Biden Applies Soros’ Open-Border Policy

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By Rachel Ehrenfeld

If you wonder what’s behind the Biden administration’s enablement of millions of so-called “asylum seekers” from some 160 countries to flow through what used to be the U.S.-Mexico border and hundreds of thousands more through the northern border, thus diminishing the nation’s sovereignty, start with George Soros, who dedicated the last three decades and tens of billions of dollars to reshaping America to his vision, craftily termed “Open Society.”

Soros began challenging the United States’ national sovereignty in 1996. As Soros tells it, he became enraged by new federal laws signed by President Bill Clinton.


The constant theme in the “Soros Doctrine,” as he calls it, is the need to end America as the world’s preeminent power. He has been coveting the day when a weakened United States can be at the mercy of international institutions.

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