Marjorie Taylor Green: My trip to DC on Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws

By Marjorie Taylor Green

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National Director and Spokesperson for Family America Project
Contributing Writer to Law Enforcement Today and Whiskey Patriots


How the Second Amendment Dies..

In this weeks edition of the American Letters, I want to tell you all about my trip to Washington DC. I traveled to DC because of my great concern for the gun control legislation that is being considered in the Senate. I know most of you are thinking, why worry about gun control laws being passed in the Senate? After all the Senate is controlled by Republicans and Republicans won’t pass gun control bills. Well, I would love to agree and share your sentiment, however, we do have a lot to worry about, and that is why I spent my own money and took the time to go.

Let me explain.

First of all, we all know that the Democrats want to put strict gun control laws in place severely limiting our Second Amendment rights. They have established the House Task Force on Gun Violence which is being led by Democrat Rep Mike Thompson from California. Yet this effort for strict gun control is not new and is not going away. It was revealed in the John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, emails leaked by Wikileaks that Hillary’s goal was to bring strict gun control to America by executive orders. We also can remember Nancy Pelosi’s threatening words to President Trump when he declared a national emergency for border security, that the next Democrat president could declare a national emergency to take away guns after the next mass shooting. Again you are trying to tell me, but those are Democrats.

Well let me tell you about Republicans.

Being a gun owner and proud supporter of our Second Amendment right to bear arms, I follow gun legislation closely. It was after last years, deadly Parkland shooting that killed 17 innocent people, we started hearing our elected Republicans tone start to change and begin to lean left in regards to gun control legislation. You see they are under a great deal of pressure that I did not understand until I witnessed it for myself these past few days.

Before Democrat Joe Biden, pushed into law schools being gun free zones, there were virtually no school shootings. That was because school principals, teachers, and even students had guns at school. This combined armed ability kept schools safe because any threat could be stopped immediately without waiting on police to arrive. Remember the most effective way to stop a bad guy with a gun is by a good guy with a gun. However, that important freedom changed when our Federal government stole that great form of protection away from our schools and our children. Gun Free Zones in schools was the true beginning to the stealthy attack on our Second Amendment right.

The most effective way to bend a person’s will is to kill their children. God showed us that by killing Pharaoh’s first born son in Egypt to force Pharaoh’s hardened heart to free his slaves who were God’s chosen people. This is what we have been seeing systematically happen overtime in our country. This is why we are seeing Republican leaders soften to gun control legislation.

Their hand is being forced by every school shooting, but it is not just the blood stains in the halls of education, it is the organized and very well funded force that fight for strict gun control on the pile of dead students and teachers.

“Our Republican elected Congress men and women know that they must protect the Second Amendment if they want us to continue electing them,” you cry out, “this is the will of the American people!”

Well, my friend, I agree with you completely. However, guess what? Our elected Republican Congress men and women do not hear your deafening cries. Not even a whisper. After seeing the gun control machine in action, I finally understand why.

The difficult truth is we do not show up. It is our own fault. When our elected Republicans finally cave in and bend to the will of the likes of David Hogg, Michael Bloomberg, Linda Sarsour, and George Soros, we can only blame ourselves. Do you want to know why?

You can not win the war if you don’t show up for the battle.

As I went hard charging into the halls of the Senate buildings on Monday to boldly tell our Senators not to pass Sen Bill 7 sponsored by Republican Senator Marco Rubio that would incentivize states with $100 million dollars in 5 year grants to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws, I found myself outnumbered in a way I could have never imagined. As a matter of fact, I was the only one that showed up to the battle! I had a few friends that thankfully came along only because I had told them all about the bill, which they knew little about until I informed them. If I had not rallied a few troops with a big push of information and phone calls then I would have been completely alone in the Senate gun control bill battle without my friends who live locally in DC that came along (6 friends on Monday and only 2 on Tuesday).

Imagine going into warfare against a trained organized massive army, and you are the only one that showed up to the fight.

Here is what happened.

I had spent a few weeks calling Senators offices and sending emails to try to set up appointments so that I could explain my concerns and ask them to vote NO to Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws and gun control laws period. By Monday morning, I had only one appointment with Congressman Scalise’s office with a member of his staff, and Rep Scalise is not even a Senator and I only had one appointment with Senator Purdue’s (from my home state of Georgia) staffer on Tuesday. Even my own Senator from my district did not return my calls or emails and that was Senator Isakson. To my astonishment, I could not understand why my elected Congress men and women would not even entertain a small visit with me, even though I am an American business owner, tax payer, and voter.

Well, I found out why first hand on Monday.

When I witnessed the majorly funded groups of gun control law advocates viciously attacking Senate office after Senate office, it all became clear. These groups were an incredible well oiled machine. They were organized in small groups of 3-10 people. Each group had a leader, or a better term would be handler, that took them to office after office in which much of the time they had appointments. At each office they would stop outside before going in and the leader would brief them all on the talking points, telling each one what to say and even handing them information to give out. They were like units of soldiers taking their orders before the attack.

They were dressed in t-shirts representing their gun control groups.

March For Our Lives – blue shirts

Moms Demand Action – red shirts
Lives Above Profits – white shirts
Everytown Gun USA – red shirts
Women’s March – blue or pink shirts
They were mostly white liberal woman with the younger group being with David Hogg. The kids from March For Our Lives were brainwashed by their handlers and the ones who were given the most guidance and directions on what to say. Obviously, this is because the teenagers are the ones who are most effective in front of the Senators when they are telling them that guns are scary and they are afraid. This is when I ran into David Hogg and his group of all girl teenage and young adult girls.

