Will Rebel Media’s Unleashed TSUNAMI OF TRUTH Save Independent Media From Trudeau/CBC Relationship?

Meanwhile, Kudos Ezra Levant for reminding Canadians that the TRUTH—and only the TRUTH CAN SET US FREE!

By Judi McLeod ——Bio and ArchivesMay 4, 2023

Truth—dragged out of the deepest hole where it has been long hidden—has not only pulled the Kill Switch on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical Bill C-11, but provides the lifeline that will spare Canada’s few independent media outlets from certain sudden death.

The rotting corpse of Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster has been laid out in antiseptic sunshine for all to see—thanks to Rebel Media.

It was feisty, in-yer-face Rebel Media CEO Ezra Levant who brought into the full sunlight, one of the most shocking stories of our times—and as it happened, brought it out into the light on World Press Freedom Day”.

“The targets of this censorship campaign align with those that Trudeau has publicly criticized”

“World Press Freedom Day serves as a reminder that censorship continues to plague our society. Just last week, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced a massive Internet censorship bill, C-11, and announced ethics guidelines for Canadian newsrooms. (Ezra Levant, May 3, 2023)

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