Timeline: Pandemic Driven Erosion Of Freedoms – Decades In The Making By the Children’s Health

By the Children’s Health Defense Team

From the moment of COVID-19’s naming—and particularly since the imposition of unprecedented restrictions on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”—some people have smelled a rat. And with each passing week, the smell becomes worse. A growing chorus of ordinary citizens and world-renowned medical and scientific experts is raising questions about matters ranging from the coronavirus’s origins to the rationale for continued lockdowns

(see here, here and here).

The mainstream media have shown themselves only too ready to lob ad hominem attacks against any and all such non-conformists. However, one does not have to be insensitive to the illness and deaths associated with COVID-19 to recognize that powerful agendas are riding on the coattails of SARS-CoV-2. Citizens are waking up to the fact that the countries, officials and public figures who embrace draconian interventions such

as immunity certificates, microchipping, forced vaccination and the removal of children from their homes also approve of making our sovereign rights—whether to earn a living, maintain bodily integrity, congregate to practice our spirituality, enjoy the arts or protect and educate our children—contingent upon our acceptance of these Big Brother measures and technologies.

To make it easier for the public to assess what is happening and what is at stake, Children’s Health Defense has put together the

following timeline of selected events. We invite readers to consider how these events—some of them seemingly unrelated—and the network of partnerships and relationships that they illustrate have contributed to the unfolding set of circumstances in which we now find ourselves.

While the lockdown is a cataclysm for the world economy, it is an opportunity for Gates” and his billionaire brotherhood…

Read so much more!

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Soros: China Must Be Part Of The New World Order

No more hiding, they are in the open, stop your denials.

Published on Oct 23, 2009
October 23 2009 full vid can be found here http://tinyurl.com/sorosisscum In a recent interview Soros spills the beans, talks about the new world order and describes the current and future managed and well plot out destruction of the american dollar, all though he warns it might spin out of control.

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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Says Pledge Your Allegiance To The New World Order !!

So much censorship, please, follow AND support independent media!

I’m gob smacked squad so open with it.. #WEDONTCONSENT #SAYNOTOVACCINES #Pandemichoax #Stopthepsyops #policestate https://www.bing.com/videos/search?view=detail&mid=2FB8015FC927B57E91B12FB8015FC927B57E91B1&shtp=Email&shid=8210db1b-780c-4f2f-914e-d6ba1a9f6533&shtk=Q2hpY2FnbyBNYXlvciBMaWdodGZvb3QgU2F5cyBQbGVkZ2UgWW91ciBBbGxlZ2lhbmNlIFRvIFRoZSBOZXcgV29ybGQgT3JkZXIgISE%3D&shdk=aW0gZ29iIHNtYWNrZWQgc3F1YWQgc28gb3BlbiB3aXRoIGl0Li4gI1dFRE9OVENPTlNFTlQgI1NBWU5PVE9WQUNDSU5FUyAjUGFuZGVtaWNob2F4ICNTdG9wdGhlcHN5b3BzICNwb2xpY2VzdGF0ZQ%3D%3D&shhk=%2Bty2kzs%2FKBqyTyJtqV8p1gcX4IEI%2BJaTlb%2F8iw7NI7k%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OSH.QHCLu6FhwS3NCBAKdy0K4w

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From the bit via fakebook…

Crimes against humanity — that inhuman thing is a sociopath to the tune of 104,000,000,000…..yes that many zeros:


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The Vortex — Arrest Bill Gates

Published on May 20, 2020 -Get the Truth.

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The Deepest State: Who Controls the Gates Family?

Sharing via fakebook…
The Deepest State: Who Controls the Gates Family?

This video talks about how Starbucks, Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Microsoft, and the Gates family are all tied to an elite, shadowy consulting firm.

These mini-documentaries are always completely sourced. Every fact or claim made is from what is considered a reputable source:

GMO Impossible Burger Tests Positive for Glyphosate


Critics Challenge the Health Benefits of Alternative Meat https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-18/faux-meat-has-a-real-threat-with-opponents-attacking-healthiness

Bill Gates Beef With Climate Change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpwJtdcYkAA&feature=emb_title

Bain Financial Statement Archives https://archive.org/details/407723-bain-capital-fund-ix-lp-financial-statements-dec/page/n7/mode/2up

When Mitt Romney Came to Town https://archive.org/details/WhenMittRomneyCameToTown-2011

Bain Capital Investments 1984-1999 https://archive.org/details/270240-db-prospectus/page/n18/mode/2up

Bayer: Need some heroin for your cough ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9uuzRXZakI

Mitt Romney on Bain’s plan to buy and harvest companies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EsxNYXW5i8

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital


How Mitt Romney Helped Monsanto Take Over the World


Starbucks is adding plant-based meat and oat milk lattes to its menu in China


The Starbucks Effect-Bain https://www.bain.com/insights/the-starbucks-effect/

Melusine (Alchemical Siren, Twin-tailed Mermaid)


Lives have been ruined – contaminated blood victims

https://www.bbc.com/news/health-48104413 How Bill Gates is Tied to the Success of Starbucks https://www.lifedaily.com/story/how-bill-gates-is-tied-to-the-success-starbucks/

When a competitor tried to buy Starbucks, Howard Schultz was rescued by Bill Gates Sr.


Howard Schultz Insane Story about Bill Gates and his dad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDHGgiTErAQ

Bain Company Profile https://www.vault.com/company-profiles/management-strategy/bain-company

Breaking Down Bain Capital https://www.npr.org/2012/01/14/145235049/breaking-down-bain-capital

Bain: A Consulting Firm Too Hot to Handle? http://archive.is/qK0hu

Mitt Romney, Netanyahu are old friends https://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/us/politics/mitt-romney-and-benjamin-netanyahu-are-old-friends.html

A Closer Look at Cheney and Halliburtton https://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/28/us/a-closer-look-at-cheney-and-halliburton.html

Agricultural Industry Secrets https://usrtk.org/a-few-other-things-the-agrichemical-industry-doesnt-want-you-to-know-about-them-crimes-scandals-and-other-wrongdoing/#_ftn38

Mengele Chemikal was part of Monsanto

Who are the driving forces behind Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods? https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/travel-food/article/3015024/who-are-driving-forces-behind-beyond-meat-and

Starbucks Drink Ingredients List https://foodbabe.com/starbucks-finally-publishes-drink-ingredient-list/

Romney, debt, and Bain’s way https://www.metrowestdailynews.com/article


Vid: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3646885998660126&id=111774668837961&d=null&vh=e

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NEW – MUST SEE! The truth is needed.

MUST SEE! The truth is needed.

Published on May 20, 2020



MUST SEE! The truth is needed.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/jiLGCAjHXAEf/ LINK to bitchute Fauci is NOT our friend.

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Very well thought out. Good read. Well done.

Part 1: https://insightful.co.in/2020/04/19/world-war-iii-has-begun-and-we-are-unaware/

Part 2: https://insightful.co.in/2020/04/28/beware-the-war-is-getting-uglier/

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Is that Big Brother behind the medical mask? Bill Gates to co-fund South Korean research of next-gen quarantine methods

South Korea’s biggest telecom firm is banding with Bill Gates to develop next-generation quarantine methods. The $10-million project may stir uncomfortable thoughts in those who suspect the billionaire of having a sinister agenda.

KT, the Seongnam-based multinational giant, plans to use its expertise and access to communications data to identify early and predict the spread of infectious diseases. Smartphones could be used, for example, to measure body temperature with a sensor and to collect other symptoms from a user. And geotracking data helps monitor the migration of people and their contacts.

Article: https://www.azerbaycan24.com/en/is-that-big-brother-behind-the-medical-mask-bill-gates-to-co-fund-south-korean-research-of-next-gen-quarantine-methods/

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo leaves seniors [and disabled] helpless against coronavirus

This is why there can never be Universal Health Care, older [and disabled] people will be last to receive life saving medical treatment. It’s the iceberg ideology.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo leaves seniors helpless against coronavirus – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing scrutiny after he made shocking comments about elderly Americans vulnarble to coronavirus. Listen to what he said, and how two Fox News veterans responded.

Shared from https://thehornnews.com/gov-andrew-cuomo-under-fire-for-senior-citizen-death-toll/

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NYS 50 Top Lobbyists



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Plandemic Censorship

via Plandemic Censorship

Here’s some food for thought for those debunking the “Plandemic” movie. I’m sharing it from another post I had. If you have time to do the research it is out there. Janet

This is for anyone who thinks the documentary “Plandemic” has been debunked … by same ppl who framed her ..

Shared from Mark Friesen , Great research Mark.

For Those Who Doubt the Plandemic Movie

I researched some of the “facts” going around claiming to have “debunked” the movie, which are being regurgitated by many who prefer to remain asleep and won’t put the effort in to research things themselves. Here is what I found along with all of my supporting sources…


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Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity – Are you willing to take the risk?