David Hogg was being led around by several handlers to Senator’s offices. He had an all girl group with him. The Hogg group of March For Our Lives teenagers/young adults had the most attention. They had a full gaggle of press following, filming, and photographing their every move. They had over 30 appointments with Senators is what were told.

This is where I want to remind you that on Monday, I had only 6 other Patriotic Americans with me and virtually no appointments with Senators and ZERO press coverage to get our voices out that is backed by the millions and millions of gun owners in America! Yet the left wing funded gun control socialist groups had all the attention and the power!

confronted David Hogg and when I asked him questions and told him facts he hid behind his all teenage girl gang and turned and marched through the hallway chanting, “Enough is Enough!” One of the girls even turned back and aggressively yelled in my face, “Enough is Enough!” I continued to confront David Hogg all the way to his next Senate office visit, all the while the press only covered the bought and paid for group of young adults that are being used to take away our gun rights. The truth was revealed. David Hogg had nothing to say back because there is no excuse for taking away guns other than it is an agenda of the left to take the power away from the American people. The truth was also revealed David Hogg is afraid and had to hide behind and be protected by girls. The sad and disgusting reality of the beta males on the left.

Here is the longer Facebook live video with the first David Hogg confrontation where he hid behind the girls. You can view it at the 1 hour and 21 minute mark.
Here is the short video when I confronted David Hogg that second time and he ran away again.
Perhaps the bigger truth is that David Hogg had no need to answer my questions because I was not threat to his agenda since I was virtually alone.

Through out the day I took my group from office to office to tell Senators please do not pass any Red Gun Flag Confiscation Bills or Gun Control Bills. These laws violate due process, and punish people by taking away their guns before they are every found guilty. These laws are also very dangerous for our veterans because PTSD can be used as a reason to remove their guns. I explained over and over that the Second is the greatest gift we have as Americans and it shall not be infringed. However, most of the time, I was only being heard by the receptionist and a few interns in the front of their offices. Some of the time, I was live filming on my Facebook page so that I could show people what was happening, only to be told that they don’t allow live filming in the office. I replied every time, “Well as a tax payer and owner of this building and since I pay your salary, I DO ALLOW live filming here.”

I have never felt so discouraged and concerned for my country.

Do you want to know why?

The only view point that our elected Senators were seeing and hearing from were those from the radical hard left, who are funded by a few billionaires to achieve the total destruction of America as we know it. When we don’t show up, we can not defeat the tiny minority of complete idiots who want to throw away our great freedoms that so many fought and died for. So how can I blame these Republican Senators like Lindsay Graham and Senator Ted Cruz who are softening to gun control? They have no idea what we want because we are the silent majority.

And that is just it. We are silent. Complacent. Too busy. And many more excuses.

Which is exactly why we could lose it all.

Where was the NRA? Where was Dana Loesch? Why didn’t she have groups going office to office? Why didn’t the NRA organize groups? Many would have gone if they had only known!

Here is what the NRA’s official statement was;

“We need to stop dangerous people before they act,” says Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “So Congress should provide funding to states to adopt risk protection orders.”

The NRA backs these Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws. Yet studies show that these laws do nothing to prevent suicide or murder, and even in some cases may increase rape statistics. These laws do nothing but punish law abiding gun owners, and put the police against citizens by forcing gun removal. The real focus should be on criminals who have guns.

Waiting outside the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting where they were discussing the bill to incentivize states to pass these laws, along with two friends, I was the only Pro Second Amendment person in the hallway of organized funded left wing groups. Yet I finally had some success!

As the hearing ended I saw Senator Lindsay Graham come out and get swarmed by press and followed by protestors. I hurried up slid right up beside him and began walking down the hall with him while he was being interviewed by CNN. Then, I took the only opportunity I had as just a regular American. I interrupted that interview and asked him about due process. You can see the video here.

I explained I was a business owner and a gun owner. I quickly explained I was against Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws and that I knew he was for them. Then I asked him if he would not pass a bill that violated due process. Sen Graham said, “There won’t be a bill without that. I promise there will not.”

I have that statement recorded on video on my cell phone. I plan to hold Sen Graham to that promise he made me. That he will not pass a bill that violates due process.

In this country, we have the right to a fair trial before we are found guilty. That is an important freedom I intend to defend.

This was a small win among what felt like a losing battle where I was overwhelmingly outnumbered. But I am not giving up! I plan to go back. I learned a lot and watched carefully how the left operates with much success. I fully intend on doing the same thing only better.

When I go back, I will ask many of you to join me! See this past week all they saw was one little 5’2 woman, but they have no idea the giant behind me.

I just have to wake that giant up!

Action items:

1. Call and email Senator Lindsey Graham’s office here. Tell him we DO NOT want Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws!! Tell him DO NOT PASS Senate bill 7 sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio.

2. Call and email Senator Mitch McConnell’s office here. Tell him we DO NOT want Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws!! Tell him DO NOT bring Senate bill 7 sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio to the floor for a vote. If we can block it from even going to the floor then it can not be voted on to pass.

3. Sign this important petition that will be hand delivered to President Trump asking him to VETO Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws! You can sign this and you do not have to join or donate for your signature to count. We need as many signatures as we can get to show President Trump what real Americans want! Not what radical left funded anti-second amendment groups want!

Thanks for your help everyone!! This is how we make a difference!

Please share with your friends. New subscribers can sign up here!

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

12850 Hwy 9 North, Suite 600-425, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

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ACT FOR AMERICA – The Leftist-Islamist Coalition FAILS Again!!


The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a press release and sent letters to our venue demanding they cut ties with ACT for America and myself because they claim we are spreading hate.

If they thought a measly press release and slanderous labels would shut me up, boy were they wrong!

We are punching back twice as hard and exposing these leftist-Islamist organizations for the frauds they are.

