in our Mainstream Media Scream of the week.

Nice try, except, America has a legal immigration system that allows Mexicans (and anybody else) to come to the United States.

A travel writer wrote of the impact of the proposed wall, and check out what one Mexico native said:


Trump-border-wall-1200x630.jpg You MUST See President Trump’s Border Wall [VIDEO]
Wall is a manufacturing marvel. Protection, beauty, and it’s even green. Because of some of the features, even Leftists will find it difficult to complain.
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You Won’t BELIEVE What NBC Tweeted about Robots and Pedophiles

by Kevin Jackson | Jan 7, 2018

You Won’t BELIEVE What NBC Tweeted about Robots and Pedophiles

Leave it to Leftist media to attempt to mainstream the disgusting act of pedophilia.

The news giant tweeting the following:

“Would child sex robots stop pedophilia — or promote it?” And they offered a link to their article.

Would child sex robots stop pedophilia — or promote it? via @nbcnewsmach

— NBC News (@NBCNews) January 6, 2018

I got a screenshot in case they deleted the tweet.

As for the article, here’s an excerpt:


MSNBC-tweet-on-robots-and-pedophiles-1200x630.jpg You Won’t BELIEVE What NBC Tweeted about Robots and Pedophiles
MSNBC got a huge response on this tweet, but it wasn’t what they expected. And in almost bipartisan support, people thought MSNBC DISGUSTING!
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The Third Jihad – Radical Islam’s Vision for America – A Clarion Project Film

You need to realize, this video is 10 years old or more. We are so much worse off now….wake up Americans. Islam is out to destroy the last semi-free nation in the world.



th?id=OVP.8EJsYRuSSnxCA2NgzxGg_wEsCm&pid=Api The Third Jihad – Radical Islam’s Vision for America – A Clarion Project Film
( The Third Jihad is a film that exposes the threat that Islamic extremism poses to the American way of life. In 1988, the FBI …

( The Third Jihad is a film that exposes the threat that Islamic extremism poses to the American way of life. In 1988, the FBI discovered a secret Muslim Brotherhood document which laid out their plans to replace the Constitution with Islamic Sharia law. (Original document accepted as evidence in Holy Land terror financing trial:…) The document stated that “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…” One person who dared to speak out about the Islamist threat is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim-American who served as an officer in the U.S. navy and also as a physician to the US Congress. After the FBI released the radical Islamist manifesto describing how to destroy America from within, Dr. Jasser decided to investigate. The Third Jihad is about what he discovered. Clarion Project (formerly Clarion Fund) brings together Middle East experts, scholars, human rights activists and Muslims to promote tolerance and moderation and challenge extremism. Check out Clarion Project’s website to learn more: DVD’s can be purchased here:

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Verizon just awoke the fury of the internet

From: Kurt Walters, <>
Sent: Sunday, December 3, 2017 10:32 AM
Subject: Re: Verizon just awoke the fury of the internet

Thanks for recently taking action at to stop Trump’s FCC from killing the net neutrality rules that keep the internet free and open.

As campaign director at Demand Progress, I wanted to let you know about our next big effort to save net neutrality: a massive, nationwide day of protests at Verizon stores across the country on December 7.

Click here to find a protest at a Verizon store near you. Or, start your own!


Original Email:

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kgphoto-5072f5e65e8c0b06efba56f16da638a7dd0f564a96fb530be80340e7d00e20d7.jpg ActBlue — $1,848,545,510 raised online since 2004
4,229,015 Democratic donors have saved their payment information with us via an ActBlue Express account. The best part? Express users can use their account to give to …
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Watch the untold story of true American heroes

From: <> on behalf of Breitbart News
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2017 1:24 PM
Subject: Watch the untold story of true American heroes

I want to tell you about a new movie I’m starring in.
Only the Brave — in theaters October 20 — is the story of real men with real families who died battling one of the deadliest wildfires in American history, the Yarnell Hill Fire of 2013.

Breitbart Latest News

I want to tell you about a new movie I’m starring in.

Only the Brave — in theaters October 20 — is the story of real men with real families who died battling one of the deadliest wildfires in American history, the Yarnell Hill Fire of 2013.

It’s heroic. It’s inspiring. But most importantly, it’s true.

Now I’d like to give you a sneak-peek of our trailer below.

Only the Brave Trailer

I hope you’ll watch this trailer to learn more about the story of these 20 men who risked it all to keep our fellow Americans safe.

You can watch our exclusive trailer here:


Josh Brolin


Breitbart Latest news
149 S. Barrington Ave. #401 Los Angeles CA 90049 USA

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Subscribe and follow this woman: “THEY ARE COMING FOR THIS—America, We Are At A DIRE Turning Point, Resistance Is Key!”

Lisa Haven

th?id=OVF.YQ5CKEhmWbZXI0jb4ryexg&pid=Api THEY ARE COMING FOR THIS—America, We Are At A DIRE Turning Point, Resistance Is Key!
Get Protected With Virtual Shield VPN: (Use Code: LisaHaven for 20% Off—WHILE IT LASTS) Here’s my new Vlog channel (plea…

Published on Oct 10, 2017
Get Protected With Virtual Shield VPN: (Use Code: LisaHaven for 20% Off—WHILE IT LASTS) Here’s my new Vlog channel (please subscribe):… Here’s the link that goes with the video: DONATE To Lisa Haven Via Patreon- Subscribe to My Website at: Like Me on Facebook/Seen/Twitter/Google Plus:…… For More Information See:………………………

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O’Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors On Hidden Camera: “Targeting Trump’s Businesses, His Dumb F**k Of A Son”

by Tyler Durden
Oct 11, 2017

Update: The New York Times has just responded to the latest Project Veritas bombshell by dismissing the target of the undercover video, Nick Dudich, as a “recent hire” in a “junior position” who “misrepresented his role.” The NYT confirmed that it looked as though he had “violated our ethical standards” and said they’re “reviewing the situation.”

Here is the full statement from NYT spokeswoman, Danielle Rhoades Ha:

Based on what we’ve seen in the Project Veritas video, it appears that a recent hire in a junior position violated our ethical standards and misrepresented his role. In his role at The Times, he was responsible for posting already published video on other platforms and was never involved in the creation or editing of Times videos. We are reviewing the situation now.

All of which sounds like Dudich is about to find himself without a job…maybe it’s time to do another tour of duty with Antifa?

* * *

In the latest of a series of undercover operations targeting mainstream media bias, James O’Keefe has just dropped a new undercover video which takes direct aim at the New York Times’ Audience Strategy Editor, Nick Dudich, who admits repeatedly to promoting content that intentionally seeks to, among other things, damage President Trump’s businesses as a means towards forcing his resignation.

Here is a brief intro from Project Veritas:


O’Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors On Hidden Camera: “Targeting Trump’s Businesses, His Dumb F**k Of A Son”
“I’d target his businesses, his dumb fuck of a son, Donald Jr., and Eric…Target that. Get people to boycott going to his hotels. He cares about his business more than he cares about being President. He would resign. Or he’d lash out and do something incredibly illegal, which he would have to.”
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“Who was Stephen Paddock – the Alleged Las Vegas Shooter?” or How can a dead man shoot people in Las Vegas…Maybe the CIA and FBI should stop covert gun sales to terrorist groups.

Nikki Rhodeen Yesterday at 12:05am ·

“Who was Stephen Paddock – the Alleged Las Vegas Shooter?” (By Robert David Steele).

A retiree, a successful real estate investor, a grandfather, a hunter and fisherman, pilot, and a former federal employee even. He had no motive to slaughter dozens – and dozens of his own demographic at that. He had no expressions of radicalism, racism, or complaints ( not true as far as left wing agendas nad gun hater) of remotely applied MK-Ultra mind/behavioral control conditioning like many mass shooters that come out of the “electromagnetic psycho-pharmaceutical” gulag as Professor Darrel Hamamoto terms the mass subversive conditioning of the public and youth. He seemed to be quite normal, except for one minor point of note. Much of the press snuck in a reference to his employment at a Lockheed Martin acquired company. What was that company? Morton-Thiokol, Inc (Thiokol).

Why is Thiokol significant? They are a defense contractor, and notably, they were the defense contractor that produced the faulty O-Ring that investigators blamed for the Challenger explosion in 1986. Stephen Paddock was employed at Thiokol during this period – not quite Lockheed.

This was the era of the bottomless SDI “Starwars” budgets that produced no publicly displayed outcomes, and which whistleblowers claimed were being diverted. This was the era of Projects Stargate and Grillflame, projects for the testing and development of electromagnetic weapons that can track, read, and manipulate the bioelectric signals of humans. This was the era of the space shuttle rising to prominence in deploying massive amounts of still classified military satellites. This was an era in which the untainted folks at NASA shone brightly after Vietnam.

This was a recipe for discomfort among deep state tyrants and oligarchs, who despise great people and organizations due to their uncompromised state which gives them the ability to display integrity and speak out against injustice.

Just as heroes like Pat Tillman and Chris Kyle had to go, the heroes at NASA had to be scared, because they were putting the pieces together of the era, from Stargate to SDI, to the massive number of domestically geosychronous spy satellites, and starting to realize that a massive surveillance grid was going up to track and target the biological systems of all humans – a terrible Orwellian nightmare that goes unexposed to this day. A tracking and weapons system paid for by the US taxpayer, that is now so ubiquitous that it can target our bioelectric signals (just as sophisticated as those that manage industrial control systems, or the hundreds of millions of mobile devices) gives the illusion that we live in a simulation and enables the unthinkable. But it is very real and has it’s remote and omnipresent roots in the massive “Igloo White” program in Vietnam.

The British intelligence allies of the US deep state chose to murder many of their SDI researchers who were grumbling and outraged, in the string of 20+ Marconi murders of the 1980s, to silence the living by using one form of the psychology of control. In the U.S., the Challenger was blown up to put the fear of God about talking into the hearts and minds of the living employees.