Published on Apr 11, 2020
Why are the world’s top vaccine promoters, like Paul Offit and Peter Hotez, frantically warning us about the unique and frightening dangers inherent in developing a coronavirus vaccine? Scientists first attempted to develop coronavirus vaccines after China’s 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies terminating with fatal lung infections. Researchers had seen this same “enhanced immune response” during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1960s. Two children died. Offit, Hotez and even Anthony Fauci (in an unguarded moment), have warned that any new coronavirus vaccine could trigger lethal immune reactions when vaccinated people come in contact with the wild virus. Instead of proceeding with caution, Fauci has made the reckless choice to fast track vaccines, partially funded by Gates, without animal studies (that could provide early warning of runaway immune response). Gates is so worried about the danger that he says he won’t distribute his vaccines until governments agree to indemnify him against lawsuits. On Feb 4th 2020, when there were only 11 active CV cases in the USA, the U.S. quietly pushed through Federal regulations giving coronavirus vaccine makers full immunity from liability. Are you willing to take the risk.


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ID2020, Conditioning of the Populous

The proposal is a digital certificate that verifies if you have been vaccinated and was developed by MIT and Microsoft. They are looking at merging this with Bill Gates’ ID2020. It is entirely possible that this scare has been a deliberate plot to get people to accept these digital implants. Refuse, and you will be prohibited from social gatherings. Like 9/11 conditioned us to be x-rayed before entering a plane, now the next stage is to embed digital markers that they have been using in dogs and cats.

The United Nations’ WHO is part of this ID2020. Scaring the world and making people feel unsafe unless they are certified not to have this coronavirus just may be part of the plot behind the curtain.

The health industry is destroying the world economy and making people feel unsafe. Unemployment is skyrocketing as people lose their jobs and will be then conditioned that if they have been certified, then and only then will they be safe to return to the workforce.

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Must Listen To Recording

You do not need to upload the app to listen…this was recorded BEFORE the 2016 election!


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ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL MAY 24: AGENDA: Grinding America Down **FULL MOVIE – FREE until May 24th! www.AgendaDocumentary.com


When Idaho legislator Curtis Bowers wrote a “letter to the editor” about the drastic changes in America’s culture, it became the feature story on the evening news, people protested at the capitol, and for weeks the local newspapers were filled with responses. He realized then… he’d hit on something. Ask almost anyone and you’ll hear, “Communism is dead! The Berlin Wall came down.” And though the word communism isn’t used anymore, this film will show the ideas behind it are alive and well. Join Bowers for a fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted America’s morality and freedom in their effort to grind America down. It’s not just another conspiracy theory. It’s a well documented agenda

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Nursing Homes Are Hot Spots in the Crisis. But Don’t Try Suing Them

Another protected “big” organization to NOT be held responsible for injuring you and your families, immune from lawsuits for shoddy behavior and endangering lives…ala big Pharma, big banking, big business…

In the chaotic days of late March, as it became clear that New York was facing a catastrophic outbreak of the coronavirus, aides to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo quietly inserted a provision on Page 347 of New York’s final, voluminous budget bill.

Many lawmakers were unaware of the language when they approved the budget a few days later. But it provided unusual legal protections for an influential industry that has been devastated by the crisis: nursing home operators.

The measure, lobbied for by industry representatives, shielded nursing homes from many lawsuits over their failure to protect residents from death or sickness caused by the coronavirus.

Now, weeks later, more than 5,300 residents of nursing homes in New York are believed to have died from the outbreak, and their relatives are finding that because of the provision, they may not be able to pursue legal action against the homes’ operators over allegations of neglect.

[ #CuomoCorruptionInc ]
Cuomo’s aides said nursing homes were not singled out for protection, noting that the provision also shields hospitals and other health care facilities. As New York anticipated a surge of patients, officials wanted other facilities, including nursing homes, to take in Covid-19 patients and expand bed capacity, they said. Their goal was to protect health care workers from litigation during an emergency.

Read more


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“The case against China gets stronger by the day. It is increasingly clear that the Chinese Communist Party and Politburo concealed, falsified..

“The case against China gets stronger by the day. It is increasingly clear that the Chinese Commun – https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/proof-german-intelligence-says-china-asked-the-who-to-help-it-cover-up-covid-19/

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Ridiculous …

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Why is she still in Congress?
Why is she still in America?

Sociopath: Ilhan Omar Just Got Caught Raising Money for a Minnesota Food Store and Pocketing the Cash 


Ilhan Omar’s deleted fundraising tweet sends red flags flying


Heh …

Hours after Pittsburgh dumped sand on skate park, a pile of sand was left at city hall

That’ll teach ’em…


They’ll protect him, with more lies and bullshit..

Obama Panics – President Obama Gives Political Operatives and Media Talking Points to Protect Him…


Yes it is…..


Walmart and Costco are examples of ‘essential services.’ They operate under the direct regulation of the Health Department and any other agency of State and Local government that wants a shot at them.

We must fight for religious freedom—not to be an ‘essential service’, as if we are a retail…

View original post 82 more words

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It’s Time for Trump to Come Home to His Voters


By:                  Josh Hammer

It's Time for Trump to Come Home to His Voters

Historians recognize some U.S. presidential elections as realignment elections — elections that fundamentally alter and reconfigure the various voting constituencies of our major political parties.

The 2016 presidential election was one such realignment election. The preexisting blue-red partisan split was, at its core, deeply artificial: Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party had merely been operating along slightly different points within a broader mutually shared neoliberal paradigm.

But the 2016 election was an earthquake that uprooted that doomed consensus. It was a broadside against the neoliberal elites who have largely dominated both major political parties for the better part of a century. It was a cri de coeur against those, both Republican and Democrat alike, who would outsource our sovereignty to transnational tribunals under the guise of “comity.” It was a rebellion against those who would cynically profit…

View original post 540 more words

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CORONA Plandemic

Premiered Apr 19, 2020
Covid-19 Stimulation Training Exercise 2019 https://www.who.int/emergencies/disea… Event 201 Covid Simulation Forum Discussions https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.o… Senario’s for the Future of Technology and International Developement http://www.nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/… This Next Site is the “UNHOLY GRAIL”, of THE ENTIRE PANDORA’S BOX OF CORONA PLANDEMIC and FAR MUCH MORE! as I have explained in this video you can find the details as I have explained in this video here https://www.weforum.org/


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DOCTORS IN BLACK – PlanDemic, global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom

Published on May 5, 2020
ABOUT THE FILM. Truth of Doctors – Features scientist, Dr Judy Mikovits PHD. , Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the ocean and meditating in nature. Nations are collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting for food. The media has generated so much confusion and fear that people are begging for salvation in a syringe. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new horror movie. This is our current reality. Let’s back up to address how we got here… In the early 1900s, America’s first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural healing modalities were unscientific quackery. Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic and toxic drugs. Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers. Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Rockefeller’s secret weapon to success was the strategy known as, “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution. Sound familiar? Flash forward to 2020… They named it COVID19. Our leaders of world health predicted millions would die. The National Guard was deployed. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid connect. The plan is unfolding with precision. But the masters of the Pandemic underestimated one thing… the people. Medical professionals and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online. The overlords of big tech have ordered all dissenting voices to be silenced and banned, but they are too late. The slumbering masses are awake and aware that something is not right. Quarantine has provided the missing element: time. Suddenly, our overworked citizenry has ample time to research and investigate for themselves. Once you see, you can’t unsee. The window of opportunity is open like never before. For the first time in human history, we have the world’s attention. Plandemic will expose the scientific and political elite who run the scam that is our global health system, while laying out a new plan; a plan that allows all of humanity to reconnect with healing forces of nature. 2020 is the code for perfect vision. It is also the year that will go down in history as the moment we finally opened our eyes. #plandemic #DoctorsinBlack #doctormovie #doctorfilm


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Tanzania suspends laboratory head after president questions coronavirus tests

Read more:


DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) – Tanzania has suspended the head of its national health laboratory in charge of testing for the coronavirus and ordered an investigation, a day after President John Magufuli questioned the tests’ accuracy.

Magufuli said on Sunday the imported test kits were faulty as they had returned positive results on a goat and a pawpaw — among several non-human samples submitted for testing, with technicians left deliberately unaware of their origins.

He did not say where the kits had been imported from or why the authorities had been suspicious of the results.

Catherine Sungura, acting head of communications at the ministry of health, said in a statement on Monday the director of the laboratory and its quality assurance manager had been immediately suspended “to pave way for the investigation”.

Sungura said a 10-person committee had been formed to investigate the laboratory’s operations, including its process of collecting and testing samples.

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UPDATED: Dr. Fauci Likely Broke US Regulations and US Law When He Funded Wuhan Lab to Continue Coronavirus Projects That Were Banned in US in 2014

Read here:



Now we can report that the leader of the US task force overseeing the country’s response to the China coronavirus, Dr. Tony Fauci, was the one who funded the Wuhan bat virus work and kept it going.

If these research projects were banned in the US was it legal and appropriate for Dr. Fauci and NIAID to use taxpayer dollars to continue to fund the research in Wuhan, China?

Was Dr. Fauci ever going to explain his conflict of interest?

Did Dr. Fauci skirt US law to fund these dangerous projects in China?

Should the man in charge of the flawed US policy to treat and contain the China virus be trusted when he has not been upfront with his connections to the Wuhan research projects?

The Times of Israel reported:

Back in October 2014, the US government had placed a federal moratorium on gain-of-function (GOF) research—altering natural pathogens to make them more deadly and infectious–as a result of rising fears about a possible pandemic caused by accidental or deliberate release of these genetically engineered monster germs.

