Hi There…I hope you like my postings. These are issues that I care deeply about. The Republic is in a shambles today and has been crumbling under republican and democratic flunkys for a millennia. WE THE PEOPLE must step up and wrest control back from the politicos who are squashing our very basic freedoms and human rights.

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  1. Hey iggymom, got any recommendations to help me develop my wordpress site? Like plugins that are helpful or any other tips? You can send me a direct email at mharrisdmd@gmail.com and then I’ll send you my other email that is not my junk email acct.

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  2. Al Leluia says:

    Thank you for reposting my articles. I write the Voices of the Nation.com (http://voicesofthenation.com) blog here on WordPress. I thank you for reposting some of my articles here and for acknowledging the source. Feel free, anytime, to share what I write. I’m just finishing up treatment/surgery for throat cancer, so I haven’t been real active for the past few months, but I’ve beat the Cancer and I’m getting my wind back and my site and forums will be rockin’ again!


  3. Tina Trent says:

    Hello 12iggymom, I blog at the conservative, pro-cop Crime Victims Media Report and have written for America’s Survival and elsewhere. I’m writing an article about the professional anti-cop activists who are responsible for events like the one in Rochester. Would you be willing to speak or e-mail with me today? I am going to give you credit for being the only person who looked into Good’s background this way, and I’d like to hear about what led you to look at her facebook page. Also, are local to Rochester? Thanks. Tina Trent (tinatrent2@yahoo.com).


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