Thiokol, then Mr. Paddock’s employer, took the blame. One can only imagine the rumors going around about unusual procedures, or common procedures that were ignored, that led to the creation of the part that caused the Challenger tragedy when the shuttle program was already mature. While many methods are used, and cruel examples are made, to ensure the silence of those workers in the know – to preserve the rule by secrecy – they are still monitored routinely to make sure they are not speaking. Sometimes they or their families are arbitrarily attacked to brutally traumatize the others every now and then. The hyped journal of the deceased 1990s runaway that was publicized in the bestseller “Into the Wild,” was written by the son of an SDI satellite scientist…This was the period in which Stephen Paddock was employed at Thiokol, and his continued surveillance was certain. See the horror film “House” for a thematic representation of this.

Paddock left the company a few years later and built a successful, upper-middle-class life. The mainstream media decry this multi-millionaire Nevada retiree as a “degenerate gambler” because like many successful people in the area he would get $10,000 in chips to wager because he could afford it and that’s what keeps the beloved casino hosts happy that give out all the perks and special treats to good customers. He’s even blamed for the “sins of the father” due to the fact that his deceased father robbed a bank some decades ago and ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list after escaping from prison. So what happened in Vegas? Informed speculation and historical precedent make it pretty clear.

On September 28, 2017, Mr. Paddock – by himself – checked into a suite at the Mandalay Bay, likely at the invitation of a casino host with the temptation of having the suite “comped” – thus saving him the two-hour drive every day to Vegas. He then proceeds to gamble, as older Nevada retirees are liable to do. Things are going normally except for the fact that three days later, on Sunday October 1st, the crowds are a little larger than usual. There’s a country music concert scheduled nearby, and a Judge back in July 2017 scheduled that date to be the day the notorious O.J. Simpson would be released on parole in Nevada, so there were some national media crews staying in the area. Unbeknownst to Mr. Paddock, the Deep state had checked in as well. A crew of “reporters” that needed to store their big boxes of camera gear in their 32nd-floor room had checked in that afternoon. These black-operatives were preceded and succeeded by other corrupt deep state parties, for prior and subsequent surveillance (remote and physical), and to prepare for all contingencies.

On the evening of Sunday, October 1st, Mr. Paddock likely retired to his 32nd-floor room, by himself certainly, to freshen up for dinner and a second round of gaming. Unfortunately, he was met at the end of the hall, away from hotel elevator cameras, by two “reporters” leaving their neighboring room at a synchronized cue. Mr. Paddock was then forced by these corrupted deep state black operatives into his room, and bound and held for assassination closer to the shooting time. The deep state thugs then proceeded to move the weapons, formerly disguised in camera equipment trunks, into Stephen Paddock’s room while lookouts gave them the clear. The weapons included some owned by Mr. Paddock that were easily taken from his home that was 2 hours away from the Mandalay Bay, that he had vacated for 3 days. It was an easy thing to time with this man who had already been under intermittent deep state surveillance since his Thiokol days – a simple task to find the manpower for when you have 5 million with security clearances in the U.S. (and I repeat, most are good and admirable people just following orders without knowing the bigger picture. However, when you have such a large number with nearly bottomless budgets and virtually no oversight, a small percentage can be corrupted by secretive cliques that results in a cabal of 100,000s).

Once the concert gets going and the main act, headliner Jason Aldean, gets into his set, the windows are smashed out of Stephen Paddock’s room by these deep state assassins and a slaughter with many practical goals ensues. Many lookouts using sophisticated surveillance tools, ensure they can slip out. The corpse of Mr. Paddock is even manipulated to get gunpowder on the hands and resemble a suicide before they vacate and the local police enter.

We are left with a terrible massacre. The shooting had very practical aims, namely to demonize the rural Republican demographic in Nevada, just in time for the very public Bundy Ranch trial set to begin in mid-October 2017, in which a group of ranchers protesting the termination of their ancestral land rights after the Obama regime decided to forcibly remove and confiscate their cattle drew their guns, but never fired a shot. Public opinion, western newspapers, the Oregon judges, the new outlook under Trump, and the Nevada juries were all favoring the defendants. But then the terrible Mandalay Bay shootings happened. An individual that matches the rural Republican demographics of all the defendants was blamed as the shooter, while the victims, as country music followers, match the demographics of their most ardent supporters. Not only is the rancher’s supporter base now splintered, the jury pool is tainted as the court of public opinion has turned against the defendant’s. The trail can now go ahead to set a precedent for the absolute federal use of western lands. And this is happening in Nevada specifically, the location of the most secretive bases the deep state has – massive complexes that have tested and developed some of the most advanced military science the Cold War brought us (most of which still remains classified to this day), as the ruling cabal keeps an even wider buffer zone for the further expansion and concealment of its military-industrial complex infrastructure.

The massacre also reeks of masonic symbolism. The chosen location in front of the all-seeing pyramid symbol of the Luxor. The chosen 32nd floor, a number that represents the highest rank in many branches of Freemasonry (the secret society/agency that transmogrophied into the various deep state agencies, primarily after the JFK murder – a masonic King Kill ritual at the height of their numerical peak in the U.S.); the number given to the highway which runs in front of the NSA; the number given to the military court-martial code; the number given to the exit for the new George Bush tollroad in Texas; are among countless other incredible examples that could be provided.

The scene ultimately plays into the psychology of control and communicates, with hidden meaning and plausible deniability, to all officials, journalists, editors, and law enforcement members that have become wise to the signs of this deep state tyranny – because they have been corrupted by it or tortured into fear – that this is a sanctioned assassination and should not be investigated very thoroughly, or second-guessed. Furthermore, it strikes fear, and creates irrational obedience to this cabal, in the minds of the general public. What these poor people don’t realize is that by not uniting and legally speaking out against psychopaths, that they are just ensuring their increased weakness in the future – irrationally assuming that people who would do such deeds would be honorable with, or show gratitude to, those that remained silent. In fact, the deep state’s modus operandi shows that their helpers are purged once they can no longer help.

This tyranny can be peacefully and legally exposed, and the perpetrators can be brought to justice, but it will require strength in numbers through unity. We have the democratic majority on our side – the vast overwhelming majority at that – along with the force of law through the constitution; God; and truth. Similar atrocities have been overcome in the past: from women’s suffrage to civil rights; from asbestos to MK-Ultra (with the hearings of Senator Frank Church). We are up against military science that is the fruition of Eisenhower’s warning, and dirty little tricks and deception tactics that have been practiced for decades, but all this can be overcome by unity and simply being given a platform to prove the science. Congress is there to launch these types of investigations, and we must steadfastly push for this and not get caught up in the talking points of the week put forth by the gummy-bear corporate media to serve as a smoke-screen, and means of fracturing the people.” Cameron Freeman

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More red flags…

More red flags……/National_Infrastructure_Adviso…

Image may contain: text

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Las Vegas Shooting: 4chan Exposes Those Set to Make Huge Profits from Attacks – Criminal masterminds exposed behind the scenes of attacks

Las Vegas Shooting: 4chan Exposes Those Set to Make Huge Profits from Attacks — Follow The Money

By: Daniel Newton |@NeonNettle on 3rd October 2017

4chan poster revealed an elusive missing motive behind the las vegas attacks

Following the horrific Las Vegas shooting, which an anonymous 4chan poster warned three weeks prior to to the event, a more sinister agenda outlining the secret agenda which drove the actions was also revealed by the same poster.

The anonymous 4Chan poster revealed an elusive ‘missing motive’ behind the Las Vegas attacks, which most of the official mainstream press have been unable or simply refused to provide. But how plausible is this theory?
4chan poster revealed an elusive missing motive behind the las vegas attacks

Names of individuals and companies who had conspired behind the scenes have come to light with some obvious suspects. George Soros, who warned about ‘conspiracy theories’ just one day before the attack took place…was he expecting a backlash? Are we looking at one of the most obvious false flags in US history?

Photo published for Soros hatred is a global sickness

billionaire casino owner sheldon adelson is heavily tied into politics

Billionaire Casino owner Sheldon Adelson is heavily tied into politics

According to Our mysterious poster specifically mentioned two corporations set to make bank in the political aftermath of Vegas. First up is OSI Systems, Inc. A company who develops and markets security and inspection systems such as X-ray machines, metal detectors, and other expensive A company who develops and markets security and inspection systems such as X-ray machines, metal detectors, and other expensive security-related devices.

As of this morning, the company’s stock price is now at an all-time high for the year.

Potentially even more interestingly, after a recent low on the day of the 4chan posting in question 9/11, the stock has been on a steady climb upwards ever since.

The other named entity, the Chertoff Group cannot be tracked in the same manner as they are a privately held company. The company describe themselves as “a premier global advisory firm focused on security and risk management. Whose professionals include former Cabinet-level officials, senior intelligence and national security officers, private-equity CEOs, and experienced investment bankers from the most distinguished Wall Street firms.

For those organizations that require tactical security support, we work hand-in-hand with clients to conduct comprehensive security assessments, establish effective risk management frameworks, and build more resilient organizations capable of navigating today’s threat environment.”

Michael Chertoff, The Chertoff Group though leads us to its founder and one of only two specific names alluded to in the original post. Michael Chertoff the Harvard educated son of a Rabbi who served as head of Homeland Security under George W. Bush, and also happens to be the co-author of the Patriot Act. The bill responsible for the removal of more Constitutionally protected rights then any other in modern times. Beyond founding the Chertoff group, he also co-chairs the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Immigration Task Force.

As mentioned in the prior article Michael has already been formally accused of abusing his homeland security position to make money selling full body scanners. That is only the start of his past shady dealings however. As he has been involved in the stifling of investigations related to both 9/11 and Al-Qaeda. He also may potentially have the Clinton’s in his debt.

As despite his close friendly ties to many prominent Democrats at the time, was appointed as special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. A Committee which had been tasked with looking into allegations against President Clinton and his wife. Allegations that quickly went nowhere once Chertoff got involved.