ACT for America is the ONLY organization with the clout and strength to take on CAIR head-to-head!

The leftist-Islamist coalition has made a career out of using lies and intimidation tactics to silence conservatives, and it’s high time we fought back with the truth!

People want to know the truth about the dangers our country is facing. They want to know how they can help ensure a strong national defense and preserve our constitutional rights for generations of Americans to come.

My organization and I will not allow the leftist-Islamist coalition to stop us from bringing these facts and solutions to the people, and that’s why I have embarked on a nationwide speaking tour where I meet and recruit activists in their local communities.

These free public events empower activists with the truth and give them the tools and motivation they need to continue fighting for national security reform.

Last night was the second stop on my tour, and as you can see, CAIR’s pathetic tactics did not scare these patriots away. In fact, we had a packed house for BOTH nights!




We have an uphill battle ahead of us as terror-tied groups like CAIR continue to do everything they can to shut us down, but we will continue to host these events and bring crucial intel to local communities around the country.

Will you stand with me in this fight?

Please consider:

Thank you for your support of our movement.

Always Devoted,


Copyright © 2018. ACT for America, All rights reserved.
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Suite 190, #614
Washington, DC 20004
United States

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2007 – Video, Stan Meyers water powered Buggy

Was he murdered?
Published on Apr 10, 2007

Stan Meyer’s Dune Buggy that ran on water. Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel in an ICE motor. On board electrolysis, no hydrogen tanks, no bombs on-board, just water.It ran 100 miles per gallon! It was a shame to hear that he was poisoned (March 98′) and no longer with us. He died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio. Sharks came a week later and stole the the dune buggy and all of his experimental equipment, according to his brother, Steve. Stan said while he was alive, that he was threatened many times and would not sell out to Arab Oil Corp.$

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Now a Crime to be Caucasian on Social Media

Bigots of everything Caucasian, you will be assimilated or we will ban you. It is now a crime to be Caucasian.

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War With Russia? Trump Says Russian Troops Must “Get Out” Of Venezuela And “All Opti ons Are Open” To Make That Happen

Instead of “collusion with Russia”, will the mainstream media soon be buzzing about a potential war with Russia? The Trump administration and the Russian government are currently engaged in a very heated war of words regarding the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, and at this point it is difficult to see how this crisis will end well unless one side is willing to back down. The Russians are backing current president Nicolas Maduro, and as you will see below, they now have troops on the ground in the country. That absolutely infuriated President Trump, because it greatly complicated his plans for regime change in Venezuela. He told the press that Russia must “get out” and that “all options are open” as far as accomplishing that goal. In other words, President Trump is actually threatening Russia with military force if they refuse to pull their troops out of the country.


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“As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska” – Beef Prices In The U.S. To Escalate Dramatically In The Coming Months

According to Agriculture Secretary Sunny Purdue, there “may be as many as a million calves lost in Nebraska” due to the catastrophic flooding that has hit the state. This is not a rumor, this is not an exaggeration, and this is not based on any sort of speculation. This number comes to us directly from the top agriculture official in the entire country, and it means that the economic toll from the recent floods is far greater than most of us had anticipated. You can watch Purdue make this quote on Fox Business right here, and it is important to remember that this number is just for one state. It is hard to imagine what the final numbers will look like when the livestock losses for all of the states affected by the flooding are tallied up. This is already the worst agricultural disaster in modern American history, and the National Weather Service is telling us that there will be more catastrophic flooding throughout the middle portion of the nation for the next two months.


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Breaking: Assassination Attempt on President Trump Thwarted

Earlier today in West Virginia a large section of Interstate 68 was shut down for many hours. Many departments were mobilized from all surrounding states. Pittsburgh regional FBI public affairs spokesperson Catherine Policicchio stated how there were multiple agencies on the scene.

A 42 year old male, S. Spencer has been detained and being questioned after finding a firearm and explosive materials in his car according the West Virginia State Police.

Spencer, was planning to blow up the Pentagon and assassinate the President of the United States.

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UPDATE: Man detained after I-68 traffic stop reveals threats against President Trump & the Pentagon

KINGWOOD, W.Va. – UPDATE (March 27, 2019 7:15 p.m.):

West Virginia State Police released new information about the incident along Interstate 68 in Preston County.

On March 27, at approximately 10:30 a.m., a trooper was driving on I-68, when he saw a gray sedan with Missouri registration approach him from behind at speeds exceeding 130 mph, according to a press release. This vehicle then passed the state police cruiser, at which time the trooper made a traffic stop near mile marker 30.

According to police, the driver, who has not been named, appeared to be confused and stressed and made statements that concerned police. These statements, along with other factors, led the trooper to believe there could be an explosive device inside the vehicle, the release states.

The trooper removed the driver from the vehicle without incident. After securing the driver, police made the decision to close all lanes of I-68 in that area for safety concerns, according to the release.

Read more:

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Democrat Rep. Omar Issued A Call To Arms For Her Fellow Muslim Americans

“The meetings have been deliberately closed off from the MSM and hidden from public view to avoid scrutiny.”
“Promoting Insurrection against the US is a crime, whether or not you’re a Muslim, a Democrat, or a woman. This is very dangerous rhetoric.

This woman is doing her people, and herself, no favors with her rants, raves, and nose-thumbing toward the Americans. How long are we going to have to put up with this anti-American?”

Read more:

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DNA Study Suggests all Humans may be Descended from Just Two People

Disagreements between those who support creationism and those who support the theory of evolution have been going on for decades.

The book of Genesis tells us that all of humanity is ultimately descended from just two people. Does science agree? According to the New Zealand Herald, a recent study says “maybe.”

