Durham report sharply criticizes FBI’s 2016 Trump campaign probe

Special counsel says “extremely troublesome” failures appear to stem from bias that kept agents from carefully examining evidence


Just like Barr, do-nothing Durham’s “report” is garbage. It’s the outcome I expected from the start so no disappointment there.

Special counsel John Durham has issued a long-awaited report that sharply criticizes the FBI for investigating the 2016 Trump campaign based on “raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence”— a conclusion that may fuel rather than end partisan debate about politicization within the Justice Department and FBI.

The report, coming almost four years to the day since Durham’s assignment began, will probably be derided by Democrats as the end of a partisan boondoggle. Republicans will have to wrestle with a much-touted investigation that has cost taxpayers more than $6.5 million and didn’t send a single person to jail, even though Trump once predicted that Durham would uncover the “crime of the century.”

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Read the full report by Special Counsel John Durham


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