The other name mentioned is almost just as shady in his own right though. Billionaire Casino owner Sheldon Adelson is heavily tied into politics. Long-serving as one of the key GOP mega-donors who helps the party win elections. In fact he wrote the President’s inaugural committee a 5 million dollar check at the start of the year, the largest ever donation to an incoming President. He is said to be frustrated currently that Trump isn’t taking a more extreme pro-Israeli stance in his policies, however.

With calls from all sides for increased security measures nationwide, it’s not that unlikely we could be facing the Patriot Act 2.0 sometime in the near future if the fear mongers get their way. Who could possibly be happier about that then the author of the original version, who of course just happens to own one of the companies set to profit most from such legislation.

Nothing is a better motivator then money and power, and certainly both are to be had here in the aftermath of the horrific attack in Vegas. While all of the above could be a coincidence, at the very minimum these two certainly will likely both mange to profit in the months to come.

Along with their friend Mr. Soros, who has actually previously made a killing investing in OSI Systems stocks in times of national crisis.

Read more at:
© Neon Nettle

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New post Former Clinton Aide Kept Three Muslim Women As Sex Slaves

Former Clinton Aide Kept Three Muslim Women As Sex Slaves

by Nwo Report


Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Former Clinton aide Imran Awan has been accused of sexually and physically abusing three women who he reportedly held as sex slaves.

According to police reports obtained under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act, the indicted former IT aide for the Democratic party abused three Muslim women, and used his position at the White House to silence them into not reporting him to authorities. reports: Officers found one of the women bloodied and she told them she “just wanted to leave,” while the second said she felt like a “slave,” according to Fairfax County Police reports obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group. A third woman claimed she was being kept “in captivity.”

The third woman is Awan’s stepmother, Samina Gilani, who said in court documents that Awan invoked his authority as a congressional employee to intimidate immigrant women, in part by telling them he had the power to have people kidnapped.

All but two of the nearly two dozen Democratic women Awan worked for in the House declined to comment on the police reports.

Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, refused to fire Awan for months after his Feb. 2, 2017 banishment from the House computer network due to his being a suspect in a criminal investigation by the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police into a major cybersecurity breach.

Wasserman Schultz said that “as a mother, a Jew, and a member of Congress,” she wanted to defend his rights, a sentiment echoed by Rep. Marcia Fudge, an Ohio Democrat. Rep. Gregory Meeks, a New York Democrat. Wasserman Schultz also claimed allegations against Awan might stem from Islamophobia. All three women are Muslim.

Awan’s attorney, Chris Gowen, a former aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, has blasted journalists covering the investigation. The press “should be reminded that Imran Awan is a husband and a father, not a political pawn,” Gowen said.

Awan’s attorneys declined to comment to TheDCNF on the police reports.

Neither of the other two women who complained are married to Awan, though both were apparently in relationships with him. Awan’s wife, Hina Alvi, worked as an IT aide for dozens of members of Congress, including Wasserman Schultz. The two women who called the police both lived in the same Alexandria, Va., complex but in different apartments for which Imran paid.

A crying Salam Chaudry called police in December 2015 to the Manitoba Apartment complex for a “domestic dispute,” according to a Fairfax County police report.

The investigating officer wrote that “Imran Awan was not supposed to live there and [Chaudry] wanted him to leave … It appeared that the two people were in a romantic relationship. Ms. Salam had a [redacted] that she said happened when she was doing dishes. Ms. Salam said she just wanted to leave and go to a shelter as she has no money. Ms. Salam has two children that were both at the residence both under the age of 8.”

The officer wrote that he “asked Ms. Salam why she was crying and calling police. Ms. Salam insisted nothing happened but that she wanted to leave. I went and spoke to Mr. Awan who quickly advised that he wanted to speak with a lawyer.”

“I asked him about the small amount of dried blood that appeared to be on his left hand,” the officer wrote. “He stated that it was from when his ‘roommate’ was getting the phone from him … After he left, I stayed and spoke with Ms. Salam about getting a protective order.”

Samara Siddique told authorities in a July 18, 2016 police report that “her boyfriend treat her bad and keep her there like a slave … [she] wants him out of her life. Ms. Siddique wanted info on how to obtain a restraining order against him.” The July 18 incident was the third time in less than a year police had responded to altercations between Siddique and Awan, once finding “small cut[s] on stomach and arm.”

The stepmother, Gilani, said on page 22 of this court document that after she had called the police, “Imran Awan showed up and threatened me for calling the police. Mr. Shahid Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police [he] will do harm to me and my family members back in Pakistan and one of my cousins here in Baltimore.”

She continued: “Imran Awan did admit to me that my phone is tapped and there are devices installed in my house to listen my all conversations … Imran Awan introduces himself as someone from US Congress or someone from federal agencies … Imran Awan manages to have police mobile based on his position in US congress or Federal Agencies to escort him during his visit to Pakistan.”

Separately, Gilani told TheDCNF that Imran “captivated me in house for a long time.” She accused him of storing ill-gotten money in his father’s name, and said that as she mourned the father’s death, Imran was focused on getting her to sign papers giving him rights to that money.


  • 10/16/2015 Sumaira Siddique calls police to Manitoba Drive; they observe “cut on stomach and arm”
  • 11/16/2015 Telephone threats (Imran Awan/Sumaira Siddique)
  • 12/07/2015 Arrest warrant served on unknown person at Lachine Lane apartment
  • 12/27/2015 Salam Chaudry calls police to Manitoba Drive; they find dried blood on her
  • 7/18/2016 Sumaira Siddique calls police to Lachine Lane and tells them Imran “treat her bad and keep her there like a slave”
  • 11/18/2016 Imran stops paying rent on Sumaira’s apartment, leaving her to be evicted
  • 1/05/2017 Samina Gilani calls the police on her stepchildren
  • 2/2/2017 They are banned from the Congressional network after Capitol Police discover a secret server
  • 8/22/2017 Wasserman Schultz expresses concern for Imran’s feelings, saying he is being “persecuted” and invoking his children

Gilani claimed Siddique is Awan’s second wife by Pakistani law, but that he had taken her copy of the marriage license away from her in order to render her helpless. Polygamy is illegal in the U.S.

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New post Young Girl Faces Criminal Charges For ‘Luring’ Pedophile To Rape Her

See…I have been warning you that the world is now seeing child sex/pedophilia as NORMAL! What a sick and disgusting world we are letting what God gave us to become. Remember how he treated Sodom and Gamoragh …. well how much worse is destroying a childs life going to make His wrath???

Date: September 22, 2017 at 8:01 AM
Subject: [New post] Young Girl Faces Criminal Charges For ‘Luring’ Pedophile To Rape Her

Young Girl Faces Criminal Charges

For ‘Luring’ Pedophile To Rape Her

by Nwo Report


A 12-year-old girl who exchanged messages with a pedophile is facing criminal charges for ‘luring’ him to rape her.

A girl who was pressured into sending a topless photo of herself to the online pedophile, has been told by British police that she could face charges.

The child says she felt pressured into sending the images to the child rapist because she was “too scared” to say no, as he aggressively bombarded her with threats if she failed to send him a naked photo.

When her mother found out, she immediately raised the alarm with police and child protective agencies. But while the pedophile remains a free man, the girl faces a police investigation and possible prosecution.

The girl’s furious mother now says she regrets contacting the authorities:

“She’s the victim. She was coerced into sending it. There’s a pedophile out there yet they’re talking about criminalizing a little girl.

“She’s scared, upset, worrying about what is going to happen and I’m questioning if I did the right thing in reporting it.

“My child is a victim of grooming but now she might be branded a criminal.

“If this is happening it could put other parents off reporting abuse. How many people actually knew this was the law?” reports: The mum spoke after reporting the incident to police and the Child ­Exploitation and Online Protection unit, part of the National Crime Agency.

She said an officer from CEOP said her daughter could be charged.

And a spokesman for the NCA confirmed creating or sharing explicit images of a child is illegal even if the person doing so is a child.

The mum had given her daughter the iPad to keep in touch with friends after the family moved from northern England to the South.

When she later checked her daughter’s Instagram account she found a suspected groomer – using just a heart emoji and Chelsea football badge as ID – had sent obscene messages and requests for pictures.

The mum said: “There was a person who sent her a love heart emoji, then within about three messages he was asking her to send a picture.

“At first she said ‘no’ but it just escalated, constant messages saying ‘please, please, please’, begging her to do it.”

In the end the youngster sent a photo of herself in her T-shirt – but the messages continued, pleading for more photos. Foolishly, the girl ended up sending a topless image.

Her mum added: “The only relief was she hadn’t included her face on the photo. Then the messages started getting even more graphic, asking for more pictures in different positions.

“It was scary and it was disgusting. Thankfully she ended the conversation and didn’t send anything else.

“I checked this man’s profile and it looked fake. We don’t know who he is.”

After finding the messages the mum went online and reported the incident to CEOP. They advised her to call police, which she did.

The girl was interviewed, the iPad was taken for examination and the matter was passed to child protection officers.

But the mum was left furious after receiving a follow-up call from the CEOP, saying the girl could get a record. The mum went on: “I couldn’t believe it. How can the victim end up with a criminal record? She’s a young, innocent girl who has made a big, big mistake.

“But calling her a criminal? How is that in the public interest?”

A spokesman for the National Crime Agency said: “The NCA always puts victim care and safeguarding of children and young persons first and foremost.

“In this instance we understand the child sent an image of herself to another person. If a young person is found creating or sharing images, the police must record a crime, in line with Home Office Counting Rules, and investigate.

“They have discretion not to take formal action if it isn’t in the public interest to do so.

“Police are encouraged to take a common sense approach that does not criminalise children unnecessarily.”

The mum and daughter are currently on tenterhooks while the police investigation into her continues.

NSPCC figures for England and Wales show more than 3,000 sex crimes were committed against children targeted online in 2015-16. Billy Howarth, from Parents Against Grooming, said: “This is a ridiculous law. It’s going to put people off coming forward to report paedophiles. They should be supporting this child and her mum.