The study, published in the journal Human Evolution in May 2018, sparked news outlets to declare “All humans are descended from just two people, scientists claim.”


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Alleged Dark Web Child Pornography Facilitator Extradited to the United States to Face Federal Charges

Read here:

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The price of prevailing wage: Requiring far higher wages for affordable housing developmen t will inflate public costs or depress the number of units By DAILY NEWS EDITORIAL BOARD

The term “prevailing wage,” which sounds like “minimum wage” or “living wage,” connotes the difference between paying enough to scrape by and enough to afford a middle-class living.
Example : Not so. Prevailing wages and benefits are set via an elaborate, 92-page formal schedule detailing 71 different job classifications (a “sign painter” is different from a “striper painter,” which is distinct from a “painter”).

That sign painter gets $57.20 in wages and benefits per hour. Multiply that by 40 hour work weeks, then by 46 weeks a year (assuming six weeks without work, beyond the built-in vacation), and you get $105,248, before any overtime.

Painters on structural steel get $88.33 in wages and benefits per hour, which amounts to $162,527 per year using the same formula. Paperhangers, plasterers, plumbers and others, something similar.
Read more –

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Project Veritos- Van Jones was right

This is likely the only time I’ll say this, but Van Jones was right. In 2016 Mr. Jones told our journalist the investigation into Russian collusion was a “nothing burger.” And today, the frontpage of The New York Times reads: “Mueller finds no Trump-Russia

Veritas Logo

This is likely the only time I’ll say this, but Van Jones was right.

Van Jones is one of CNN’s commentators and the host of The Van Jones show.

In 2017, Mr. Jones told our journalist the investigation into Russian collusion was a “nothing burger.”

And today, the front page of The New York Times reads: “Mueller finds no Trump-Russia conspiracy.”

Imagine that. Commentators tell the truth when they’re on hidden camera but not when they’re doing their actual jobs!

When media personalities are on our televisions as pundits and talking heads, they offer partisan talking points as truth. And as you and I know, these talking points are often simply fake.

You see, it isn’t about journalism and showing people the truth, it’s about selling subscriptions and boosting ratings. In fact, we caught them admitting this on camera.

View more on our CNN investigation HERE.

Pravda II

These “journalists” should be embarrassed. In a just world, such vile disregard for the truth could be career-ending.

And yet, these Pulitzer prize-winners and celebrity talking heads will continue on without any self-examination or accountability for their failures.

That’s why there must be a reckoning and it has to happen with the help of people like you and me. Veritas will expose these partisan and economic-driven “fake” newsrooms, but I must have the help of people on the inside and supporters like you.

Do you work in these newsrooms or know someone who does? The time to act is now. You and I must peel back the curtain to show the public how rotten the media truly is.

Be brave. Wear a camera:

James O’Keefe

Project Veritas
1214 W. Boston Post Rd #148
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Project Veritas Is Recognized As a Tax Exempt Organization Under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your Donations Are Tax Deductible As Allowed by Federal Law and the Laws of Various States.


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Roybeaird's Blog

Before you say, “America doesn’t need to be fixed” or give some canned dismissive declaration I ask that you hear me.  You may not believe the basis of my declaration and plea, but I hope you will agree with the objective.  I believe that most, if not all, who read what I write love America and want to see this Republic once again be the Republic established by our Founding Fathers and achieve that condition.  I believe that most of us, and hope that all of us, want to see the America envisioned by our Framers, Founders, and generations before us, “One nation under God, united, and where all men are able to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness freely.”

I am a Christian, a preacher, a patriot, a Vietnam veteran, a Conservative. an Original Intent Constitutionalist, a husband, father, and grandfather.  I am a lover of Freedom and out of…

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Here’s Why John F. Kennedy Once Passionately Argued To Keep The Electoral College


By:                 Scott Morefield

Here's Why John F. Kennedy Once Passionately Argued To Keep The Electoral College

The days of New York City’s Tammany Hall and the Windy City’s “Chicago Machine” may be technically over, but that doesn’t mean Democrats have given up trying to rig and steal elections in a neverending power grab that would make Mayor Daley blush. Not by a long shot. In fact, you can bet the farm that virtually any cockamamie proposal put out there by anyone with a D beside their name is specifically designed to do one thing and one thing alone – get votes.

Oh, I know they like to pretend they’re all about “virtue” and “values” and helping the “disenfranchised,” the downtrodden, and the disaffected, but these modern day Bolsheviks have “more power” scrubbed into their DNA, and it defines EVERYTHING they do.

So it is with their recent calls to abolish the electoral college, a system…

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AG March 24 2019 Letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committees.pdf

AG March 24 2019 Letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committees.pdf

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LONSBERRY: New Yorkers Are The New Okies

It is the Cuomo diaspora, New York’s version of the potato famine. Across the country, New Yorkers are the Okies of this generation.

No state has hemorrhaged people like this since the Dust Bowl.

It is the Cuomo diaspora, New York’s version of the potato famine. Across the country, New Yorkers are the Okies of this generation.

And it’s hard to tell whether the state simply doesn’t care, or actually has depopulation as its objective.

Source: LONSBERRY: New Yorkers Are The New Okies

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Red, White, Black and Green: The Revelation Horses and flags of the Gog/Magog alliance

Interesting read.

Serve Him in the Waiting

When I first started to seriously look into Bible Prophecy, one thing I had to do a lot of, was to look at maps.  I will tell you right off the bat, that Geography is a subject that I truly either was so averse to in school that I practically blocked it out, or somehow in my schooling, I missed having much exposure to it, either way, I am very weak in that particular area of knowledge.  And so when my kids were little and learning all of that, I invested in a couple of good maps of the world and of the U.S. to hang on the wall.  But I still didn’t know much Middle East geography.  Do you know that in that funny way the Lord has of operating, I was crossing the alley behind my house, to go to my back-door neighbor’s one day, and found a pristine map of…

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Linda Sarsour calls for jihad against the America government


Source video:

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Social media censorship continues to strike against conservatives

Social media censorship continues to strike against conservatives. New developments from The Daily Caller News Foundation affirms that Facebook recently blocked White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr. from posting on the site.