This was in part due to lab accidents at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in July 2014 that raised questions about biosafety at US high-containment labs…

…A CDC internal report described how scientists failed to follow proper procedures to ensure samples were inactivated before they left the lab, and also found “multiple other problems” with operating procedures in the anthrax lab.

As such in October 2014, due to public health concerns the US government banned all federal funding on efforts to weaponize three viruses—influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

In the face of a moratorium in the US, Dr. Anthony Fauci–director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and currently the leading doctor in the US Coronavirus Task Force–outsourced in 2015 the GOF research to China’s Wuhan lab and licensed the lab to continue receiving federal funding.

The Wuhan lab is now at the center of scrutiny for possibly releasing theSARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and causing the global Covid-19 pandemic.

What more does Dr. Fauci have in his past that he has not revealed to the American public?

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Nikki Haley: China’s coronavirus actions are just one of many threats it poses

I think you’ll appreciate my latest Op-ed on the threat Communist China poses to all of us in the free world. Please take a moment to read it below or at washingtonpost.com.

Thank you for your support and if you agree, please take a moment to share our Stop Communist China petition with your friends.

“I tell you it is no use arguing with a Communist. It’s no good trying to convert a Communist or persuade him.”

— Winston Churchill

As the Soviet Union was spreading its control over Eastern Europe following the Second World War, then-former British prime minister Winston Churchill was prophetic in his description of what it would take to outlast the Communist empire without resorting to war.

“The only thing to do,” Churchill continued, “was to convince them that you have superior force . . . and that is the greatest chance of peace, the surest road to peace.”

At the time, Churchill’s prophesy was unwelcome in the war-weary West. Still, successive U.S. presidents largely adhered to his advice. The Soviet Communists were never converted or persuaded. They were defeated, mostly without war, by superior Western economic, diplomatic and military power, and by a more determined and inspiring vision of humanity.

Today’s challenge from the Chinese Communists must be seen the same way.

As in Churchill’s time, most Americans don’t want to hear about epic threats. We are weary of perpetual battles with terrorists and the massive dangers and disruptions associated with today’s pandemic.

But such threats don’t wait until we are ready for them. Like the pandemic, they arrive on their own timeline.

With lies and coverups, China will continue to try to hide its responsibility for failing to contain a virus that began in Wuhan, is killing hundreds of thousands worldwide and doing untold economic destruction.

But deceit about the virus is not the worst danger Chinese Communism poses. It is just its most glaring symptom. A virus can start in any country. The threats coming from China do not come from any other country.

In the past month alone, China has brazenly expanded its reach. In Hong Kong, it has arrested leading pro-democracy activists and is attempting to criminalize criticism of the Chinese government. It is increasing its hostile actions in the South China Sea, which one-third of the world’s shipping passes through. And the State Department has reported concerns about Chinese nuclear weapons testing in violation of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

That’s just the past month. China has a years-long track record of brutality and aggression.

Domestically, it has vastly enlarged its military capabilities, created an Orwellian surveillance state and forced more than a million of its minority citizens into “re-education” camps.

Internationally, it has stolen intellectual property at unprecedented levels, taken over United Nations’ agencies such as the World Health Organization, exerted its leverage over poor countries with terrible debt deals and harassed its Asian neighbors, none more so than the free people of Taiwan.

The free world ignores this pattern at our peril.

From the 1970s through the Obama administration, U.S. leaders from both parties operated under the theory that as China grew stronger economically it would become more free and less aggressive, as had happened in other countries. However, in the case of China, that theory was disastrously wrong. As it gathered economic strength, China moved in the opposite direction, becoming less free and more aggressive.

Why was China different? Go back to Churchill’s explanation. The Communist Party thoroughly controls China’s military, commerce, technology and education. Everything its leaders do is aimed at expanding the party’s power. It is why they ethnically cleanse minorities. Why they impose a surveillance state. Why they cannot tolerate freedom in Hong Kong. Why they insist they will take over Taiwan. Why they claim South China Sea territory that is not theirs. Why they steal intellectual property. Why they seek to dominate poor countries and international organizations. Why they expand their nuclear arsenal. China is a dangerously different power because it is steadfastly committed to a Communist ideology that views its system as superior and seeks its advancement in every way.

China is far from the U.S. homeland. But America’s security depends on preventing distant powers from amassing enough strength to threaten us. In the past hundred years, we have stopped Germany twice and the Soviet Union for that reason. Now we face an expansionist Communist China whose economic power vastly exceeds anything the Soviets had during the Cold War. It is manifestly in our security interests to counter this threat.

This is not America’s challenge alone; free countries must unite to face it. In the Pacific region, Japan, India and Australia recognize the Chinese danger. Our European friends have been slower to the cause, but Chinese duplicity on the novel coronavirus is waking them up. Developing nations that once bought into China’s false generosity are now seeing through a clearer lens.

Focusing on China’s reprehensible actions in this pandemic is necessary, but the virus is just a small part of the threats China poses. The sooner the world recognizes that, the better prepared it will be to stop it. And as Churchill noted, preparation is the surest road to peace.

Click here to read at The Washington Post.

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Videos: Spying on the Scammers. How a hacker hacked an Indian scam center with video of scammers

4 must watch videos…if you can’t watch now, bookmark to watch later. After you watch, send to everyone who has a computer

Truly unreal how much money they were making. Pretty consistently making over 400K a month. Hacker g – https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/videos-spying-on-the-scammers-how-a-hacker-hacked-an-indian-scam-center-with-video-of-scammers-all-the-inner-workings/

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Conspiracy: #3 listed in an encyclopedia as the common cold?

via Conspiracy: #3 listed in an encyclopedia as the common cold?

Nice find, another reason physical books are so important!

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Operation Nemesis 2.0

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HomeBreaking News › Operation Nemesis 2.0

Operation Nemesis 2.0

Posted on April 26, 2020 by Paul Vallely

Operation Nemesis 2.0

Retribution against
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

By Steve Bannon and MG Paul Vallely (US Army, Ret.)

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Released by: Stand Up America US Foundation

Decoupling New York from the CCP

Tragically, New York, the No. l city of the world, becomes the epicenter of America. Over the last four decades, New York is also the city being infiltrated the most by the CCP. “To conquer the enemies, the first priority is to capture the head”, states a Chinese proverb. To counteract the CCP, the priority is to start cleansing the CCP infiltration from New York. Not only will this greatly help New York recover from the pandemic, but also it will set a good model for the rest of the nation, leading the entire nation and the western countries to a recovery. The sooner these actions could be implemented, the sooner the recovery will be.

On April 16th, an article titled, “Comparing New York with Hong Kong, Why Is Hong Kong So Lucky (in this Pandemic)?” (https://www.epochtimes.com/b5/20/4/16/n12035199.htm) was published in the Epoch Times (Chinese version).

The article states that both New York and Hong Kong are world financial centers. The population in New York is 8.5 million, while Hong Kong is one million less, or 7.5 million. Both cities are tourist centers, attracting almost the same number of tourists, each at a whopping 65 million every year. In terms of tourists from mainland China, New York receives 1.1 million visitors from mainland China every year, while Hong Kong receives a shocking 51 million annually, 46 times that of New York. Geographically, New York is 7,500 miles from Wuhan, while Hong Kong is only 570 miles away, 13 times closer. Just about every figure suggests that Hong Kong should have a much higher risk of pandemic outbreaks than New York. However, the actual pandemic data are exactly the opposite.

As of April 16, the number of confirmed infections in New York is 110,465, compared to 1,016 in Hong Kong; New York is 100 times higher. The number of deaths in New York is 7,905, compared to only 4 in Hong Kong; New York is almost 2,000 times higher. As of April 16, Hong Kong remained still open, while New York already implemented shelter-in-place for over 3 weeks. What is wrong with New York?

“The Closer to Chinese Communist Party, The Worse the Pandemic”

On March 11 and April 23, 2020, The Epoch Times published two consecutive editorials on the pandemic, disclosing the deep, mysterious insights, “The pandemic comes to target the Communist Party, it is to eliminate the CCP and pro-communist elements. Out of China, the areas that are hit the hardest in the pandemic are those close to the CCP, those that used to ‘transfuse blood’ to the CCP, back up the CCP. The same is true for many infected individuals.”

As the world’s No.1 city, New York is the center of the global economy, finance, commerce, and media. It also has a great influence on global politics, education, and entertainment. It is where the headquarters of the United Nations, WHO and other international organizations are located. Through decades of penetration, these organizations are heavily controlled by the CCP.