“The girl has been through an horrendous ordeal and now she has this worry hanging over her.

“The focus should be on catching the paedophile, not scaring a 12-year-old kid. I hope common sense prevails.


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Can’t be done eh? Israel’s Southern Border Fence 100 Percent Effective in Preventing Illegals from Infiltra ting

by Deborah Danan20 Sep 2017

TEL AVIV – Israel’s southern barrier proves 100 percent effective in preventing infiltration with a new report issued Sunday by the country’s Population and Immigration Authority showing that not a single person managed to get in the country illegally in the past 12 months.


israel-egypt-border-fence.jpg Israel’s Southern Border Fence 100 Percent Effective in Preventing Infiltration
Israel’s southern barrier proves 100 percent effective in preventing infiltration with a new report showing not a single person managed to…
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She is delusional! Fw: Rochester’s Pioneering Role

This senile woman has to be removed from office! Xerox JUST announce firing 1000 people! During her reign, Monroe County lost thousands of jobs from Kodak, Baucsh and Lomb, Xerox and a dozen lesser manufacturers…Then she gerrymandered into an already depressed Buffalo area and destroyed what was left there….

This witch in her late 80″s early 90’s needs to be put out to pasture!!!!


Last week, I hosted a meeting at Google’s Washington, D.C. headquarters featuring Rochester’s two federally-sponsored manufacturing institutes—AIM Photonics and the REMADE Institute—and dozens of executives and industry leaders from companies like Amazon, General Electric, Microsoft, and others to talk about our community’s growing global role in advanced manufacturing.Some of the companies that attended are already members, and I hope they will expand our partnership. Some of them are considering joining these institutes. Others were learning about Manufacturing USA for the first time. I was very encouraged by the meeting and it is a good sign for the future of these institutes.

Rochester is helping pioneer our manufacturing world. We’re utilizing photonics – the science and application of light – to revolutionize nearly every aspect of our lives on everything from smartphones and laptops to needleless medical technologies that can monitor blood sugar levels with tiny cameras smaller than pills. If that weren’t exciting enough, the RIT-led REMADE Institute is tackling our nation’s most important opportunities to dramatically reduce materials and emissions associated with manufacturing. Together, these institutes are leveraging $750 million worth of investments and partnerships with hundreds of universities, national laboratories, and companies.

For years, I fought to create these institutes and bring them to Rochester because I understood that Monroe County could lead the world in photonics and efficient manufacturing while building the most advanced workforce anywhere. That’s exactly what we’re doing. With our two national institutes, we are positioned to be a center of innovation long into the future. This is progress I’m proud to have helped make happen.

At my meeting last week, I made it clear to the executives that Rochester is not just a good place to do business, it is the place to do business.

Louise M. Slaughter

P.S. – Watch me welcome industry leaders and talk about Rochester’s pioneering photonics role here:


3120 Federal Bldg. 100 State St. | Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: (585) 232-4850 | Fax: (585) 232-1954


2469 Rayburn HOB | Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3615 | Fax: (202) 225-7822

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Are you a DACA recipient?



Last week, President Trump moved to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). I’ve received dozens of calls and emails on this issue, and I want you to know that I stand with you and that I’m working hard toward a legislative solution in Congress to make this critical program permanent. This administration’s decision affects tens of thousands of New Yorkers who, thanks to DACA, previously received legal protection.While I will continue fighting to resolve this situation in Congress, I believe it is crucial for New Yorkers to understand how they might be affected. Below are several resources I’ve compiled to help explain these changes.

I know this might be a challenging and worrisome time for DACA recipients right here in Monroe County and across the country. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my Rochester and Washington D.C. offices with any questions or concerns you may have.

Louise M. Slaughter


I Have DACA: How Does the President’s Decision Affect Me?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has rescinded the memorandum which established the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” policy, otherwise known as “DACA” in 2012. This rescission changes the rules on acceptance and processing of DACA-related applications. Since this policy is not formally coded as immigration law, it can be terminated or amended by the Executive Branch of the United States Government, headed by the President. President Trump and Acting Secretary Duke have created a “wind-down” mechanism to end the program, putting many DACA recipients in limbo. This guide aims to answer basic questions about the near-future of DACA as outlined by the Trump Administration.

Common Questions

It’s my first time applying. Can I still apply for DACA?

No, applications for initial consideration are no longer being considered. The last date to submit an application was September 5, 2017.
My current status is expiring soon. Can I submit an application to renew my DACA status?

If your status expires between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018, you may submit a renewal application. Your application must be accepted no later than October 5, 2017. If you have submitted your application prior to this date, it will be processed accordingly. Applications accepted after October 5, 2017 will be rejected. If your renewal period does not fall in this time frame, you cannot renew your status.
My current status and work authorization expires after March 5, 2018. Am I still eligible to renew?

No. The Department has stated that it will reject such renewals.
I currently have a valid DACA status. Does this change to the policy mean that I automatically lose DACA?

No. If you have been previously given a status, this rescission does not impact your remaining validity.
I would like to travel outside of the United States as a DACA recipient. Can I apply for a travel document?

No. The Department is not accepting requests for advance parole. Current travel documents that are valid may be used for travel, but the Department has made it clear that Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will decide on the document holder’s admissibility. Before any travel outside of the United States, speak to an attorney.
I have a travel document application pending (Form I-131). When should I receive my travel document?

Documents for DACA-related cases will no longer be furnished. Advanced Parolee applications under DACA will be closed, and funds paid will be refunded.
I still have questions about the policy, its implications and how they relate to me and my family. Can you help me?

Legal questions specific to your case are best handled by a trusted attorney. Remember, a public notary is not an attorney. My offices are unable to give legal advice, but can provide guidance, explain the updated immigration policy and serve as a resource if you have questions. My Rochester office is here to help serve your needs:

3120 Federal Bldg. 100 State St.
Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: (585) 232-4850
Fax: (585) 232-1954

Is there a publically available copy of the memorandum’s rescission? Where can I find it?

Yes, you can access a copy of the document online on DHS website. This document can be viewed using the following link:

You can also find a copy of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ announcement online at:


3120 Federal Bldg. 100 State St. | Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: (585) 232-4850 | Fax: (585) 232-1954


2469 Rayburn HOB | Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3615 | Fax: (202) 225-7822

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photo.jpg You Were There
Published on Sep 3, 2017…

th?id=OVP.fVPCaLfeJsePQ9-ajq8UMAHgFo&pid=Api You Were There – 9/11 Tribute – 2017
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9/11: 15th Anniversary Tribute (2001-2016)

This is a 9/11: 15th Anniversary tribute that I made. It’s been 15 years since 9/11 happened. 2 hijacked planes crashed the World trade Center. 2,606 people who were in the World Trade Center and on the ground perished in the attacks on and the subsequent collapse of the towers. Jerry Duarte was there in New York City in 9/10/2001 when he was a baby. On 9/10/2001, I was 4 years old. But I didn’t go to the World Trade Center. After 9/11, movie companies and TV broadcasts removed the World Trade Center. Edited films like Spider-Man, Zoolander, Men in Black II, People I Know, igby Goes Down or Serendipity edited out the towers in the final film because they felt like keeping the towers would upset the victims’ families and friends. Delayed films like Collateral Damage, View from the Top, Time Machine or Bad Company, because it’s similarity to the attacks. Or Unedited films like City by the Sea, Vanilla Sky, Death to Smoochy, Glitter, Corky Romano, Gangs of New York, Empire or Changing Lanes kept the towers in as a tribute. Song: DJ Sammy – Heaven (9/11 I Miss You Daddy version)

th?id=OVP.Hm_kpD4IcKX31CAcQ3e1UQEsCo&pid=Api 9/11: 15th Anniversary Tribute (2001-2016) (1080p HD)
This is a 9/11: 15th Anniversary tribute that I made. It’s been 15 years since 9/11 happened. 2 hijacked planes crashed the World trade Center. 2,606 people …
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9-11 Tribute songs – View full playlist (80 videos)

hqdefault.jpg When the World Stopped Turning: A 9/11 tribute – YouTube
A Tribute of slides and footage to the lives lost September 11 2001. Music: Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) by Alan Jackson. Sorry for the …

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.
Thomas Jefferson”

Thoma Jefferson

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We Have Forgoten! September 11, 2017 – Fake News Claims There Have Been No Attacks On The US – THEY LIE!

I am disgusted with the fake news media saying there have been no attack on the American people since September 11, 2017. While there have been none the size of the 9/11 declaration of war on America, there have been thousands of lesser attacks every single year for the last 16 years.

