Is It Okay for Leftist Charities to Accept Donations from Black Nationalists?

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By Civis Americanus

The Democrat party likes to argue that Republicans are the party of white nationalism and white supremacy. That’s quite an argument from the party of Nathan Bedford Forrest (D-KKK), Theodore Bilbo, Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson, and Bull Connor against the party that came into existence partially due to abolitionism. It’s also quite an accusation from a party that aligns openly with a racist and black nationalist hate group.

In contrast to the left’s pigeon chess (knock over the pieces, call your opponent a racist, and say you have won), I can back this up to the hilt with objective evidence, not from right-wing or Republican sources, but from Black Lives Matter Global Network itself. The Republican Party needs to make this issue a central talking point in 2024 instead of throwing away yet another election with claims of election fraud and, most recently, an ad that speculates on whether Communist China will invade Taiwan and the economy will collapse. Joe Biden is in fact increasing military aid to Taiwan, and, despite the downfall of Silicon Valley Bank, whose environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk ratings had little to do with banking, this is not 1929, and the government is making good depositors’ losses while allowing the banks themselves to go under as they deserve.

Here is the ad to which I refer. Its opening is reminiscent of Orson Welles’s radio broadcast of War of the Worlds and also the infamous Daisy Girl commercial from 1964. What if the ChiComs invade Taiwan? What if Martians start blasting us with heat rays and drinking our blood for sustenance? Appeal to primal emotions may get buy-in from some people, but most resent this kind of manipulation. I’m a registered Republican, and the GOP ad does not appeal to me, so I doubt that it will appeal to the swing voters who decide elections. Let’s try this instead.

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