The significance of New York city made it the No. 1 target of the CCP’s infiltration. “Through infiltrating New York ’s economy, finance, commerce, media, culture, education, the Chinese community and every other field, not only does the Chinese Communist Party manage to send commercial profits and trade secrets back to China; but also exports the Chinese Communist Party ’s ideology and human rights persecution overseas. At the same time, the CCP has attempted to seize the world leadership, to counteract the United States.” (1)

The editorial on April 23, 2020 also provided “Good Prescriptions for the Pandemic”:
“If individuals, organizations, and countries can take actions to stay far away from the CCP, denounce the CCP, and stop backing up the CCP, they can alleviate or even avoid the pandemic attacks and welcome a good future.” (1)

Wall Street Must End Transfusing Blood to the CCP

For the Communist China regime to survive, one necessity is wealth – like blood for a human. Sadly, the survival of the CCP is sustained by Wall Street, the American financial capital. Wall street has played a dominant role in transfusing blood to the CCP for many years. “Wall Street has become the backstage supporter which financially sustains the Chinese Communist regime.”(1)

“In the past 20 plus years, financial groups on Wall Street have been encouraging Americans to invest in Chinese businesses. Meanwhile, large financial firms underwrite transactions for Chinese firms to purchase or control U.S. companies, real estate, and other businesses. Wall Street was also lobbying policy-makers for decisions that favor China.” (2)

For an instance, the three major institutions (MSCI- Morgan Stanley Capital International, FTSE Russell, Bloomberg Index) have endorsed A-share stocks and CCP government bonds, enriching the CCP by at least $500B. Many securities firms, investment banks, and accounting firms colluded with China to cheat, helping more than a thousand Chinese companies to profit through IPOs. Besides, JP Morgan establishes a “Children Project” that hires the children of the CCP elites. This project has become a symbol of close cooperation between Wall Street and the CCP elites. (2)

Wall Street should end the blood transfusion to China and separate itself from the CCP:
1. move the wealth back to America or elsewhere until the CCP collapses
2. end “Children Projects” and let go CCP agents within American firms
3. stop IPO of Chinese companies until the CCP collapses
4. audit Chinese companies enlisted on the stock market

Not only will these actions greatly accelerate the disintegration of the CCP, but also will protect Wall Street itself and New York from the pandemic. Only by ending the collaboration with the CCP, Wall Street could welcome a good future.

End the CCP’s Propaganda at Time Square and Other Media

Time Square is the landmark of New York City. “Since August 1, 2011, Xinhua News has maintained a 24/7 presence on a 60-by-40-foot billboard overlooking Times Square. ‘The sign sits atop flashing ads for Prudential, Coca-Cola, and Samsung, making it one of the most visible billboards in the world,’ reported NPR.”(2)

“On May 19, 2011, the CCP’s mouthpiece Xinhua moved its North American headquarters to 1540 Broadway with a 20-year lease. Another mouthpiece, People’s Daily Online, became a tenant of the Empire State Building on July 13, 2011.” (2)

“China Daily has been paying major U.S. newspapers for supplements or inserts, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today. All the inserts are called ‘China Watch,’ and all the content are from China Daily.”

Taking advantage of “Freedom of Speech”, the CCP propaganda has been insidiously spreading the poisonous communism ideology to brainwash American public(3). Freedom of Speech is not for the evil to spread its poisons. All forms of CCP propaganda in New York, including billboards at Time Square and around the city, advertorial inserts into American newspaper, (e.g. New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.), CCTV, China Daily, People’s Daily (by Xinhua News Agency), China Global Television Network (CGTN), China Radio International, should end as soon as possible.

All Universities and Colleges in New York Must Stop Collaborating with the CCP

“In the name of cultural exchange and collaboration, the CCP has launched Confucius Institutes, donated funds, and instructed Chinese students to steal information and suppress freedom of speech on U.S. campuses. According to the U.S. Department of Education, at least 9 top colleges in the U.S. received funding from China’s tech giant Huawei in the past 6 years, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, University of California at Berkeley, and Cornell.” (2)

The infiltration into American universities and colleges is an important part of China’s overseas propaganda setup. Hence,
1. all universities and colleges must stop accepting donations from any Chinese companies or Chinese organizations.
2. All professors, intellectuals must stop collaborating with Chinese universities/institutes/companies.
3. All Confucius Institutes must be immediately shut down.
4. The CCP agents on campus must be dismissed.

End the Chinese Communist Party’s Infiltration of U.S. Communities

“Chinatown communities in Manhattan and Flushing, New York have been controlled by the CCP for decades. For example, the Northeast Chinese Community Federation (unofficial translation of its Chinese name) is one of three CPPRC (Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China) organizations established in New York.”(2)

Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China (APPRC) has about 200 branches worldwide. All of them are strong advocates for the Chinese regime. “Experts say the organization’s goal is to advance China’s interests and silence criticism of the emerging superpower. In fact, these associations affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party often disguise themselves as ordinary NGOs.” (2)

Another example is Ms. Li Huahong, the leader of a local communist front group in Flushing, NY called the Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance, has been organizing brutal assaults on Falun Gong practitioners since at early as 2008.

All these NGOs affiliated with the CCP must be disbanded with the key leaders being investigated.

End the Sister-Cities with Beijing – the Capital of Communist China

As early as 1980, New York formed sister-cities with Beijing- the capital of Communist China. Brooklyn of New York formed sister-cities with Chaoyang District of Beijing and city of Yiwu in 2014. There are more pairs of sister-cities with the CCP in the area. In the name of friendship, all these sister-cities are set up by the CCP to further infiltrate New York city government and communities. The New York city should end these sister-cities with the CCP, especially the one with Beijing, to prevent the city from being exploited.


  1. The Closer to Chinese Communist Party, the Worse the Pandemic; And Good Prescriptions for the Pandemic“, The Epoch Editorial, April 23, 2020, See Appendix 1 https://www.epochtimes.com/b5/20/4/19/n12042989.htm
  2. Chinese Communist Party’s Growing Clout and Explosion of Coronavirus Cases in
    New York and the U.S.”,
    minghui.org, April 8, 2020,
    http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2020/4/8/183954.html (part 1)
    http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2020/4/9/183964.html (part 2)
  3. How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World“, The Epoch Editorial, 2018, https://www.theepochtimes.com/c-how-the-specter-of-communism-is-ruling-our-world

Appendix 1.

The Closer to Chinese Communists Party, the Worse the Pandemic.

and Good Prescriptions for the Pandemic

by Epoch Editorial Department, April 23, 2020
(a word-by-word translation of Chinese version made possible by volunteers)

This year, the CCP virus (commonly known as Coronavirus, Covid-19, or Wuhan Virus) has spread rapidly under the cover-up and concealment of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), causing incalculable losses to the world. The pandemic seems irregular, but its spreading route clearly points out the target and purpose of this virus: it is coming to target the CCP, to eliminate the CCP and its allies.

So far, the CCP virus has spread to most of the countries in the world, with more than 2.6 million people infected and nearly 200,000 dead. In face of horrifying loss in human lives as well as the enormous economic loss, governments and people around the world urgently need to reflect upon the relationship between the pandemic and the Communist Party. How should individuals and the country avoid the pandemic and save themselves?

The history of the Communist Party’s rage in the world is a dark history intertwined with war, famine, plague and death. An article published by the Epoch editorial department for “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” (note: full article available at http://www.NineCommentaries.com) clearly indicates that “the essence of communism is an evil specter”, and “its ultimate goal is to destroy mankind”. “The CCP is the last representative of the communist evil specter on earth”.

The CCP ’s 70-year-long tyranny slaughtered 80 million Chinese people, destroyed traditional Chinese culture and morals. In the past 30 years, from the massacre of students in 1989, to the suppression and torture of Falun Gong practitioners since 1999, to the suppression and torture of an even wider population of people, the violence and lies of the Chinese Communist Party have brought massive catastrophes to the Chinese nation and the world.

Overseas, for nearly 40 years, the Chinese Communist Party has been using economic benefits as a bait, utilizing globalization, Confucius Institutes, and the “One Belt and One Road” initiative as cover-ups, exploiting various channels such as politics, economy, culture, education, science and technology, etc. to export corruption and infiltration to countries around the world, to spread the communist ideology, to “lure people away from the divine, to betray the divine, so as to achieve its ultimate agenda of destroying mankind.”

Those countries and regions that have been lured by the CCP have strengthened their ties with the CCP and supported CCP’s agendas, but they do not know that bad luck will follow almost at the same time. The spread of the CCP Virus this time clearly demonstrates that the pandemic is spreading along countries, cities, organizations and individuals who are closely tied with the Chinese Communist Party.

Why Is New York Hit Hard?

As of April 23, 2019, according to statistic data from the Johns Hopkins University website, there were more than 840,000 confirmed cases and more than 40,000 deaths in the United States. The number of cases diagnosed in New York State accounts for one-third of the country, and the number of deaths accounts for nearly half. The severe epidemic situation in the United States has a lot to do with its history of “blood transfusion” to the CCP and supports to the CCP.

Since President Nixon ’s visit to China in 1972, the United States has provided critical supports to the Chinese Communist Party in various forms in the fields of politics, military affairs, diplomacy, economics, finance, education, science and technology. The United States opened the door for the CCP to enter the international society. As a result, a gigantic amount of Western wealth was moved to the communist China, making China a “world factory.”

American political circle and think tanks believe that it is the United States that has rebuilt China and fed the CCP fat. The re-positioning of the CCP and policy changes have only taken place in recent years. Without the assistance of the United States, without the support from so many global companies, high-tech giants, and gigantic financial companies, there would be no way for the CCP to quickly rise from a regime on the verge of economic collapse to an “evil axis” that dares to challenge the United States.

As the world’s No.1 city, New York is the center of the global economy, finance, commerce, and media. It also has great influence on global politics, education, and entertainment. It is where the headquarter of the United Nations is. In view of its special status and influence, New York’s shifting wealth to the CCP, as well as New York’s support to the CCP has generated inestimable effects.