For those who disrespect and disregard the victims of this Was on America

Published on Sep 11, 2016

The day of 9/11 changed the world in a single day. A world we think we know. It’s defining image is the collapse of the twin towers & the tragic death of innocent people inside. The construction of the World Trade Center was an incredible breakthrough in skyscraper design. The latest in-building technologies allowed designers to go bigger and higher than anything the world had ever seen. Nothing else like this, had ever been built before since. And I think the beauty, the architecture beauty of the WTC is remarkable and it’s not easy to underestimate. The twin towers of the world trade center, completed in 1973, were for a time the tallest buildings in the world. They dominated the Manhattan skyline rising 110 stories high. The buildings were home to some of the world’s leading financial institutions. Each tower was 110 stories high.. Today the WTC, has become an icon for success, ambition & Manhattan itself. We’ve become so familiar with it. And remarkably after all this time, it continues to inspire us all. For more than a quarter of a century, the W.Trade Center Towers stood like sentinels at the gates of the free world. But then came the 11th of September 2001 and in little more than 10 seconds, each of the WTC Towers was gone… Years before 9/11, after the ‘93 bombing on the Towers, there had been clues that the attack on the WTC was a disaster waiting to happen. Despite improvements and security, after the 93 bombing, many people were convinced that the world trade center remained a target. The whole complex posed an unusual security risk, because of its symbolism, its size, its recognisability, the best know building in New York, the center or World Capitalism just steps away from the stock market. The day that many people had predicted, arrived on September 11th 2001. It was 8:46 am when the first plane hit the North Tower (1) of the World Trade Center. In less than 2 hours from this moment, both towers of the WTC will be in ruins, and thousand of lives changed forever. From this moment onwards, no one was safe from attack by suicide bombers. Thousand innocent people were killed on both buildings, thousands were injured. It still not known how many people perished in this nightmare of collapsing steel and dust. Today, 15 years after 9/11 events, it might be wrong talking about anniversary, but we still and will forever remember what happened on that horrifying September morning in 2001 & we shall #neverforger all those lost on this day. The best lesson we are given, is never to lose our hope, strength and courage in life. 15 Septembers later, a view of the Manhattan skyline, on the site where the twin towers were stood, a new WTC has been constructed. The structural void created by the 911 attacks, has been filled. Now as the new site is being completed, there is only one question that defines years of effort. How can we prevent this from ever happening again.?

th?id=OVP.Clym4ONjjzOUbPZZcEylRQEsCo&pid=Api ▻maya hart : I miss you daddy (9/11 TRIBUTE)
I Was born 3 weeks after this tragic event happened here in america. I heard about what happened on this day 15 years ago in 3rd or 4th grade. It was so up…

th?id=OVP.9qkCBVyHEi8hRXJofKKFBwIIFF&pid=Api Enya – Only Time (9/11 Tribute)
This is a tribute to the victims of 9/11 and all the brave men and women who put everything on the line to help save them.

at 2:13 you SEE some of the plane fuselage with the windows…

I made this video in 2008 hopes of spreading continued awareness and remembrance of the terrible events that took place on 9/11/01. I hope that today, and this day every year from now on, you will not let September 11 pass without notice. I hope you will pray for the souls that were lost, and take just a minute or two out of your day to remember: remember the victims, their families, the first responders – and always pray for our troops, wherever they are. Thank you for your kind words, thank you for those still fighting, and God Bless! And a special thank you to the Burlington County Superior Court of New Jersey, who personally requested to show my video at their 10-year anniversary memorial – and for the package they sent me in return. I’m honored! Song: “Angel” by Sarah Maclachlan Personal note on commenting: You are welcome to message me on youtube as well as comment on this video. I love hearing from people, and I am so thankful for the following this video has accrued: you are the heart and soul of our country. However, I must reiterate what I have previously stated in comments: Please do not use this page to start political or religious debates, harass/bully other viewers, and otherwise post comments that violate not only my own but youtube’s guidelines for proper conduct – such as foul language and racial slurs. – I have already blocked and reported many users for the latter, many of which were directed at me personally. *I will routinely re-post this in the comments as well, to ensure it is seen. Katie P

th?id=OVP.fgyKUf_8Km4RhYoNlN216AHgFo&pid=Api 9/11 tribute movie (Only Time by Enya and Amazing Grace by Judy Collins)
A video tribute I made to show the events of 9/11 and to rember those who defended our freedom that day. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act …

We should never forget those who were forced into making a decision none of them deserved to make. They were everyday normal people who were going to work, making a living for themselves and their families. They didn’t deserve their fate, nor our (America’s) immediate denial of how “Their Final Journey” truly ended. My intention is to tell a story to America and the world that these people are to be honored, remembered, & ask everyone to force themselves into their shoes in order to understand what it was truly like to make a decision about how your life would end…

th?id=OVP.0rXzXBDaUwF1sfktK2aSFQEsCo&pid=Api Their Final Journey (9/11 Jumpers)
We should never forget those who were forced into making a decision none of them deserved to make. They were everyday normal people who were going to work, making a …

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 Family, friends, & loved ones got ready for work It was no different from any other day And on that day, in less than a couple of hours Many of them would have to make an “unimaginable decision” When two passenger jets crashed into the Twin Towers If they could have used the elevators or stairs, they would have If they cold have waited for help, they would have If they could have escaped the buildings, they would have Whether they fell inadvertently while trying to escape The suffocating smoke, intense heat, and flames Or whether they willfully stepped out Their fates were sealed when the planes destroyed the elevators & stairways While the fires burned all around them They thought about their children They thought about their spouses They thought about their parents & friends And at those moments, there were no suicides, only murders… The duration of their final journey was approximately 10 seconds Many fell alone, and quiet… Many fell together in groups And some, even fell together holding hands comforting one another… It is not difficult to imagine what decision any of us would have made Although, none of us can truly know What our actual decision would have been… One thing I do know for sure The decision that any one of us would have made Would likely have been no different from those souls To me, these individuals are by far, some of the bravest people I can think of… For being forced to act on one of the only two options they had before them If there is a God, I am confident that He will welcome them all in with open arms When I read comments, and view videos that blames this tragic event On an “Inside Job”, It saddens me… It is an insult to the memory of the innocent lives that were taken from us By the evil of this world, plain and simple… As for the perpetrators who perished when the planes crashed In my opinion, they were no more than components to a “sophisticated bomb” I have nothing to say for them… The events of 9/11 changed me as well as many others It reminds us about the importance of family & friends… Caring for them, helping them, loving them… Because you will never know when it will be Your last time to ever do so… And in closing, I leave with you this one question: “WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?” Music by: Moby “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?”


September 11 Television Archive : Free Movies : Download …
You can find a more complete version of this collection (3000 hours of television from 20 channels over 7 days) at Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive. This …

Thomas Jefferson once said: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . .
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation,
the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their
children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks
and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809)

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.
Thomas Jefferson”

Thoma Jefferson

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Absolutely NO!!! Fw: A bipartisan win

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

Thomas Jefferson”


From: Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter <>
Sent: Friday, September 8, 2017 4:50 PM
Subject: A bipartisan win


Dear Ima, Today, the House came together in a bipartisan compromise on some of the most urgent matters facing our nation. We extended the debt ceiling to pay our nation’s bills, passed a continuing resolution to fund the government, and secured the first funding installment for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. This is a testament to what Congress can accomplish when everyone—Democratic and Republican—works together for the good of the American people. Now, we must roll up our sleeves and get to work on the other pressing issues like passing the DREAM Act* and reauthorizing the FAA*, the Children’s Health Insurance Program*, and the Perkins Loan Program*. Today’s bipartisanship is something this country can use a lot more of and I am proud to have helped contribute to this win. Watch my full floor speech here:  Sincerely, Louise M. Slaughter


3120 Federal Bldg.

100 State St. | Rochester, NY 14614 Phone: (585) 232-4850 | Fax: (585) 232-1954 WASHINGTON, DC OFFICE 2469 Rayburn HOB | Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-3615 | Fax: (202) 225-7822


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Are We In The End Times?


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Bubonic plague found in Arizona ticks, fleas

flea.jpg Bubonic plague found in Arizona ticks, fleas
Experts warn that the virus can be transmitted to humans by flea bites
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Charlottesville Video and Stills From Video: Watch the car getting its drivers window smashed out

Watch the car getting its drivers window smashed out, prompting him to go into survival mode… NEWS SILENT

CAR BEING HIT BY BAT **BEFORE** SPEEDING UP INTO CROWD. Would the car have plowed into the crowd had someone not smashed the car with a bat? Probably not.



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MARCH 10, 1967 JULY 28, 2017

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

God looked around his garden
And found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth,
And saw your tired face.

He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God’s garden must be beautiful,
He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering,
He knew that you were in pain.
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again.

He saw the road was getting rough
And the hills were hard to climb.
So He closed your weary eyelids
And whispered “Peace be thine.”

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone…
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.

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I support this! 35 States already are on board! It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention. This will give you something to think about.

 28th Amendment, 35 States and Counting.

It will take you less than a minute to read this. If you agree, please pass it on. It’s an idea whose time has come to deal with this self-serving situation:

Children of Congress members do not have to pay back their college student loans.

Staffers of Congress family members are also exempt from having to payback student loans.

Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term.

Members of Congress have exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed, under which ordinary citizens must live.

For example, they are exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment.

And as the latest example, they have exempted themselves from Healthcare Reform, in all of its aspects.

We must not tolerate an elite class of such people, elected as public servants and then putting themselves above the law.


It doesn’t make any difference if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever The self-serving must stop.


Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon their states. 

It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.




Each person that receives this will forward it on to 10 people, in three days most people in The United States of America will have the message.


posed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the Citizens of the United States …”




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Young John Wayne

In 1930, a 23 year old John Wayne was cast as the lead in one of the last silent westerns called THE BIG TRAIL, directed by Raoul Walsh. Two years prior to this film he was working in the prop dept at 20th Century when John Ford met him. It was Ford who recommended John Wayne to Raoul Walsh. It took ten more years for John Wayne working in 100s of B westerns out of Republic Pictures before John Ford cast him as the lead in Stagecoach in 1939. He became the mega star and an American Icon.

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Philippe Petit – The Young Man Who Gave The Twin Tower Life And Love In 1974



A September 11, 2001 Tribute to the Twin Towers
(The true story that inspired Robert Zemeckis from “The Walk”)

On the morning of August 7th, 1974, a little more than a year after the WTC opened, Philippe Petit, a quarter of a mile in the sky, begin a tight rope walk across the 130-foot gap separating the North & South World Trade Center Towers. The walk, made during the deepest part of the early 1970’s recession, marked a turning point for both the Twin Towers and New York City. This short documentary clip shows original news footage of the event and interviews the people who were there that day.

th?id=OVP.HFBp8-6ASOU4c1IIGZ-wlgEsCp&pid=Api Philippe Petit and a tribute to The Twin Towers
A September 11, 2001 Tribute to the Twin Towers (The true story that inspired Robert Zemeckis from “The Walk”) On the morning of August 7th, 1974, a little m…

maxresdefault.jpg The Walk √”FULL”MOVIE”([Online]”English)|”Download …
The Walk Behind The Scenes Featurette “Tell Your Story” – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Zemeckis – Duration: 1:17. Flicks And The City Clips 10,960 views

th?id=OVP.z7xP-uReHw3FAva_DPeASgEsCo&pid=Api Young Philippe Petit footage – Man on Wire / The Purple Bottle – Animal Collective
An ode to the beautiful manic energy of the incomparable Philippe Petit. Thanks to everyone who deserves credit – thank you for the footage, friends of Philippe Petit …
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This is actually what America would look like without gerrymandering

In his State of the Union speech, President Obama called on lawmakers and the public to take a number of steps “to change the system to reflect our better selves” for “a better politics.”
The top item on that list was to end partisan gerrymandering: “we have to end the practice of drawing our congressional districts so that politicians can pick their voters, and not the other way around,” Obama said.