House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes brought an over $250 million dollar lawsuit against Twitter for anti-conservative bias, defamation, and libel. If Facebook continues on its current trajectory of censoring users on their site, Facebook may soon find themselves in a similar bind as Twitter.

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GOP Rep: Republicans Called Dems’ Bluff on Vote to Make Mueller Report Public

GOP Rep: Republicans Called Dems’ Bluff on Vote to Make Mueller Report Public

“As keeping with the popular trend in politics, there are countless occasions where things are not as they appear to be.

New developments from Townhall report that the House’s resolution which urged for the publicization of Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation turned out to be nothing but a ploy against Republicans.
Source:a href=””>

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GOP Rep: Republicans Called Dems’ Bluff on Vote to Make Mueller Report Public

GOP Rep: Republicans Called Dems’ Bluff on Vote to Make Mueller Report Public


Sent from my Verizon LG Smartphone

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Social media censorship continues,  blocked White House social media director

Social media censorship continues to strike against conservatives. New developments from The Daily Caller News Foundation affirms that Facebook recently blocked White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr. from posting on the site.


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Being BANNED by ALL websites!

Tommy Robinson THE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY #PANODRAMA – An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!

and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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Feds: Canadian man tried bringing aliens into U.S. via jet ski on Lake Ontario

Thursday, March 14th 2019

Buffalo, N.Y. – Three people were taken into custody after allegedly crossing Lake Ontario on jet ski in an attempt to illegally enter the United States.

Prosecutors say the operator, Wanderson Dos Santos Freitas, tried pushing the jet ski away from the shoreline and tried restarting it before it began smoking. Prosecutors say he eventually walked across the ice to the shoreline and was taken into custody.

One of the passengers, Angelo Valentim-Zuccolotto of Brazil, also eventually crossed over the ice, prosecutors say. The second passenger, Andria Raposo-Marte of the Dominican Republican, reportedly had to be rescued by inflatable boat after she did not get off the jet ski.

Read more:

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BOHICA New York State – Cuomo announces new services for illegal immigrants in NYS

(WHAM) – Two new measures are being taken to help (illegal) immigrants in New York State.

It is all a part of the Liberty Defense project, the first of its kind in the nation, announced by Governor Cuomo last December.

The first of the two measures involves a Rapid Response Program which has regional providers and attorneys ready for any actions taken by ICE.

The second includes 21 New Opportunity Centers, that were selected by the Office for New Americans, which will offer new, free services to immigrants.

The centers will provide immigrants with essential services such as education, legal guidance, naturalization assistance, and guidance within their neighborhoods, including the Southern Tier for the first time.

Read more reasons to flee NYS:

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The Radical Left’s Plan to SILENCE Us!

There is an organized effort being funded by the deep pockets of the radical left to silence and destroy ACT for America.

It was just recently announced that the Southern Poverty Law Center has now surpassed 500 million dollars in endowments. This makes them one of the single largest non-profits in the entire world!

What are they doing with all of that money? Targeting pro-Israel, pro-America, and anti-terrorism organizations like ACT for America!

The Southern Poverty Law Center has an entire team of dedicated staff lobbying social media companies, news sources, and various other tech companies to use their “hate map” as a resource for their decision making processes.

SPLC spokesman Mark Potok said it best himself, “I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them…”

This isn’t just an attack on ACT for America — this is an attack on our fundamental right to freedom of speech! This is an effort to silence those who have the audacity to disagree with their leftist world-view.

I can assure you that we will not go down without a fight!

Just yesterday, Breitbart published an article pointing out the absurdity of the attacks being waged against us. Take a look below:

The radical left and their allies in the Fake News Media do not want our voice to be heard, they do not care about facts, and they only care about advancing their radical leftist agenda.

When organizations as large and heavily funded as the SPLC, Media Matters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, HuffPost, Roll Call and countless others turn their guns on you, it can cost you everything, even your standing in the community.

Not because you have done anything wrong. Not because what they say about you is true, but because they vilify you to the point where people become afraid to associate with you. It is character assassination at its worst.

This is why I need you to stand with me and my organization like never before! Your financial support is CRUCIAL to our efforts to successfully win in this battle for truth!

Click here to make a 100% tax-deductible recurring monthly donation of $15, $20, $35 or more to ACT for America TODAY!

Your donation will give us the resources we need to spread our message of freedom, security, and TRUTH. Thank you for standing in support of our movement.

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Rebel uncovers where terrorist Omar Khadr hid $3M of his ill-gotten payout | Sheila Gunn Reid

Published on Mar 10, 2019 Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel.Media reports: Omar Khadr, the Canadian-born son of al-Qaeda royalty who killed US Army medic Christopher Speer and maimed soldier Layne Morris while fighting for enemy forces in Afghanistan, was never repentant. As part of an Obama administration political pressure campaign, Canada repatriated Khadr whereupon he quickly began using our legal system against us. His sentence was reduced to just bail, and he walks the streets of Edmonton a free man and a very wealthy man thanks to Canadian taxpayers, and PM Justin Trudeau who struck a secret deal with Khadr. But now, thanks to a tip we received, we can confirm where part of his ill-gotten gains are sheltered.