Wall Street of New York, representing American financial capital, has “transfused blood” to the Chinese Communist Party for many years. It has become the backstage supporter which financially sustains the Chinese Communist regime.

Through infiltrating New York ’s economy, finance, commerce, media, culture, education, Chinese community and every other field, not only does the Chinese Communist Party manage to send commercial profits and trade secrets back to China; but also exports the Chinese Communist Party ’s ideology and human rights persecution overseas. At the same time, the CCP has attempted to seize the world leadership, to counteract the United States.

One clear evidence is the CCP’s infiltration and manipulation of the United Nations and other international organizations in New York. After this epidemic outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO), under the control of its Director-General Tedros Adhanom, concealed the outbreak for the CCP, released misinformation, and misled countries around the world in epidemic prevention.

These factors have made New York the major target of the CCP virus this year.

CCP’s “Close Comrade-in-Arms” Iran Suffered a Severe Pandemic

Iran is a “close comrade-in-arms” of the Chinese Communist Party. Although Iran’s epidemic data do not seem as high as those in some European and American countries, given the fact that both Iran and the Chinese Communist Party are authoritarian regimes, concealment and “stability maintenance” measures must have been adopted to handle the epidemic. It is widely believed that the official numbers of infections and deaths in Iran are significantly lower than the real numbers.

It is worth mentioning that many high-ranking Iranian officials were infected, and many of them died. The first vice president, the deputy minister of health and other politicians were infected.

For many years, Iran has been subject to international sanctions for supporting terrorist attacks and developing nuclear weapons. It has been almost isolated from the world. The reason why it was hit hard by the CCP virus this time is because the CCP brought the epidemic to its door.

The CCP is the backstage supporter of Iran. It has long provided financial aids and weapons to the Iranian regime. The CCP even provides key nuclear weapon technology to Iran in order to threaten and counteract democratic countries. In addition, the Chinese Communist Party openly violated the trade ban, imported a large amount of Iranian oil, and made enormous investments in Iran in the past 10 years. The CCP has become Iran’s largest trading partner. In the “One Belt and One Road” initiative launched by the CCP in 2013, Iran is set up as an important link. Iran is the strategic hub for the CCP to penetrate Europe, Asia and Africa to export its communist hegemony through the “One Belt and One Road Initiative”.

Various European Countries: the more pro-CCP It Is, the Worse the Pandemic

Excluding the CCP and Iran that conceal the epidemic in their countries, Spain is currently the worst-hit nation right after the United States. In Spain, approximately 200,000 people were infected and 20,000 died. Even three close relatives of Prime Minister Sanchez and the deputy prime minister of the cabinet were diagnosed with the infection.

The severe epidemic sent a strong warning to Spain: the government ’s pro-communist policy has brought misfortune to the country.

Spain was the first European country that demonstrated good friendship to the Chinese Communist Party after the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989. Prime Minister Sanchez, after taking office in 2018, chose to work even closer with the CCP. Not only did he reaffirm the “strategic partnership” with the CCP, but also officially appreciated the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. When the CCP was criticized by many countries for cover-up of the epidemic, Sanchez repeatedly expressed his support for the CCP.

Italy is another European country being hit hard in this pandemic. The root cause is also the “intimate” relationship between the Italian government and the CCP.

Italy, a member of G7, is a developed and democratic country. But despite the opposition of Western allies, Italy formed an alliance with the Chinese Communist Party in March 2019 to “strengthen a comprehensive strategic partnership”. Italy became the first European country to sign the Chinese Communist Party’s “One Belt and One Road” agreement.

Besides, Italy has formed 74 pairs of sister-cities with the Chinese Communist Party, including Lombardy, the city with the highest number of infections and deaths, and cities such as Milan, Venice, and Bergamo.

Other big European countries such as Britain, France, and Germany are also caught in the slough of the CCP virus. People have suffered huge losses. Even the British Prime Minister was infected. He was once admitted to the ICU. What these countries share is that they have been remarkably close to the CCP in recent years. One example is: the CCP wants to use Huawei’s 5G to penetrate the globe. Britain, France, and Germany all ignored the warning from the United States and gave a green light to Huawei.

The regions with the worst outbreaks in these countries, from London of England, Oise of France, and North Rhine-Westphalia of Germany, all forged “friendship” with the Chinese Communist Party.

When the pandemic hit the world, the painful experiences of European countries sounded the alarm to the world.

Different Pandemic Situations among China’s Neighbors: Some Hit Hard, Some Not

Compared with European and American countries, the pandemic situation in the surrounding areas of China more intuitively demonstrates the correlation between the epidemic and the CCP.

Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are all close neighbors of China. The number of people infected in Hong Kong and Taiwan is far less than that of Japan and South Korea. The key reason for the difference is the different attitude towards the CCP.

A few days ago, both Japan and South Korea had more than 10,000 infected cases. But in Hong Kong and Taiwan, where closer trade and economic relations with China exist, the number of infections is slightly over 1,000 in Hong Kong and
400 + in Taiwan. In Hong Kong, the early cases were imported from China, and the later infected cases include riot policemen (note: those who aided the CCP in suppressing Hong Kong protest last year) and pro-government personnel. Most cases in Taiwan are imported from abroad.

Since South Korea established diplomatic relationship with the Chinese Communist Party in 1992, it has gradually strengthened its economic and trade relations with the CCP. After the current government came to power, it has worked even closer with the CCP to increase bilateral investment.

Although the relationship between the Japanese government and the CCP is not close, many Japanese companies have invested in China, thereby they rely on the CCP and “transfuse blood” to the CCP. Japan and the CCP have formed 256 pairs of sister-cities or sister-provinces. Among them, Hokkaido, Tokyo, Aichi Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture and other regions have suffered serious epidemic attack.

Both Hong Kong and Taiwan have extremely close economic and trade relations with China, but the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan have not been blinded by the economic benefits. In 2019, the people of Hong Kong became awakened and launched a massive anti-CCP campaign, which not only initiated the peaceful anti-tyranny movement to disintegrate the CCP, but also greatly inspired the people of Taiwan to recognize the true nature of the CCP and become more determined to denounce the CCP.

In Taiwan, there is no shelter-in-place, the economy is not suspended, but the number of infections and deaths is one of the lowest in the world. The key to Taiwan ’s anti-epidemic success lies in its distrust in the CCP and WHO, which is manipulated by the CCP.

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan reveals the secret of the success in the epidemic prevention and self-help during this pandemic caused by the CCP virus: only rejecting the CCP can resist the CCP virus!

A Good Anti-Pandemic Medicine: Stay far away from the CCP and Denounce the CCP

The Great Plagues often come and go silently, but their targets are traceable, which can also be identified from historical records. For example, the plague at the end of the Ming Dynasty in China only targeted the Ming army, but did not affect Li Zicheng (note: a rebellion leader) or the Qing army (note: the invasion force); the Roman Empire experienced four major plagues. According to historical records, Christians were immune to the plague, so these plagues were regarded as punishments on the perpetrators of persecution (over Christians).

One can see this plague is not accidental. The pandemic was triggered by the CCP ’s crimes and spread globally due to the CCP ’s concealment. The spread route of the virus clearly shows its selective distribution with the CCP being the target. The pandemic comes to target the Communist Party, it is to eliminate the CCP and pro-communist elements. Out of China, the areas that are hit the hardest in the pandemic are those close to the CCP, those that used to “transfuse blood” to the CCP, back up the CCP. The same is true for many infected individuals. This points out a “life-saving channel” to governments and people of all countries.

Recently, the media reported some cases in which people infected with the CCP virus miraculous recovered after denouncing the CCP.

In March of this year, Santiago Abascal, the leader of Spain ’s third largest party – VOX Party (also translated as Voice Party, or People’s Voice Party), along with its second leader, Secretary General Javier Ortega Smith and another political leader were successively infected with the CCP virus. But after three of them condemned the CCP, the symptoms in these three people all disappeared.

In late March, the Turkish woman Makbule Sevim, who now resides in France, was diagnosed with the CCP virus. She was unable to eat. The doctor told her that “there is no medical cure.” Sevim was severely desperate, even wanted to commit suicide. Her nephew who practices Falun Gong suggested that she sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance is good!” Sevim seized this life-saving opportunity and followed his suggestion. She then felt much better. She recalled: “Every time I recited these words, it made me feel I came back to life. Time after time. This is really a miracle!” Now, Sevim is fully recovered. She can continue to work and take care of her family.

In February of this year, Ms. Connie Brix of Denmark was infected with the CCP virus while traveling in Spain, and her condition became worse in March. After Connie learned the truth of the pandemic caused by the CCP virus, she furiously denounced the CCP for covering up the epidemic and harming the world. Unexpectedly, two days later, Connie’s symptoms disappeared, and she recovered miraculously.

There are also such cases in China. After a patient was diagnosed with CCP virus, the person denounced the CCP for covering up the epidemic and other evil crimes, the person then recovered miraculously. However, under the deception of the CCP ’s brainwashing propaganda, he thought his disease was cured by the CCP, then he became thankful to the CCP again. As a result, the virus came back, the test turned positive again, and the person was re-infected (note: this explains the medical puzzle – why some recovered did not develop immunity to this virus, later became infected again.)

