Is A Liberal Strain Of “Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy” Responsible For The Transgender Social Contagion?

If stealing physical objects is a punishable criminal offense, how much worse is the stealing of a child’s innocence

By Milt Harris ——Bio and ArchivesMay 5, 2023

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy or Munchausen By Proxy (MSP) is a psychological disorder characterized by attention seeking behavior from parents or care givers by using their children or those who are in their care.

MSP used to be considered a relatively rare disorder, but with the societal changes being enforced by liberal politicians, district attorneys, judges and school districts, an aura of “I can get away with anything” mentality has saturated weaker liberal minds. This saturation of a “reality doesn’t matter” train of thought, has empowered the attention seeking left to attack rational thought and the easiest prey for them is children.

A parent, often the mother, or caregiver (teacher) with MSP, gains attention by seeking medical help for made up, or totally exaggerated symptoms of a child. In the left’s case, this would be the grooming of gender identity, or transgenderism which in most cases is not the child’s idea.

While most cases of MSP involve the physical illness of a child, either actually caused by the person suffering from it or created through lies, I would suggest that this new liberal strain targets the mental well-being of the child. In the case of a parent, pushing and grooming their own child to alter their biological gender, the reasons are widely varied, but always circle back to a misguided satisfaction from the attention it brings. To demonstrate the unsound premise that a parent suffering from MSP might choose, I recently wrote an article about two mothers. One mother justified her insistence on her daughter’s transition because her daughter ate raw green vegetables. This, in her deluded mind, proved that her daughter was actually a boy, because she believed green veggies increased testosterone. In another case, a mother got a feeling when her daughter was just eighteen months old, that she was a boy. For her that was enough to begin treating her like one. Both girls are now eleven years old, and at least one of the parents is considering both puberty blockers, to stop her from developing a feminine body type and eventually, transitional surgery.

Now ask yourself honestly, do you really believe that either of those children made the decision to alter their God given biological gender? For that matter, does anyone not suffering from liberal Munchausen By Proxy, believe that ANY child should be enticed, lured, or persuaded to even consider it?

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