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JW White Paper Makes Case to Designate Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations – Judicial Watch

As the Trump administration considers designating Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), Judicial Watch provides comprehensive documentation that the sophisticated criminal operations meet the U.S. government’s requirements to make the list. In a White Paper released this week Judicial Watch outlines the unique challenges and national security risks posed by Mexican Transitional CriminalRead the full post

Source: JW White Paper Makes Case to Designate Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations – Judicial Watch

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America’s Historical Ignorance

America’s Historical Ignorance

Karl Marx once said, “Take away a people’s roots, and they can easily be moved.”

Thomas Jefferson said, “A nation has never been ignorant and free; that has never been and will never be.”

James Madison observed, “The diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty….It is universally admitted that a well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”

Samuel Adams pointed out the importance “of inculcating in the minds of the youth the fear and love of the Deity and universal philanthropy, and, in subordination to these great principles, the love of their country.”
God and charity first, said the Lightning Rod of the American Revolution, country second.

Why does this matter? George Orwell, a former British Marxist, told us why in his classic novel, 1984: “Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”
Read Source:

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Ever wonder WHY we NEED a religious exemption from vaccines?

Ever wonder WHY we NEED a religious exemption from vaccines?

Are you aware that some vaccines are made from ABORTIONS?

Marcella Piper-Terry explains in detail how abortions are used in vaccine manufacturing and the implications of that.

Interview by Polly Tommey and camera by Joshua Coleman and Anu Vaidya with editing by Joshua Coleman.

#RFKCommission #Vaxxed

Have you read the chicken pox vaccine package insert? You know, the one the doctor doesn’t go over with you when you take your kid in to get vaccinated. It says right on the label that there are aborted fetal ingredients in this vaccine.

This product also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein. – Varivax insert, pages 6-7. (In case you are wondering, MCR 5 is code for the 14 week-old baby boy who had the pleasure of supplying tissue from his lungs for your child’s vaccines.)

What has our world come to…???

“Due to dwindling capacity for existing aborted fetal cell lines to self-replicate, scientists in China have developed a new aborted fetal cell line, WALVAX 2 that will be used for viral vaccine production. The existing cell lines, MRC-5 and WI-38 are currently used in MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis-A, Shingles, some rabies and some polio vaccines.” Source: New Fetal Cell Line from Live Abortion Emerges for Vaccine Production

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GOP Senator Lindsey Graham says Judiciary Committee will hold gun control hearing March 26

RED FLAG LEGISLATION: March 2018 -“Sen. Graham and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Ct., introduced red flag legislation – Sen. Marco Rubio, D-Fla., introduced similar legislation that month – encouraged states to adopt such laws”.

“In January, Rubio, alongside, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Angus King, a Maine independent, re-introduced the legislation”.

“We’re trying to drive states to create these laws”.


HT:Dave Milner – Read this one CAREFULLY, People and please pass it on. If you have a Republican Senator tell them they’ll get ZERO votes if they pass this crap.

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Socialists, AOC, Dems and Leftists Applaud Killing Jobs

Watch—Ohio Local on GM Plant Closure: ‘Life of Our Communities Is at Stake’ #Economy #Politics via @BreitbartNews

While capitalism-hating AOC, dems and leftists applaud killing jobs for automation.

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Who is the “brain” behind AOC, Justice Democrats and “new congress movement”

Who is the “brain” behind AOC, Justice Democrats and “new congress movement”?
This is amazingly scary via @YouTube

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FITTON: OUTRAGE: Why isn’t Congress subject to FOIA? 81 letters to Trump world but Schif f, Nadler, etc are immune from scrutiny?

March 7, 2019 by IWB

by TFittonJW

And you wonder why I often look like I am going to explode…

Judicial Watch told Congress directly to change the law:” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen>

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Hypocracy 101

“There is no violation” of campaign finance law, Ocasio-Cortez.
Hidden was the fact that Brand New Congress LLC, the company owned by Saikat Chakrabarti,
her senior campaign adviser and pal, was paid $18,880 for strategic consulting by Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign and chief of staff helped establish two political action committees that paid a company he ran more than $1 million dollars. Ocasio-Cortez’s calls for transparency in politics is Hypocracy 101. #CuomoCorruptionInc

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) retweeted a post from a supporter of the U.S.-desig nated terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine 


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FAKE NEWS ALERT: ACT for America is Under Attack!

A Safer America Starts with You

The fake news media is at it again, and this time ACT for America is in their sights!

In the last week alone BuzzFeed, the Washington Post, GQ, HuffPost, and countless other far-left media outlets have turned their attention on us.

This is a Southern Poverty Law Center coordinated attack against our organization!

They know that the work we do is crucial to defending our nation’s values, and they’re scared of our effectiveness at rallying the grassroots and passing meaningful national security legislation on the state and federal level.

When President Trump said the fake news media is the “enemy of the people”, he knew they were only out to deceive us with their prejudices and political biases.

Just yesterday, the national media outlet Roll Call libelously attacked ACT for America using the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center as their sole source of information to falsely paint us in a negative light.

Their “journalistic integrity” included attempting to tie us to neo-Nazis, ignoring our comments, and labeling ACT for America as a hate group for supporting strong national security policies.

The leftist Fake News media is out of control!

Several political figures and outlets that know the great work ACT for America does came to our defense and called out the blatant lies, take a look!

Roll Call Smears ACT for America

Matt Wolking Tweet

It’s clear that in the age of fake news and disinformation, the media cares more about destroying their enemies and advancing their political narrative than publishing the truth.

Luckily, there are still patriots like yourself that are dedicated to exposing these outrageous lies and supporting organizations like ACT for America who fight tirelessly for the truth.

We are willing to lead the charge, but we need your help raising funds to fight groups like the heavily endowed Southern Poverty Law Center. They have entire teams of dedicated staff members working to take down successful conservative organizations like ACT, but with you on our side, we know this war for truth can be won.