The above examples show that the realization and attitude towards the evil CCP directly affect the immunity to the CCP virus – refusing the CCP and denouncing the CCP is a good way to resist the CCP virus; on the contrary, backing up the CCP, getting close to the CCP may attract the virus, even become re-infected after being cured.

In face of the pandemic, everyone is longing for being safe and healthy. Facing this sudden catastrophe, the effect of modern technology and management measures is limited. However, for thousands of years, the divine has been caring for the humanity. Looking up to the divine, upholding the inner goodness, reflecting upon the past actions, and denouncing the CCP – the biggest representative of the evil on earth, one can earn the blessings from the divine. This is the most fundamental protection for mankind in this pandemic, the way to stay far away from the CCP virus.

If someone is unfortunately infected with the CCP virus, he or she may wish to sincerely recite “bring down the CCP demons”, a miracle may appear.

If individuals, organizations, and countries can take actions to stay far away from the CCP, denounce the CCP, and stop backing up the CCP, they can alleviate or even avoid the pandemic attacks and welcome a good future.

This plague came targeting the CCP, and it will change as people’s attitude towards the CCP changes. For various reasons, many people are reluctant to accept, believe, or face this problem. But out of concerns and responsibilities for the human health, we hope to point out the truth and let more people benefit from it and stay free from the pandemic. May the kind-hearted people get through this crisis and disaster as soon as possible.

Contact: Paul E. Vallely E:mail standupamericausa1; Ph

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Robert F. Kennedy on Bill Gates Kill Rates

Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, who was fighting Bill Gates on vaccine policy, mysteriously ended up dying along with her boy in a “freak canoe accident”. Obviously it’s not hard to get two bodies dead from asphyxiation loaded onto a canoe and then tip the canoe over in deep water, but the BIG mystery is how both bodies sank to the bottom when dead women float breast up. So obviously Robert is pissed, and he is now letting it all out. See these quotes from Robert with regard to Bill Gates:
This was all said on April 8 2020:

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy – the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of “lesser humans.”

Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India’s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496, 000 children between 2000 and 2017.

In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously. In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.

In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23, 000 young girls in remote Indian provinces.

Approximately 1, 200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of a GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1, 048 of the 5, 049 children.

During Gates’ 2002 MenAfriVac campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates’ operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Between 50 and 500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for the drug makers.” Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philanthropic practices as “ruthless and immoral.”

In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later, Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.

A 2017 study (Morgensen et.Al.2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP vaccine is killing more African children than the diseases it pretends to prevent. Vaccinated girls suffer 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children. Gates and WHO have refused to recall the lethal vaccine which WHO forces upon millions of African children annually.

Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of hijacking WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases; clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development. They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal fetish-that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and PATH, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and a massive network of pharmaceutical-industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, develop fraudulent studies, conduct surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy and use Gates’ power and money to silence dissent and coerce compliance. In his recent nonstop Pharmedia appearances, Gates appears gleeful that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his third-world vaccine programs on American children.

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First vaccination volunteer dies 2 days after trial vaccine at Oxford

First vaccination volunteer dies 2 days afterward. Gee thanks, Bill Gates. Next time, let’s use you or one of your children.

Elisa Granato, the first volunteer who availed herself in Oxford for a jab in the first Europe human trial of a vaccine to protect against the coronavirus pandemic has died.

She died two days after the vaccine was administered, authorities have said and added that an investigation into the cause of the death has been initiated.

A statement by the researchers said Elisa had complications few hours after taking the vaccine and died while on admission.

Elisa Granato, who is a scientist, was one of the two who received the jab. Four other volunteer are said to be battling complications due to adverse reactions of the vaccine.

Officials say the four persons are being monitored against any adverse effects of the vaccine.

Researchers who are awaiting for an autopsy to be conducted believe the Elisa had an underlying health condition which was not disclosed to health officials.

“The four in critical conditions will be fine and these are expected reactions from the vaccines, hence a trial.” the researchers revealed and added that these observations would help improve on the vaccine before it becomes available for use by the public.


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Latest FAKE NEWS Lie: Poison Control Calls Are Up After Trump’s Disinfectant Remark

“Latest FAKE NEWS Lie: Poison Control Calls Are Up After Trump’s Disinfectant Remark”

Numerous reports in the liberal media are saying that poison control calls are up after Trump’s statement about disinfectant and bleach. Once again, it’s “factually inaccurate.” The media is using deceptive videos and false statements to make it look like Trump was at fault. In some cases, the calls are up, but they’ve been up ever since the COVID-19 crisis began and long before Trump’s remarks.

This is the link: https://lidblog.com/poison-control-calls-are/

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Trump Didn’t Tell People to Drink Drano or Inject Lysol!

And of course the Drive-Bys are saying, “Well, then why the hell did Lysol issue a national statement saying, ‘Please don’t drink this’?” Well, take a look at maybe who is the CEO of the parent company of Lysol if you want the answer to that question.

Video: https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/videos/

Via Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: Here is Nancy Pelosi. This is today. She held a press briefing. If the media and the Democrats believe that this is how they are going to defeat Donald Trump, then they have officially become detached and irrationally insane. Here is what she said.

PELOSI: The president is asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs and Mitch is saying that states should go bankrupt. It’s a clear, visible within 24 hours of how the Republicans reject science and reject governance. If you don’t believe in science and you don’t believe in governance, that’s their approach

Donald Trump never told anybody to inject Lysol in their arm. Donald Trump’s never done anything of the sort. Donald Trump expressed curiosity about some of the potential applications of what were announced, various discoveries that were announced at the briefing yesterday. It’s nothing more than that.

And now to say that Trump is ordering people to inject Lysol into their lungs? Who injects anything into their lungs? Or to drink Drano? Mitch McConnell didn’t tell states to go bankrupt. Mitch McConnell said, “We’re not bailing you out.” Our national debt’s already out of control. We’re not bailing you out. File for bankruptcy. And so now they’re all — I mean, Andrew Cuomo had an over-the-top reaction, Pelosi.

This is what Bill Bryan said, among other things, about what happens to the virus in various circumstances outside the body.

BRYAN: The virus dies the quickest in the presence of direct sunlight under these conditions. And when you look at that chart, look at the aerosol as you breathe it, you put it in a room, 70 to 75 degrees, 20% humidity, low humidity, the half-life is about an hour. But you get outside and it cuts down to a minute and a half.

Here’s what Trump said that they are distorting to saying he wanted to inject Lysol or drink Drano or Clorox or whatever the heck, here’s what he said.

THE PRESIDENT: So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way, and I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting. And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning, ’cause you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be

interesting to check that. So you’re going to have to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me, so we’ll see. But the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute, that’s pretty powerful.


RUSH: Now, he’s right on the money about light. He’s right on the money about it. He’s not exaggerating it. He’s not speculating. He’s not making it up. Ultraviolet light does kill viruses. This business about the disinfectants, “and then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we can do something like that by injection -” He’s not talking about injecting the disinfectant. He’s talking about is there a way to kill the virus in a similar way that disinfectants do.

Now, folks, it has long been known that ultraviolet light (UV) kills viruses and bacteria. This is known for a long time. The problem is that if it’s unfiltered, ultraviolet light is dangerous to humans and to human cells. What you have to do is filter out the dangerous UVC, ultraviolet C, leaving what’s called ultraviolet A light.

Then it becomes safe for human use. It has proven in the lab by a bunch of companies that at the right wattage and the right duration, ultraviolet A light is effective at killing a variety of viruses and bacteria — including the coronavirus. Ultraviolet A will kill the coronavirus. There is now a company making a product called Healight, H-e-a-l-i-g-h-t.

It was developed at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. The Healight is actually a catheter and is used on patients who are intubated, who have a breathing tube. So what happens is that the catheter, the Healight (that’s its brand name) is embedded with small LED lights that emit ultraviolet A in a specific way.

The Healight is inserted into the breathing tube of an intubated patient, and the light emitted from those days LEDs kills a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. The company that is behind the creation of this contraption has a video explaining and showing how it works. The video is largely text, what I just told you

The company that is behind the creation of this contraption has a video explaining and showing how it works. The video is largely text, what I just told you.

There is a graphic. There is a little video showing the devices — the catheter — actually being inserted in the breathing tube of an intubated patient. They’re intubated, then they turn the LED lights on, and they graphically replicate what happens. The bottom line is it’s in its early stages and phases.

But second of all, we do chemotherapy, which is very cytotoxic, which is why it works, but it’s been manufactured in a way that it’s very effective and helps people. And as far as inhaling it, we’ve been doing pulmonary lavage for years. I’m in health care for over 40 years. We’ve been doing pulmonary lavage since the 1920s and they’re picking up steam and they’re using it for a lot of respiratory ailments very effectively to give people the relief they need to recover.

Read more:

Video Illustrates UV Catheter Treatment

This announcement was made yesterday at the coronavirus task force briefing by William Bryan, who is the acting undersecretary for science and technology at Homeland Security.

He said that the Department of Homeland Security’s testing “showed that there was a very significant difference when the coronavirus is exposed to ultraviolet rays.” He said this yesterday, and that “extra care may be warranted for dry environments that do not have exposure to solar light.”

