Is righteous indignation all we get?

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By Terry Paulding

How long do the pols and the media think they can get away with it? Do they think their histrionics will carry the day forever?

I started writing an essay nearly a month ago that I never completed. It started with the fact that all I wanted to do was throw something at the TV and shut up the pols. Talk about bloviating! Nothing has changed since I started writing except, of course, that Tucker got canned. He was the only one bearable to watch. The rest? Useless!

Tonight, for example, I listened to Jim Jordan go scorched earth on Biden and his horde of ill-gotten family treasure. Great, we’ve confirmed what we always knew, but with more details. Now what? Where’s the intention to proceed with an inditement, special prosecutor, haul the family over hot coals—anything real?

Instead, we got ye olde Righteous Indignation, AKA an excuse for doing absolutely nothing. The “club” is one where you wouldn’t want to be a member because the slime on the floor is so thick.

Every day, we get more of the same. A shrill, nasty “interviewer” brow-beating Trump and wildly slinging lies, followed by the MSM dissing Trump for trying to get a word in edgewise. “He’s lying” seems to be their default, when anyone with half a brain can see that it’s they who lie.

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