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By Dave Merrick

Allof you who are familiar with my commentary are likewise familiar with my utter contempt for television. I quit the tube nearly 40 years ago, and ‘I’ve never looked back.’ When I did that, my friends were looking at me in bewilderment and asking me, “How in the world do you survive?! What do you do with your spare time?! How can you and your family stand it?!” And only a week into that self-imposed ‘fast’, I began answering them in candor and complete sincerity saying, “I have my life back! I am beginning to live my life in spontaneity, day by day! It’s marvelous, you really should try it!” Often, the friends of mine who had overheard the chatter from the gossip chain told me that I was the subject of great concern. Some of the people accused me of overmuch Christian zeal, and that my move of complete abstinence was the result of some kind of hyper-Christian paranoia. But the truth was that I was simply tired of living my life vicariously through the attention-capturing one-eyed idiot that was beginning to ensnare my sweet children’s minds as well.

Mass Exodus From Sanity

I have been ‘tv-free’ long enough to have fully witnessed the mass exodus from sanity which we are now seeing all around us in our television-controlled nation. I so often bring up the television because it has become a downright evil-laden vehicle for the broadcast, universal programming of a formerly fairly united and determinedly freethinking nation. Today, the very real adversary of our souls is absolutely using that device to completely mesmerize, brainwash and control millions of adults who used to solely rely upon their own, educated frontal lobes for the direction and decisions they applied in carving out their own destinies. A growing mob–the young adults of today’s world, the completely impressionable children of just a few years ago–have not ever had the opportunity to mentally and spiritually ‘breathe free’. But instead, the tv has served as the regular babysitter used by lazy or desperately working parents who seem ignorant or careless about the prevalent filth and bad language where once “Leave It To Beaver” was the common fare on the airwaves. I just dated myself, I know.

My prefacing remarks open up the main theme of what I desperately need to address: Today the audiovideo ‘cyber-world’ which was built largely around the pre-existing corded telephone, radio and television, has become the eyes, ears, and fingers for the very real devil to completely run his business in all three dimensions. More and more Americans, indeed all of mankind, are finding themselves literally beneath the yoke of a terribly intrusive and uncompromisingly demanding taskmaster. That slave driver is the massive computer network that monitors and often controls nearly every moment of our formerly private lives. And, so many people, just like the ‘sheep’ that our Lord compared us to, are quietly knuckling under to that tyranny. People like Eric Snowden and Julian Assange have been imprisoned and exiled for having exposed the crooked politicians and eavesdropping computer operations which have been cranked up since GW Bush went off and left the loaded gun of ‘Homeland Security’ on the table for any tyrant to come along and use. Prior to the HSA our existing laws were more than sufficient to do everything that the HSA does now – only without all the bureaucracy and agents involved. Effectively, we now have our own KGB right here in America. And that is something worth fearing.

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