So they’re testing disinfectants including bleach, including rubbing alcohol on the coronavirus in saliva and respiratory fluids. Dr. Bryan said, “I can tell you that bleach will kill the virus in five minutes. Isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus in 30 seconds,” and again, that’s with no manipulation and no rubbing.

“We’ve identified,” he said, “that heat and humidity is a weakness in that chain. We’ve identified that sunlight, solar light, UV rays is a weakness in the chain.” He said it yesterday. So all I did was find an example of where UV light is being used inside the body by a company that makes a product called Healight.

He’s asking the same question about the disinfectant: “Is there a way to apply it or the science behind it inside the body? It was a natural curious thing for somebody to ask. It did not represent doofus status. It did not represent idiocy or stupidity. But this is how they react to Trump on virtually everything he says.

We have to come in here and clean up their freaking messes every day. The Drive-By Media just leaves residue of lies and disinformation, character assassination, slander. They leave it all over the countryside. They leave it all over the roadside. We gotta come in here and clean it up the best we can each and every day.


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Pathologists are eager to quickly conduct autopsies on as many COVID-19 victims as possible.

They aim to determine who is at greatest risk from the virus and what damage it causes inside the body. Initial results are already available.

There are very few people out there who are as occupied with COVID-19 as Hans Bösmüller in the southern German city of Tübingen – both professionally and in private life. He was one of the first people in the country to contract the disease. Cheesecake suddenly tasted like soap, as did coffee, and he developed an aching neck. He also suffered from both a cough and a fever. Then, the symptoms disappeared. His immune system was successfully able to fight off the novel coronavirus…..

The pathologists hope that four weeks from now, they will have found initial answers to some of the most important questions: Why do so many infected people experience no symptoms? Why do others fall critically ill? What does the timeline of the illness look like? Aside from the lungs, what other organs are affected? What are the best therapies and preventative measures?…..

In and around the city of Basel, they have performed more than 20 autopsies on the bodies of people who succumbed to COVID-19. In Germany, by contrast, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany’s primary public health institute, initially issued a warning against such procedures, cautioning on March 24 that the bodies could be contagious….

“The dead teach us lessons for life,” Püschel says. It was “totally obvious” to him from the very beginning that it was necessary to perform autopsies on the bodies of people who had died from COVID-19…..

When they were still alive, every single one of these people carried around a huge number of viruses inside them, as do we all. There are up to a billion viruses in our intestines alone – per gram of content. A lot of viruses are also found in our respiratory tracts as well. A study of 26 households in Utah found that each year, adults experience an average of six viral respiratory tract infections. Many of them are completely free of perceptible symptoms….

Far from being killers, these viruses are helpful pests that train our immune systems. Now, the novel coronavirus has been added to the mix…..

Those suffering from lifestyle diseases, by contrast, are much more vulnerable to the virus, according to data from the Basel region. Pathologists there have performed autopsies on 21 COVID-19 victims with an average age of 76 – with the range stretching from 53 to 96…..

None of them were healthy at the time they became infected with the virus. “All of the cases had pre-existing conditions and most of them had several,” says Alexandar Tzankov, a pathologist from the University of Basel. Among the conditions discovered by the doctor were hypertension, severe atherosclerosis, enlarged heart, obesity and diabetes…..

“They all had in common that they suffered from severe malfunction of their blood vessels,” Tzankov says…..

“Every Single Case”

“Age by itself isn’t an illness. Older people are more likely to suffer from illnesses, but the extent of pre-existing conditions is relevant,” Püschel says…..

“We have seen that intensive care is more difficult for the obese,” he says, “and when it comes to chronic pulmonary disease, smokers tend to be more affected.”

He says that there are a number of people among the deceased who were between the ages of 50 and 60. “They weren’t well-conditioned athletes, but people who were severely overweight,” he says, adding that they were also suffering from arteriosclerosis, a common condition among the obese…..

Read more:

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Why Muslims are Silent on the ‘Oldest Qur’an

The ‘Birmingham Qur’an’ and the Questions it Raises

Why Muslims are Silent on the ‘Oldest Qur’an’

In 2015, it was breathlessly announced by the media that the oldest copy yet of the Qur’an had been discovered in Birmingham, England. Media reports assured readers that the text could have belonged to one of the companions of the prophet himself as initial Carbon 14 dating indicated that it dates from 650’s CE. If that is all you heard about the so-called ‘Birmingham Folios’ you would assume that they provide powerful confirmation of the traditional Islamic account of Qur’anic origins. Things are, however, not nearly as simple as this.

Most readers will be familiar with the use of Carbon 14 dating (this is where the deterioration in a certain type of carbon molecule is measured in order ascertain the age of an object containing carbon). While this is sometimes used in textual dating, it can typically not be used to give a definitive reading on when a text was produced. The reason for this is certainly applicable to ancient Qur’anic manuscripts. Many of these manuscripts (and this includes the Birmingham Folios) were written on animal skins. This means that a manuscript may have been written on animal skin that belonged to an animal that was killed decades before ink was first applied to its leather. This was a widespread practice as skins were precious and often scraped and re-used multiple times. Unless a way can be found to reliably test the age of the ink (this is very hard to do as it has obviously seeped into the writing surface), there will always be questions about the Carbon 14 dates assigned to documents based on animal skin.

To make matters even more complex, some laboratories which ran follow-up tests on the folios really threw the cat among the pigeons by claiming that the text predates the time of Muhammad. This could, of course, be due to the ‘dating ink vs. dating the writing surface’ problem described above, but it does show the problems associated with relying solely on Carbon 14 dating in the case of ancient documents. Be that as it may, an early date (i.e. pre-Muhammad) would be fatal to the entire Islamic theological edifice as it will point to parts of the Qur’an being around before supposedly being ‘revealed’ to Muhammad.

As it turns out, this is exactly the area where the discovery of Birmingham Folios, received with such joy in the Muslim world, could be yet another nail in the coffin of the traditional Islamic understanding of how their holy book came into being. To see why this is the case, we must turn from the uncertain world of Carbon 14 dating to analyzing the text itself. As the name indicates the Birmingham Folios contain only a few pages (i.e. folios) from what is believed to be the Qur’an. They are, therefore, nowhere near to being a complete Qur’anic manuscript. The first thing to note is that the text on these pages do not align perfectly with the Qur’an currently in use by Muslims. It is orthographically different, especially in the fact that it leaves out the Arabic letter ‘alif’. Its verse divisions are also substantially different from the Cairo 1924 text in use today.

When one takes a closer look at the passages that appear on the folios, a rather startling fact emerges: the folios contain material that is quite obviously derived from earlier sources. The Birmingham Folios contain surahs 18:17-31 and 19:91-20:40. The verses from chapter 18 tell a story about some youths who fell asleep in a cave because they were being persecuted for their faith. They are preserved by God and wake up after many years to changed circumstances. This is a straight plagiarization of the Orthodox folk tale known as the ‘Seven Sleepers of Ephesus’. Chapter 19:98 is strongly related to the Proto-Evangelium of James and the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew. The section from Sura 20 is a retelling of the Biblical story of Moses. As Joseph Hoffman says: “These are some of the most obviously derivative sections of the entire Qur’an – stories which the Qur’an cannibalizes without attribution, increasing the likelihood that what we may have is not the Qur’an at all but fragments of stories that were eventually incorporated into the Qur’an at a later period.”

In other words, far from confirming the Muslim understanding of the early history of the Qur’an, the Birmingham Folios does the exact opposite. It instead confirms that whoever compiled the Qur’an made extensive use of pre-existing materials. Thus, forcefully challenging the pious idea that it was transmitted fully formed into the mind of Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel himself. As Wesley Huff says: “…the Birmingham Qur’an remains problematic for many believing Muslims as it challenges the Qur’anic assertions of being perfect, preserved, and unchanged. Even if the dating proves to be completely wrong, the find would still highlight the reality of textual variants that, according to Islamic literature, simply should not be there. It would point very concretely to there never being one preserved or complete text of the Qur’an throughout its history.”

For a fuller (and fully referenced) discussion of some of the oldest Qur’an’s and the way in which they challenge Islam’s origin narratives, see my book ‘The Mecca Mystery – Probing the Black Hole at the Heart of Muslim History’ 

Kind regards,


Click Here to Get Your Copy of ‘The Mecca Mystery’
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The True Purpose of the Coronavirus Wargame | Glenn TV

I don’t care for Glenn Beck but he’s connected some dots here that are true with research I’ve already done myself…
“Streamed live on Apr 22, 2020

The coronavirus led to a devastating shutdown of our economy and our way of life. It’s everything socialists all over the world have ever dreamed of — opportunity born out of crisis. But who drafted the agenda for our response to the pandemic? Glenn reveals how a group of global elites prepared for a future coronavirus pandemic just months before China reported its first case. Rosa Koire, author of “Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21,” joins to discuss how we’ve actually been fighting a global agenda for decades and details the frightening endgame global socialists have for America. Plus, Glenn asks: How did the World Health Organization become the gatekeeper for pandemic information? Was there a wargame for that too?” See video, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bgQGzZgclm8&feature=share
At least until uselesstube deletes it…

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CONNECTING THE COUNTER-TERRORISM DOTS: New Documentary Reveals Bill Clinton Kept CIA From Killing Bin Laden – Adina Kutnicki Revealed The Clinton Connection In 2005!