What a joke, Mobamahad has made so many changes to the voting districts it’s insane now!


gerrymandering_compact.jpg&w=250&op=resize&opt=1&filter=antialias This is actually what America would look like without …
In his State of the Union speech, President Obama called on lawmakers and the public to take a number of steps “to change the system to reflect our better …

Impartial Automatic Redistricting – 2010 Redistricting Results
Impartial Automatic Redistricting The best results so far based on 2010 Census data. Watch the TED Talk! Given 2016 June 9, at TEDx Cambridge. Below are district maps …
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University Of Texas Stabber Reenacted White Genocide – 14-minute, poorly produced video at his home that shows Kendrex White and his classmates reenacting the murder of white people by Haitian political figure Dutty Boukman

Published on May 2, 2017
Monday, Kendrex White was taken into custody after he went berserk with a machete on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. He killed one and left three injured. In 2012, before White was a student at UT Austin, he made a 14-minute, poorly produced video at his home that shows Kendrex White and his classmates reenacting the murder of white people by Haitian political figure Dutty Boukman. The video is chilling and over the top with excessively violent moments. The video, entitled “Haitian Revolution”, is a chilling precursor to the type of violence that White would act on later. The Haitian revolution involved the specific targeting and killing of white women and children.

GotNews reports: Though Austin police have not commented about White’s motivations, early campus rumors are that White targeted members of fraternities who were wearing their Greek letters. Fraternities at the university have been subject to recent vandalism by hysterics who accuse them of furthering white supremacy and enabling rape. A manifesto from the vandals was printed on the website of terrorist front It’s Going Down. — We must never forget the faces of those who were taken from us too early and without reason. Via The Daily Texan: School officials from the North Texas town Graham confirmed the death of UT student Harrison Brown in the on-campus stabbing in a Facebook post Monday evening.

Graham Independent School District: The news of Harrison Brown’s (GHS Class of 2016) passing is heartbreaking There are no words adequate enough to express the sorrow felt by Graham ISD and the community of Graham for this loss. Harrison was an inspiration to everyone around him. We were Blessed and honored to have known him. For Kurt and Lori Brown, John and Allie Brown and family, we pray the outpouring of sympathy, the kind acts of friends and strangers and the comfort in knowing that your loss is felt by many, will help you through this difficult time. Counselors and youth ministers will be at the high school tomorrow and available for our students. — Video of the victim, Harrison Brown: Meet Harrison Brown. He was slain on the campus of the University of Texas. Let’s put a face/voice to the name. RIP…

GotNews: Black @UTAustin Slasher Is White Genocide Reenactor…
The Daily Texan: Victim and suspect in on-campus stabbing identified…

aTOWERMUGSTOCKcorrectcrop.png Victim and suspect in on-campus stabbing identified – The Daily Texan
School officials from the North Texas town Graham confirmed the death of UT student Harrison Brown in the on-campus stabbing in a Facebook post Monday evening.

Gateway Pundit: University of Texas Stabber Reenacted White Genocide

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Muslim men can rape non-Muslim women to teach them a lesson, claims woman Islamic professor


Muslim men can rape non-Muslim women to teach them a lesson, claims woman Islamic professor
Washington, Jan 19:

A female Islamic professor sparked c ontroversy and a debate when she claimed that Allah (God) makes permissible for Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women in order to ‘humiliate’ them.

Saleh further said that enslaving and raping Israeli women is ‘acceptable’ and ‘encouraged’ in Islam. She also condemned Muslim men who are using East Asian women for sexual relationships. She said that only legitimately-owned slaves come from prisoners of war. After Saleh’s interview went viral on social media, Muslim community denounced the claims made by the professor and said that she is propagating a wrong image of Islam.

See video and read more:

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Why the Aleutian Islands of Alaska should be reclaimed from Russia in Obama illegal land give-away!


Chain of islands in the Northern Pacific

The Aleutian Islands (possibly from Chukchi aliat, “island”) are a chain of 14 large volcanic islands and 55 smaller ones belonging to both the United States and Russia.

They form part of the Aleutian Arc in the Northern Pacific Ocean, occupying an area of 6,821 sq mi (17,666 km2) and extending about 1,200 mi (1,900 km) westward from the Alaska Peninsula toward the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, and mark a dividing line between the Bering Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Crossing longitude 180°, at which point east and west longitude end, the archipelago contains both the westernmost part of the United States by longitude (Amatignak Island) and the easternmost by longitude (Semisopochnoi Island). The westernmost U.S. 

Starting in 1775, Kiska, the Aleutian Islands, and mainland Alaska became fur trading outposts for the Russian-American Company managed by Grigory Shelekhov.In 1867, U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward negotiated the purchase of Alaska with the Russian Empire. Kiska was included in the purchase.

Kiska Island

Kiska (Aleut: Qisxa) is an island in the Rat Islands group of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. It is about 22 miles (35 km) long and varies in width from 1.5 to 6 miles (2.4 to 9.7 km)... 

Native name: Qisxa

51°57′51″N 177°27′36″ECoordinates:

51°57′51″N 177°27′36″E
Archipelago Rat Islands group of the Aleutian Islands
Area 107.22 sq mi (277.7 km2)
Length 22 mi (35 km)
Width 1.5 mi (2.4 km) – 6 mi (10 km)
Highest elevation 4,004 ft (1,220.4 m)
Highest point Kiska Volcano
United States
State Alaska
Census Area Aleutians West Census Area
Population 0 (2010)

Map of the western Aleutian Islands. Kiska is shown as Island #7; Attu Island is shown as Island #1.


World War II (1939–1945)

The Allied invasion of Kiska, August 15, 1943

The Japanese No. 3 Special Landing Party and 500 marines went ashore at Kiska on June 6, 1942 as a separate campaign concurrent with the Japanese plan for the Battle of Midway. The Japanese captured the sole inhabitants of the island: a small U.S. Navy Weather Detachment consisting of ten men, including a lieutenant, along with their dog. (One member of the detachment escaped for 50 days. Starving, thin, and extremely cold, he eventually surrendered to the Japanese.) The next day the Japanese captured Attu Island.

The military importance of this frozen, difficult-to-supply island was questionable, but the psychological impact upon the Americans of losing U.S. territory was tangible. During the winter of 1942–43, the Japanese reinforced and fortified the islands—not necessarily to prepare for an island-hopping operation across the Aleutians, but to prevent a U.S. operation across the Kuril Islands. The U.S. Navy began operations to deny Kiska supply which would lead to the Battle of the Komandorski Islands. During October 1942, American forces undertook seven bombing missions over Kiska, though two were aborted due to inclement weather. Following the winter, Attu was liberated and Kiska was bombed once more for over two months, before a larger American force was allocated to defeat the expected Japanese garrison of 5,200 men.

On August 15, 1943, an invasion force consisting of 34,426 Allied troops, including elements of the 7th Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Regiment, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 5,300 Canadians (mainly the 13th Canadian Infantry Brigade from the 6th Infantry Division, with supporting units including two artillery units from the 7th Infantry Division), 95 ships (including three battleships and a heavy cruiser), and 168 aircraft landed on Kiska, only to find the island completely abandoned. The Japanese, aware of the loss of Attu and the impending arrival of the larger Allied force, had successfully removed their troops on July 28 under the cover of severe fog, without the Allies noticing. Allied casualties during this invasion nevertheless numbered close to 200, all either from friendly fire, booby traps set out by the Japanese to inflict damage on the invading allied forces, or weather-related disease. As a result of the brief engagement between U.S. and Canadian forces, there were 28 American dead as well as four Canadian dead,[7] with an additional 130 casualties from trench foot alone. The destroyer USS Abner Read hit a mine, resulting in 87 casualties.

That night, however, the Imperial Japanese Navy warships, thinking they were engaged by Americans, shelled and attempted to torpedo the island of Little Kiska and the Japanese soldiers waiting to embark.[8] Admiral Ernest King reported to the secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, that the only things that remained on the island were dogs and fresh brewed coffee. Knox asked for an explanation and King responded, “The Japanese are very clever. Their dogs can brew coffee.”[9]


In the summer of 1943, American and Canadian forces launched an amphibious assault on the north Pacific island of Kiska, in order to seize the last enemy strongholds on U.S. Soil from Japanese forces who managed to capture various U.S. Islands (Kiska and Attu Island) in June 1942. The operation received codename Cottage and would take place on August 15, 1943.

The island of Kiska was subjected to a heavy pre-invasion bombardment. The Eleventh Air Force dropped a total of 424 tons of bombs on Kiska during July. During the same month, an armada of US warships lobbed 330 tons of shells onto the island. This continued into August and was only to be interrupted by bad weather. For the invasion of the island itself, a force of 34,426 soldiers was foreseen, of which 5,300 Canadian soldiers.

Battle of Kiska

On 15th of August, the U.S. Forces (7th Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Regiment, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment and 1st Special Service Force) landed on Kiska. The Canadian 13th Infantry Mountain Brigade came ashore the next day. For 2 long days, the invasion force slugged its way inland through thick fog and against the constant din of machine-gun and artillery fire. Rumors spread of casualties, firefights, and elusive Japanese snipers circulated with abandon. However little did they know, the Allies had attacked an uninhabited island.