Please consider clicking below to make a recurring donation of $15, $20, $35, or more towards taking on the fake news media and their leftist allies.

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Support ACT

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Some in NY Assembly want to make wildlife tournaments & derbies illegal

I knew it, it’s all about a rodent control issue in Holley, NY!!
“One hunter says events like the “squirrel slam” in Holley, are a benefit to communities by controlling populations that can easily become a nuisance. Raymond Cremhickie says, “The populations of small games such as squirrels…no one hardly hunts them anymore.”

FARMINGTON, NY (WROC-TV) – New York State Assembly Members working in Albany and based primarily in New York City, want to make it unlawful for anyone to hold contests or competitions involving hunting or fishing wildlife, for example, local derbies or events like the “squirrel slam”. Some of those in the area feel this is just more attempted overreach from the state.

John Blocechl, who has taken part in past fishing derbies, says events like that help to control wildlife populations and are a positive thing. “People who don’t participate in it are trying to legislate against it.”

Read more:

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 Anyone remember this? October 15, 2014

Dems: “There were never any chemical weapons in Iraq. That was just a ruse to steal oil.”

New York Times called “bullshit” on that.

U.S. troops found nearly 5,000 abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq from 2004 to 2011: report


NewsOctober 15, 2014

American troops found nearly 5,000 abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq from 2004 to 2011, but their discoveries were kept secret by the U.S. government, the New York Times reports.

According to the 10,000-word, eight-part interactive report (“The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons“) by C.J. Chivers published on the paper’s website late Tuesday, at least 17 American service members and seven Iraqi police officers were exposed to nerve or mustard agents in Iraq after 2003.

On at least six occasions, American troops and American-trained Iraqi troops were wounded by the abandoned munitions, but news of the encounters was neither shared publicly nor widely circulated among the troops, the victims told the Times. Others said they were told to be vague or deceptive about what they found.

“‘Nothing of significance’ is what I was ordered to say,” Jarrod Lampier, a retired Army major, said of the 2006 discovery of 2,400 nerve-agent rockets at a former Republican Guard compound, the largest chemical weapons discovery of the war.

The paper also published heavily redacted intelligence documents it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Among the reasons for the secrecy? “The discoveries of these chemical weapons did not support the government’s invasion rationale,” Chivers writes. “After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, [President George W.] Bush insisted that [Iraqi leader Saddam] Hussein was hiding an active weapons of mass destruction program, in defiance of international will and at the world’s risk. United Nations inspectors said they could not find evidence for these claims.”

The discovery of pre-Gulf War chemical weapons — most of them “filthy, rusty or corroded” — did not fit the narrative.

“They needed something to say that after Sept. 11 Saddam used chemical rounds,” Lampier said. “And all of this was from the pre-1991 era.”

“I love it when I hear, ‘Oh there weren’t any chemical weapons in Iraq,’” Jarrod L. Taylor, a former Army sergeant, told the paper. “There were plenty.”

The troops began encountering the munitions in hidden caches and roadside bombs.

The paper recounted a harrowing 2004 discovery in Baghdad by two explosives-disposal technicians in detail. Staff Sgt. James F. Burns and Pfc. Michael S. Yandell were transporting what they thought was the remains of a makeshift bomb back to the base when they began experiencing symptoms of sarin gas exposure:

Sergeant Burns noticed a bitter smell and thought, he said later, that “it was rotten vegetables.”

Then he felt the onset of a headache. He told Private Yandell, who was driving, that he did not feel right.

Nauseated and disoriented, Private Yandell had quietly been struggling to drive. His vision was blurring. His head pounded. “I feel like crap, too,” he replied.

Dread passed over Sergeant Burns. Maybe, he wondered aloud, they had picked up a nerve agent shell.

The chemical shell Sergeant Burns and Pfc. Michael S. Yandell found that day was on the highway to Baghdad’s international airport, called “Death Street” at the time because of frequent insurgent attacks.

Neither man remembers the drive’s last minutes. At the base entrance, they did not clear the ammunition from their rifles and pistols — forgetting habits and rules.

As they arrived at their building, Sergeant Burns was sure. In the back of the truck, the shell had leaked liquid. Illumination rounds, he knew, do not do that.

“They put a gag order on all of us — the security detail, us, the clinic, everyone,” Burns said. “We were briefed to tell family members that we were exposed to ‘industrial chemicals,’ because our case was classified top secret.”

The paper also reported that as a result of the secrecy, military doctors were not prepared to treat the soldiers exposed to chemicals, preventing troops “from receiving proper medical care and official recognition of their wounds.

Rear Adm. John Kirby, spokesman for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, declined to address specific incidents detailed in the Times investigation but said that the military’s health care system and awards practices were under review.

“The secretary believes all service members deserve the best medical and administrative support possible,” Kirby said. “He is, of course, concerned by any indication or allegation they have not received such support. His expectation is that leaders at all levels will strive to correct errors made, when and where they are made”.

The news of abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq comes as a U.S.-led coalition continues drone strikes on Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. While there is no evidence of munitions falling into the hands of the terror group, the possibility is nonetheless “worrisome,” Chivers writes.

Click here to read the full Times report.

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Andrew Breitbart, February 1, 1960 – March 1, 2012 … Gone Much Too Soon

This is how I will remember Andrew Brietbart, from pics he shared on the Stage Right Radio show hosted by Larry O’Connor on blotalkradio.(archives still available,
The pic with the Acorn was posted in the chat of the show by Mr Breitbart and while joking back and forth with Larry, Andrew said he thought this was his favorite. I’ve used it ever since at my blog because of my admiration of Andrew Breitbart and his call to all citizen journalists to make a stand. So thank you Mr Breitbart for giving this once introverted and shy person the courage to stand up, even if I don’t stand out.