Adina Kutnicki

{Originally published atAmericasCivilWarRising.org}

[INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIIn a less than roundabout way, these teeth were cut within the counter-terrorism (and its “cousin”, counter-intelligence) domain about a decade before 9/11/01 — that long ago! As is said, the proof is in the pudding. But prior to evidencing the truth of the aforementioned, do take note of the timeline: Incontestably, the following was revealed in 2005, a good 15-year jump on the recently released, spot-on documentary! Lesson Learned: When those who are sworn to protect the nation are more concerned about civilian casualties within the enemy’s camp, ipso facto, their own citizens are not only relegated to inferior status, but they are left exposed to cannon fodder and related instruments of war!! Damn Clinton (and associates) to hell and back…..]

The Opening of Jihad on US Soil – 11/25/2005

Ever since the horrific public assassination of Rabbi…

View original post 1,775 more words

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Update: Satire – site Congress QueensRat Laughs that Jesus and Trump Are Alike…Grifters.

Here’s your demonicRats…congress QueensRat of privilege on radio shows her anti-Christian bias…
“Jesus was a grifter. Trump is the same. Only idiots follow either of them.”

This is outright blasphemy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw fit to mock this today in speaking with her intern Sandy Batt. She at first appeared to be agreeing with the similarities between Jesus Christ and Donald Trump, but then her speech took a turn for the worst.

“I hear many people saying that President Trump embodies the virtue and morality of Jesus Christ. You know, I have to agree. Trump and Jesus are a lot alike. They’re both con artists who duped millions into believing their BS.

Look at Trump. His followers are a cult. They blindly believe everything he says and think he is flawless. It’s pathetic.

Two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus did exactly the same thing. He convinced his own cult that he was the son of God, of all things. How ridiculous is that? How can you be the son of something

that doesn’t exist? It’s hilarious!

Trump’s followers are generally God believers as well. They are the easiest to manipulate. After all people who believe in talking snakes and talking bushes and magical daddies in the sky who can do and know everything are obviously not the brightest people.

“Jesus was a grifter. Trump is the same. Only idiots follow either of them.”

Read more:

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The COVID-19 scandal: Billionaire Bill Gates and WHO

The coronavirus scandal, with billionaire oligarch “pandemic expert” Bill Gates pushing horror scenarios into the media, has contributed to politicians’ reaction of fear.

This, combined with mass media hysteria, has, in turn, caused a once-in-a-century financial depression. The economic depression may not be due to the virus itself, but rather the panic reaction that was created with the corresponding government shutdowns, as advised by Gates.

Non-elected Western billionaire oligarchs attempt to rule us now, Bill Gates forefront as the “pandemic expert.” Through the Davos system, private capital merges with lucrative government funds, causing the rise of oligarchs replacing democratic rule of nation states. Global private capital has an unprecedented access to taxpayer money.

This year’s U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers estimate that, as of mid-March, between 29,000 and 59,000 have died due to regular influenza illnesses. Nobody compares these numbers to COVID-19’s 21,000 deaths.

Note that the correct numbers are hard to estimate, as the U.S. now allows suspicion of coronavirus to be enough for medical personnel to state it as the cause of death.

Read more:

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Why I can’t stand Walter Cronkite and never have.

His promotion of a fascist one-world government.

@ 5:54 and @ 13:44 are just 2 examples of his hatred for America. He degraded America over and over, he spit it out on network news for decades. It just sickens me to hear anyone champion this fraud!

Walter Cronkite at World Federalist Association meeting (1999)


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“We Don’t Want You to Feel Like We’re Harassing You” – AWFUL! Bodycam Video Shows Business Owner Harassed and Arrested by Police for Staying Open


in America…it happened in Germany in the 1930s now it’s happening all over America!

Winslow Arizona, from now on when you hear the Eagles song, THIS MAN BEING ARRESTED BY GESTAPO AGENTS SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST IMAGE!!

By Jim Hoft
Published April 22, 2020

You’re going to just LOVE the new America.
Where business owners will be arrested and fined for working.
And mothers will be arrested for bringing their children to a park.

See video and read more:

What is



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Do not give up your Right to Vote for a “mail-in” scheme!

28 million mail-in ballots lost since 2012

Data from the past four election cycles –– 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 –– show that almost 30 million mail-in ballots have been lost.

In short, the presidential election will be close — and according to what the numbers suggest, millions of American votes would simply vanish with nationwide mail-in voting.

Breitbart News recently reported that between both the 2016 and 2018 elections, over 16

million mail-in voting ballots have disappeared:

In the 2018 election, about 42.4 million ballots were mailed to registered voters. Of those mailed, more than one million were undeliverable, more than 430,000 were rejected, and nearly 10.5 million went missing.

The 2016 election showed similar discrepancies. That year, about 41.6 million ballots were mailed to registered voters. Of those mailed, more than 568,000 were undeliverable, nearly 320,000 were rejected, and close to six million went missing.

Most notably, 10.5 million mailed ballots of 42.4 million total were lost in 2018. In 2016, six million mailed ballots out of 41.6 million went missing as well.

That means between 2016 and 2018 combined, an average of 19.59 percent of mail-in ballots were lost (this doesn’t include mailed-in ballots considered “undelivered” or “rejected”).

Just imagine what would happen if the Democrats got what they wanted and every American had to vote via mail.

Considering there were 153.07 million registered voters in the U.S. as of 2018, millions of votes that would disappear.

The average number of ballots lost over the 2016 and 2018 elections (19.59 percent) times the number of registered voters (153.07 million) totals an average of 29.9 million mailed-in ballots that could be lost in 2020.

Nearly 30 million votes would vanish into thin air this year… if the Democrats get there way.

More: https://thehornnews.com/report-28-million-mail-in-ballots-lost-since-2012/

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EXCLUSIVE: TOP Scientist & HIV/AIDS Research Pioneer Blows Whistle on Dr. Fauci; DISTURBING Details of Threats; Research Theft; Tainted Vaccines; Fraud; Cover-Ups; Pay to Play; GREED

A top U.S. scientist and research pioneer has broken her long silence, revealing an insider’s nightmare spanning three decades of conducting research under the governmental control of Dr. Anthony Fauci. And the allegations are downright frightening.

See video and read more:

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Meteor Crashes To Earth In Africa, Creates Huge Crater

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In 2017 Fauci Says “There Will Be A Surprise Outbreak” “Challenge To Coming Administration”

Many links…please read them to understand what is going on. This was all planned.

Jasper and Sardine

While speaking at a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University in 2017, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that President Trump will be faced with a surprise disease outbreak during his time in office.

“At pandemic preparedness event at Georgetown University in 2017, Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), contended that the then-recently-elected president will face “challenges that their predecessors were faced with” concerning infectious diseases.”

“If there’s one message that I want to leave with you today… is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases,” Fauci said during the speech.

“Both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak,” he…

View original post 147 more words

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A Video the world was never supposed to see

“A Video the world was never supposed to see:

During a private meeting, 4-Star Naval Admiral (Retired) & former commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, James A. ‘Ace’ Lyons Stuns!


Published on Apr 26, 2015
Retired Admiral James Lyons, former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, accuses Barack Hussein Obama of treason. He also alleges that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of the American government and are behind many U.S. policies that have been Implemented by the Obama Administration.

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No more flu?!?! It’s only April…is that because the flu deaths have been shunned and added to the SARS-COV 2 death rate???

Holy Crap – #Birx just announced that we know longer have the #flu! How can #America ever thank her & #Fauci enough ⁉️😂 #CDCNEWS #FLUUpdates #scamdemic #pharmadeepstate:

Where did the flu go? https://t.co/Nzn3tTIIP7


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So many Doctors coming out now. Swedish expert: why lockdowns are the wrong policy

That was one of the more extraordinary interviews we have done here at UnHerd.

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director general of the WHO, lays out with typically Swedish bluntness why he thinks:

Read more:

Swedish expert: why lockdowns are the wrong policy

See video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&feature=emb_title&v=bfN2JWifLCY

Published on Apr 17, 2020
That was one of the more extraordinary interviews we have done here at UnHerd. Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director general of the WHO, lays out with typically Swedish bluntness why he thinks: – UK policy on lockdown and other European countries are not evidence-based – The correct policy is to protect the old and the frail only – This will eventually lead to herd immunity as a “by-product” – The initial UK response, before the “180 degree U-turn”, was better – The Imperial College paper was “not very good” and he has never seen an unpublished paper have so much policy impact – The paper was very much too pessimistic – Any such models are a dubious basis for public policy anyway – The flattening of the curve is due to the most vulnerable dying first as much as the lockdown – The results will eventually be similar for all countries – Covid-19 is a “mild disease” and similar to the flu, and it was the novelty of the disease that scared people. – The actual fatality rate of Covid-19 is the region of 0.1% – At least 50% of the population of both the UK and Sweden will be shown to have already had the disease when mass antibody testing becomes available

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I don’t trust Barr at all…there is a reason he said “if”…Barr’s past deep state connections will prohibit Durham from doing anything…do not expect any indictments, trials or convictions. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

“The entire interview is well worth your time. It looks like indictments are finally coming!”

Read more:


Interview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=871&feature=emb_title&v=wJEYFqieXkk

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