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Archbishop Vigano has declared a call to action but it will only happen from the bottom up. Pray God we succeed.

By Ray DiLorenzo

It is only on occasion that we use the words of others to any great extent. But, when someone of great reverence for God, with integrity, and great honor finds the phrasing to disseminate the exact meaning of what is going on in the world, we are compelled to present it. It is a call to action.

Take in the words of Archbishop Vigano on the meaning of what is taking place throughout the Western world today. He has it exactly right. The Archbishop is paying a price for his candor and frankness. I am not Catholic, but I am a Christian and I recognize truth when I hear it.

Archbishop Vigano has called for an international anti-globalist alliance to stop the Davos lobby and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Hatred for Christian civilization wants to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite

I will use parts of a recent speech to the world.

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Original Speech: https://www.marcotosatti.com/2023/03/16/vigano-message-to-the-international-congress-of-russophiles-mir/


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  1. malenurseken says:

    I LOVE my fellow Canadians. They are FREE spirited people like WE AMERICANS! They WANT freedom like we do! They are being LED to slaughter by their MARXIST LEADER! WE MUST PRAY FOR OUR CANADIAN NEIGHBORS/FRIENDS! Please GOD! STOP THIS!!!!! I LOVE CANADA AND ITS PPL!

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