Earlier Admiral Thomas Kinkaid had remarked that it would be a “super dress rehearsal, good for training purposes.” His words will never be edged in stone, after “intense days of fighting” where the American and Canadian forces mistook each other for the enemy, they had lost 32 men (28 Americans and 4 Canadians were killed) with around 121 sick and wounded. The U.S. Navy sustained 71 men KIA or MIA and 47 wounded after the USS Abner Read (DD-526) hit a mine. By the time the search of the island had ended and was declared secure, the Allied casualties totaled 313 men. There were those who had been killed by the so-called friendly fire of their confused and scared comrades; others by mines and the timed bombs left by the Japanese; accidental ammunition detonations; vehicle accidents; unexploded bombs in the tundra; and insidious booby trap explosions.

To make the embarrassment complete, the entire enemy garrison of 5,183 Japanese men that occupied Kiska, had slipped away unseen, they were evacuated on 28 July – almost three weeks before the Allied landing!

Map of the western Aleutian Islands. Kiska is shown as Island #7; Attu Island is shown as Island #1.
Did you know about the Battle of Kiska? The battle was a total embarrassment for American and Canadian forces, suffering 313 casualties ver
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Project Veritas: Ask Trump to Unleash Project Veritas


Project Veritas

For the last four years, Project Veritas has been the leading investigative organization on voter fraud in the United States.

My name is James O’Keefe, and I’m the founder of Project Veritas.

  • We have been offered the ballots of over a hundred American voters including the ballot of Eric Holder, Tom Brady and even the rapper Eminem.
  • Our brand of journalism has caught several well-funded and organized groups conspiring to commit voter fraud in multiple states.
  • And most importantly, we have inspired changes to Voter ID laws in a dozen states.
Sign the letter

That’s significant given that we have no investigative authority.

Imagine what we could do if were given the ability to investigate voter fraud without the fear of being arrested!

Right now, please sign this letter to President Trump asking him to “unleash” Project Veritas and grant me and my team investigative authority to fully pursue voter fraud in the United States.
Just this past year, Attorney General Loretta Lynch distributed a memo to states to essentially “be on the lookout” for Project Veritas and that our attempts to expose voter fraud should be prosecuted as obstructing the vote.

And that’s not the first time that has happened.

After releasing our first investigation into voter fraud in New Hampshire four years ago, I was threatened with arrest if I returned to the Granite State . . . even though I committed no crime!

Every year, me and my investigators are faced with some legal threat if we dare report on what is really going on in voter registration offices and polling booths around the nation.

The restrictions placed on our investigations keep us on a “legal leash” that serves no other purpose than protect voter fraud.

If President Trump wants to get to the bottom of voter fraud, then he needs to take off our leash and let us do our job!

Please sign the letter now.

After you sign, I also ask that you help us reach a million other Americans who will sign on to this letter.

To reach them, we’ll have to advertise and my media team tells me that each letter signer will cost about $.26.

For a gift of $26, we can get another hundred people on board! For $52, we can reach 200 Americans.

Your gift will make a significant impact, and given our experience on voter fraud, we have reason to believe Trump will allow us to move forward with no obstacles.

And even better, we’ll investigate voter fraud without the need of a large government budget!

It’s a deal for everyone . . . except for those who benefit from voter fraud.

Please sign the letter now and don’t forget to provide your support for this campaign.

Thank you for all that you do.

In Truth,

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas

P.S. We’re not asking the President for law enforcement powers. All we want is to be allowed to do our work without the fear of the FBI kicking in our front door. Sign the letter to President Trump today and ask that he give Project Veritas the power to investigate voter fraud.

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New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (One last Christmas surprise from President Obama.)

Thanks Annette!


New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (VIDEO)

Posted by Daisy Luther
Date: March 30, 2017

A new law quietly passed last December contains a waiver of informed consent that eliminates the requirement of pharmaceutical companies to let you know if a medication or vaccine given to you or your child is experimental.

Wow. One last Christmas surprise from President Obama.

Clinical testing of investigational medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk to the subjects and includes safeguards.This is according to Section 3024, “Informed Consent Waiver for Clinical Investigations” of H.R. 32, the “21st Century Cures Act.” Here’s the wording of the text:

“Clinical testing” is not clearly defined. Furthermore, who the heck gets to decide what “minimal risk” is? The pharmaceutical companies? The FDA? Medical professionals? How incredibly patronizing.

I don’t know about you, but before taking medication or allowing my children to, I want to know all of the details. What are the risks? What are the potential side effects? What is the worst thing that could happen if we don’t take it?

I want to be fully informed and make my own decision, and anything less than that is a type of condescension that makes my blood boil. My children and I are not Big Pharma’s lab rats.

I hadn’t heard a thing about this until my friend Melissa from Truthstream Media send me the horrifying video below and I knew that I had to let you folks know right away. Sign up here to stay up to date with the latest news and information that relates to your freedom and well-being.

This video is a must-watch and explains it in far more detail.

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Obama DID Want Your Guns – No Matter How May Times He Said Otherwise

Of course they want to take ALL the weapons, not just guns…look at EVERY instance in the past…Mao, Hitler,Mussolini, Stalin, Chavez, Castro brothers and Guevara,The British (Brutish) fiefdom…The list goes on and on…WAKE UP WE THE PEOPLE! Are you really ready to surrender YOUR freedom to these politico rulers???

Obama contributed to Time Magazine hailing the left leaning kids on the cover as arbiters of equality and Justice.


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SCOTUS Alert: Prayer Banned

The ACLU banned prayer. We’re fighting back at the Supreme Court . . .

Take Action | Contribute
f Share this on Facebook

Prayer is under attack in America like never before.

Right now the ACLU is winning. A federal appeals court has banned prayer at the opening of town council meetings. But today we’re taking action at the Supreme Court.

Sign the Petition Now
For years, county commissioners have opened meetings in prayer, inviting members of the community to join them.

But because the commissioners said Christian prayers, angry atheists and the ACLU filed a lawsuit to ban the prayers.

As someone who has argued these types of cases a dozen times before the Supreme Court, I can tell you: Prayer doesn’t violate the Constitution. In fact, the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld legislative prayer.

But the radical ACLU won’t give up, and neither will we.

We’ve helped successfully defend legislative prayer at the Supreme Court before and we’re hours from doing so again. But we need you to join our critical brief before our Supreme Court deadline.

Sign on to Our NEW SCOTUS Brief: Defeat ACLU. Defend Prayer.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

Contribute Now
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Connect to ACLJ on:
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Connect to Jay Sekulow on:
Facebook Twitter Periscope
The ACLJ is an organization dedicated to the defense of constitutional liberties secured by law.
American Center for Law and Justice is a d/b/a for Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism, Inc., a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, religious corporation as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, specifically dedicated to the ideal that religious freedom and freedom of speech are inalienable, God-given rights. The Center’s purpose is to engage legal, legislative and cultural issues by implementing an effective strategy of advocacy, education and litigation to ensure that those rights are protected under the law. The organization has participated in numerous cases before the Supreme Court, Federal Court of Appeals, Federal District Courts, and various state courts regarding freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Your gift is very much appreciated and fully deductible as a charitable contribution. A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained by writing to us at P.O. Box 90555, Washington, DC 20090-0555.
As always, let us know of threats to freedom in your area by calling (757) 226-2489. And tune in to our daily radio program, “Jay Sekulow Live.”



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What are the odds Las Vegas shooting was a false flag? UPDATED

By Kevin Barrett on October 2, 2017

I’d say at least 50-50 – here’s why

by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

What are the odds Las Vegas shooting was a false flag …
What are the odds that such a stunningly lethal shooting was done by just one guy – a proverbial “lone gunman” who ends up conveniently dead?

What are the odds? That is the question we keep asking ourselves after each suspected false flag.

What are the odds that every “radical Islamic terrorist” is going to drop a passport or ID card? (See Michel Chossudovsky’s article Barcelona, Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks.) What are the odds that the same Mossad-linked photographer will just happen to show up to film and publicize two terror attacks in less than a week? What are the odds that…? I could go on and on, and often do, but you get the idea.

The Las Vegas shooting, like so many “ISIS-related events,” also seems, at first glance, to defy the odds.

Two muzzle blasts? Picture provided by ex-military whistleblower Scott Bennett, author of The Shell Game; unfortunately the video from which the screenshot is taken, which shows the two muzzle blasts, has been taken down by youtube

What are the odds that such a stunningly lethal shooting was done by just one guy – a proverbial “lone gunman” who ends up conveniently dead? When an event is “way too lethal” for the designated patsy to have done it, it’s probably a false flag. Examples include: The OKC bomb was far too big and lethal to have been a fertilizer bomb in a truck; the big bangs that blew the Trade Center towers to smithereens were too big and lethal to have been done by office fires; the Orlando shooting was too lethal to have been done by Omar Mateen, according to ex-CIA expert Robert David Steele; and so on.

Robert David Steele just emailed me: “I want to weigh in very strongly in support of the Las Vegas shooting being a false flag event. As with Orlando the numbers do not add up.”

What are the odds that a guy with no political ax to grind, no obvious psychological issues, no history of even so much as parking tickets, and no real interest in firearms and no serious firearms training (at least according to family members) is going to be willing and able to pull off something like this?

What are the odds that all of the witnesses who described multiple shooters are wrong?

What are the odds that DHS was in Nevada not long ago as part of a plan that ran from last November right up until very recently, mimicking events like the one that just happened, by pure coincidence?

The year-long 2017 DHS-managed Las Vegas terror drills explored the problem of “too many victims overwhelming the system.”

What are the odds that the crackling gunfire heard in the video below, and other recordings, is coming from one guy shooting a semi-automatic (not full automatic) weapon? And who turned the stage lights back on so the shooter(s) could see their targets?!

What are the odds that the police would take 72 minutes from the first 911 call to locate the shooter?

Screenshot from NBC News

So what ARE the odds?

I hate to jump to conclusions. But given what we know about Operations Gladio and Gladio B, the above-noted issues do suggest the likelihood of this being another false flag event.

