ALL states must invoke power to repel invasion | Canada Free Press

By A. Dru Kristenev

Governors have the authority and unequivocal responsibility to defend their citizens from a foreign force that, in some states, outnumber their population. Citizens must demand they act accordingly.”

The Biden administration has become the enemy of the People as it ushers illegals (approximately six million since taking office) into the country, hands out free cell phones, feeds, clothes, transports and houses them anywhere they desire to go within the United States.

Secretary Mayorkas is escorting illegal border-crossers to new digs in every state, busing and flying them to ports of entry all across the country. In so doing, along with myriads traveling independently by car or rail, every state has phalanx after phalanx of unvetted, unprocessed, economic aggressors fortifying unassimilated communities covering the map. Reticent Border Patrol agents are coerced by DHS to hand out thousands of free entrance passes – I-862 forms brandishing court appearance dates as much as 10 years in the future.

Only one governor whose state straddles the Mexican border has finally requested other states to bolster the woefully inadequate number of law enforcement officers and National Guard available for deployment. In answer, Florida, Idaho and Mississippi are sending reinforcements but even those numbers will be hard-pressed to hold the line in Texas.

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