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Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy

“Measures are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Read more:

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Sharia law patrols in Brooklyn, NY. 

Sharia law patrols in Brooklyn, NY.

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ALERT New Community Muslim ‘Patrol’ Raises Red Flags

Make sure to watch the video in link!!

“Okay, let me hear from you . . . What do you think about this? This could be very well coming to a city near you or your own city. After all, there appears to be an unholy alliance between progressive socialists and Islamists. How do y’all feel about having a Muslim Community Patrol resourced and funded by your taxpayer dollars, operating in New York City . . . or any American city?

Read more

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signs a bill allowing private citizens, law enforcement and school officials to petition courts to seize firearms from anyone they deem to be a threat.

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As Media Freaks Over 159 Measles Cases, Thousands of Kids Sold as Sex Slaves Out of Foster Care 

IMORTANT NOTE!! “These outbreaks are linked to travelers who brought measles back from other countries such as Israel and Ukraine, where large measles outbreaks are occurring. Make sure you are vaccinated against measles before traveling internationally.”

If ever you needed a clearer example of the mainstream media’s intentions in this country, you just need to compare the amount of vaccines used to bolster vaccine manufacturers’ bottom lines while calling for the silencing of those who advocate for vaccine safety—versus the 18,000 children who will go missing from government-run “protection care” this year—many of whom will be sold into sex slavery.

Unless you’ve been under a rock lately, you’ve probably noticed the utter hysteria over the measles “epidemic” being shoved down the collective throats of America.

To reiterate, as of February 21, 2019, there were only 159 cases of measles confirmed in the entire country, prompting hysteria. But when 18,000 kids a year go missing, many of them being sold into sex slavery, we hear nothing but crickets from these same people.

While the media is incorrectly referring to the measles outbreak as an epidemic, the epidemic of child sex abuse is very real.

The fact is that America has a dark secret that no one wants to admit. Talk of this secret will get you labeled as a conspiracy theorist, fake news, and outlets who report on it will have their organic reach throttled by social media and Google alike.

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many in the mainstream media and the government refuse to see this very real epidemic of child sex trafficking in the United States. What’s more, according to the government’s own data, the vast majority of a portion of these trafficked kids are coming from the government system who promises to keep them safe—a horrifying irony indeed. But it appears to be set up this way.

This system is set up to pull children from their families for ridiculous reasons and turn them over to for-profit systems—funded by your tax dollars—that use these children as cash cows and have no incentive to keep them safe.

Read more:

“As Snopes and the mainstream media in general attempts to smear those who try to call attention to alleged and very real child trafficking, the government’s own data shows how irresponsible this is.”

“Until this epidemic is taken seriously, the government, the media, and all those who deny it will remain complicit in keeping it going.”

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#CuomoCorruptionInc – The aging of New York: How the population is growing older at a remarkable pace ??

Not growing older, the youth are fleeing horrendous fascism here. Out of control political corruption, unbearable taxing, unaffordable rents and housing.
The list is long. #CuomoCorruptionInc

Feb. 27, 2019

“The report reflects an ongoing problem in New York: Fewer people are moving in.

New York’s population between 2017 and 2018 fell faster than that of any state in the nation. It was one of only nine states to lose population, the U.S. Census Bureau said in December.

New York has dealt with an out-migration of residents to other states: More than 1 million left since 2010.

The only reason New York’s population decline hasn’t been worse is because of births and new immigrants.

Wednesday’s report noted that immigrants accounted for nearly 30 percent of New York’s 65-plus population and grew at nearly double the rate of U.S.-born older adults.

In fact, Rochester led in that category among large cities in New York: 46 percent of the city’s seniors are non-white, the report said.

But Rochester also had another distinction: The number of older adults in poverty grew 38 percent over the past decade, a rate higher than that of other New York cities.

Rochester has among the worst poverty in the nation.

Read more:

More: Is New York’s population decline impacting college enrollment? SUNY says yes

More: New York’s job growth: A tale of two states

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Truth from former Obama aid: False promises about legalized weed

By Kevin Sabet February 28, 2019New York has time to avoid the mistakes by other states that made the drug legal.

The rush to legalize and commercialize marijuana has many elected officials making claims that the facts don’t back up. This unrealistic view of legal weed is the result of an orchestrated information campaign by activists and lobbyists tied to a growing industry that parallels Big Tobacco. In fact, Altria, the owner of Marlboro, has invested more than $1 billion in Big Pot. If we did our homework on what happens when you legalize today’s pot, which is many times more potent than the weed of Woodstock, we would find out that the results don’t match anything like the rosy promises made by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and industry leaders.
Looking to states that legalized pot, we see the social justice argument doesn’t hold water. African-Americans are twice as likely to be arrested for marijuana in Colorado and Washington. In Denver, weed stores are clustered in minority neighborhoods in much the same way that liquor stores zone- in on low-income areas.
New Yorkers looking for economic opportunity also have been falsely promised that pot will provide new jobs and give rise to new entrepreneurs. Big Marijuana, like Big Tobacco, will squeeze out small business and those who lack resources. In fact, Altria has purchased Juul, a vape-technology company. In New York, MedMen, a California-based company, operates four locations, while other multistate players that operate in the medicinal market like Curaleaf and Vireo Health, are pitching themselves as avenues to quickly bring weed to consumers.Read more:
Kevin Sabet, a former adviser to three U.S. presidential administrations, is president and CEO of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a nonprofit.

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New York cannabis industry jonesing to get pot legalized before state gets left out of smoking circle

Told ya, “and impose a 20% state tax and a 2% local tax”

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