Operation Gladio was a Pentagon-sponsored NATO program that used false flag terrorism to promote a “strategy of tension.” As convicted Gladio false flag terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra explained:

Terrorized populations allow governments to trample on their rights. Terrorized populations are easy to stampede off to war. Terrorized populations become like little children, credulously listening to their leaders, who become substitute parent figures.

The free-floating anxiety generated by an event like the Las Vegas shooting can be turned against North Korea, Iran, Russia, or China. It can be used to push gun control. It can be used to keep the whole post-9/11 Orwellian dystopia going and growing. It can and will be used to bludgeon citizens into continuing to surrender their rights.

Since the likely suspects behind these events are pushing war and unfreedom, we should respond by summoning up all of our outrage in service to peace and freedom. Every time something like this happens, we should be clamoring for an end to the 9/11 wars and the post-9/11 police state….and for a real investigation of 9/11 and all of the false flag outrages that have followed.


Robert David Steele just sent me a screen shot of messages exchanged on the evening of September 10th, predicting a mass shooting false flag in Las Vegas the next day, i.e. the 9/11 anniversary. Here is his message followed by the screenshot. -KB

from my best dark side watcher. I am prepared to speak to Las Vegas false flag and the intersection of treason, Mossad and its sayonim such as Sheldon Adelson and pedophilia blackmail with Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein, two-party dominance by AIPAC, and more. The lesson they took from 9/11 is that they can still get away with anything, the public really is stupid and the media really is in their pocket. We need #UNRIG and the truth more than ever or this kind of thing will keep happening until states begin to leave the union or the get our guns. Chertoff is appears to be very dirty.

———- Forwarded message ———-

I’m gonna passout. Parting file. I haven’t confirmed but it caught my eye. Check the dates on it. Read chatter. Something called ”High incident project” former dhs head chertoff mentioned in final post. I’ll dredge it up fully later.


10/4/17 This just in from an excellent source, MCM, who emailed me a comprehensive list of questions about the Las Vegas shooting attributed to “the Original Mind.” If you read this, Mr. or Ms. Original Mind, please let me know if you’d like to do a radio interview. – KB

This was posted on Godlike Productions by a blogger who calls himself “the Original Mind.” -MCM

Maybe there are easy and obvious answers to these questions. If you have any information that helps answer them, please post.

If you have other unanswered questions and if you have pertinent sources, please let me know and I’ll update the OP.

– The Original Mind

See thr Questions here andI believe you can add questions too.

What are the odds Las Vegas shooting was a false flag …
What are the odds that such a stunningly lethal shooting was done by just one guy – a proverbial “lone gunman” who ends up conveniently dead?
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Islamists Footage of Stephen Paddock and Girlfriend at an Anti-Trump Protest?

“Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago”: Islamic State claims responsibility for attack

October 2, 201710:26 amRobert Spencer

“The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition. The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago.”

“Las Vegas Shootout Live: 50 Killed, ISIS Claims Responsibility,” The Quint, October 2, 2017 (thanks to Yaakov):

An active shooter fired at an outdoor concert crowd in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Casino area. At least 50 people died and 400 were injured in the shooting, that was later claimed by ISIS. The roads leading to the Vegas strip were shut by the police. The gunman was shot down at the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. The Nevada sheriff identified Stephen Paddock as the suspected gunman in Las Vegas shootout.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed at least 50 people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas early on Monday, and said the attacker had converted to Islam a few months ago.

“The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,” the group’s news agency Amaq said in reference to the US-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.

“The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago,” Amaq added….

Las Vegas: US officials discount ISIS’s claim of responsibility, say shooter had psychological problems
The Islamic State called for lone wolf attack on Las Vegas Strip in May video

th?id=OVF.1lyeoSbvNPWOb4nM%2bVetrQ&pid=Api BREAKING: ANTIFA Literature Found In Shooter’s Vegas Hotel Room Says Hostage Rescue Team
Alex Jones breaks the news as he receives it live on air: the hostage rescue team responsible for ending the shooting spree found ANTIFA literature in the sh…

maxresdefault.jpg Footage of Stephen Paddock at an Anti-Trump Protest?
This is the evidence composed by IWI on this subject. This video is for the purpose of review by the FBI. In addition to the above footage, we present the fo…

This is the evidence composed by IWI on this subject. This video is for the purpose of review by the FBI. In addition to the above footage, we present the following additional evidence: A. This picture is of the man seen in the above video standing by what appears to be Marilou Danley, a person previously identified as a person of interest in the shooting but later cleared.. Notice the distinctive sunglasses: B. The same woman rolls her pantlegs up the same exact way in other pictures, so we have distinctive glasses, same appearance, same dress style: C. A protester calls the man in the pink shirt "Steve" D. The pink shirt in the video says Nasa, Lockheed Martin confirmed the shooter worked for them between 85-88. Lockheed martin does a lot with Nasa:… E. An associate of Marilou Danley’s daughter told Marilou’s daughter to have her mother delete her Facebook page at the first notice of the mass shooting: E.2 When confronted about why she was trying to cover up the facebook profile, which as a picture of Marilou vacationing in the Middle East, the tweet was deleted and I was blocked from following her: It is believed the man seen in this video is the las vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, attending an anti-trump protest in Reno Nevada in August 23rd 2017 (Approximately). You may upload this video to anywhere you want, use it in any media, etc, you do not need my permission I’m not doing this for personal recognition, I’m doing this to figure out why 500 people were shot for no reason.

th?id=OVF.6GByGSd%2bWcGxVNpDPSt33Q&pid=Api Marilou Danley Facebook page before it was deleted
Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, I knew you’d delete any evidence of the terrorist attack in Las Vegas, that’s why I recorded a video flythrough of the terrorist’s roo…
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Sep 10, 2017 A tribute for the 16th anniversary of 9/11/2001

Toast Video Productions
Published on Sep 10, 2017
A tribute for the 16th anniversary of 9/11/2001. Amazing Grace by… Taps by…

th?id=OVF.qlfl9bNzwerSmP0zFyAFVA&pid=Api 9/11 Tribute.
A tribute for the 16th anniversary of 9/11/2001.
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Crosses and Bibles Being Forcibly Taken Off Christian Churches. This is how the Christian Persicutions began in Africa and now Europe!

The GOSPEL STATION Network · 0:06 We are urging all concerned people to come to boswell chapel tomorrow… Friday during lunch 11 to 2 pm I’ll be here. Take your picture with the cross, post it…. share your thoughts and prayers.
Boswell Chapel ECU
1100 E 14th St
Ada Ok 74820
Grab something at the Drive through… them come here to eat lunch Friday June 30th 11 – 2pm… STAND FOR THE CROSS

avatars-000328618157-4e9s5b-t500x500.jpg Stand For The Cross
CLICK HERE to sign the OFFICIAL Stand For The Cross Petition!!!! Please read the following article, published by the Ada Evening News, August 4th 2017.
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CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: Rise and Fight For the Country You Love

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: Rise and Fight For the Country You Love




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New Zeal Blog: SNOPES TAKEN HOSTAGE: Left-wing “fact-checker” reveals it has lost control of its website

SNOPES TAKEN HOSTAGE: Left-wing “fact-checker” reveals it has lost control of its website

Posted: 25 Jul 2017 12:44 PM PDT

Doug Ross @ Journal

At one point in the distant past of the Interwebs, was taken seriously as a leading de-bunker of urban myths.

As the years went by, its founders — a once-married couple named David and Barbara Mikkelson — decided to drift into political commentary. As their site grew, they hired an openly partisan, left-wing blogger named Kim Lacapria.

Lacapria had earlier declared herself “openly left-leaning” and very liberal. She has tarred conservatives as “teahadists” who “fear female agency”.

After joining Snopes, Lacapria quickly found herself and the site embroiled in controversy as her various posts read like Democrat op-eds and not any sort of fact-checking.

The Mikkelsons themselves are an interesting pair. They divorced in 2014, but appear to be engaged in a vicious battle over their assets. One court document accuses David of “raiding the corporate business Bardav bank account for his personal use… [which] he expended upon himself and the prostitutes he hired.”

Well, as you might expect from an organization this well-run…

…Snopes “is now in danger of closing its doors” and has been forced to hold a fundraising campaign (link intentionally omitted).

In the letter David Mikkelson wrote describing the reason for the campaign, he admits that the company has lost control of its own website and says it’s being held “hostage” by a vendor it outsourced various services to.

That’s a big deal. In fact, Mikkelson implies that the vendor could create, alter and delete any site contents it wants to. Thus far, he claims that hasn’t happened., which began as a small one-person effort in 1994 and has since become one of the Internet’s oldest and most popular fact-checking sites, is in danger of closing its doors. So, for the first time in our history, we are turning to you, our readership, for help.

Since our inception, we have always been a self-sustaining site that provides a free service to the online world: we’ve had no sponsors, no outside investors or funding, and no source of revenue other than that provided by online advertising. Unfortunately, we have been cut off from our historic source of advertising income.

We had previously contracted with an outside vendor to provide certain services for That contractual relationship ended earlier this year, but the vendor will not acknowledge the change in contractual status and continues to essentially hold the web site hostage. Although we maintain editorial control (for now), the vendor will not relinquish the site’s hosting to our control, so we cannot modify the site, develop it, or — most crucially — place advertising on it. The vendor continues to insert their own ads and has been withholding the advertising revenue from us.

Our legal team is fighting hard for us, but, having been cut off from all revenue, we are facing the prospect of having no financial means to continue operating the site and paying our staff (not to mention covering our legal fees) in the meanwhile.

As misinformation has increasingly threatened democracies around the world (including our own), has stood in the forefront of fighting for truth and dispelling misinformation online

The fact that Snopes says it has lost control of its site renders its already tenuous hold on the fact-checking business meaningless.

Snopes should be removed from any fact arbitration services from Facebook and Google until it can reclaim control of its site.

Meanwhile, those interested in all of the legal back-and-forth between the parties can grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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