Trump Takes a Hammer to the Carefully Maintained Delusions Inside the Left-Wing Bubble

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By William Sullivan

Despite an audience that was friendly to the candidate, CNN’s recent town hall hosting Donald Trump was anything but an effort to inform independent and Republican voters about the candidate’s position on the substantial issues faced by struggling Americans. It was a hedonistic exercise to satiate its left-wing producers’ and viewers’ desire to emphasize all the criticisms that CNN talking heads have been levying against him since 2020.

CNN certainly didn’t expect that Trump would simply concede to all the nonsense that they’ve been unsuccessfully peddling to Americans these past few years. He wasn’t going to say that he’s really sorry for purposefully stoking an insurrection that was worse than 9/11, or that he’d suddenly come to realize that the 2020 election was all on the up and up, or that, despite the worst inflation in decades, a massive invasion of aliens illegally crossing our borders, and the planet being on the brink of World War III, his successor is actually doing a bang-up job in the White House.

The CNN brass got exactly what they expected, though, which was peak ratings. As a medium for information delivery, cable news is clearly dying. But for a brief moment, CNN got to feel like Fox News felt nightly in the Tucker Carlson hour of prime time. Over three million Americans tuned in to watch Trump do what Trump has always done, which is to defend himself against hostile corporate media. Most of them tuned in to be entertained, and they weren’t disappointed.

But there was a minority among the audience, including several talking heads with the network, that was furious that CNN even allowed the spectacle. How dare they host a town hall for the Republican presidential frontrunner, they fumed. After all, people might hear what he has to say!

They’re right to be worried about people hearing what Trump has to say. But not for the reasons that they once imagined.

They once imagined that they’re righteously defending the truth against a radical fringe minority. That fantasy has now tumbled like a house of cards.

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