Fox News Warns Dominion to Investigate Leaks

By Colby HallMay 5th, 2023
Lawyers representing Fox have sent letters to legal counsel for Dominion Voting Systems, with whom the company settled a defamation suit for nearly $800 million last month.

The letters called on the company to immediately investigate several leaks to the media of redacted material Dominion obtained in the discovery period of the defamation lawsuit. It’s not clear where these leaks have come from, but Fox and their legal counsel are asking Dominion to investigate with alacrity.

Since that settlement was announced, however, the drama at Fox News has not abated, most notably due to the firing of top-rated prime time host Tucker Carlson. No specific reason for his ouster has been provided. In that vacuum, several theories have cropped up, fueled in part by many leaks of personal texts and emails of Tucker Carlson (and many other Fox News talent and executives) in discovery.

The court ordered the vast majority of these details to be redacted, but in recent days several embarrassing leaks have emerged and been reported by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Daily Beast. Carlson’s use of the “c-word” and racialized comments about how “White men fight,” have made a lot of news.

In this context, Fox News is asking Dominion to investigate these leagues as “Disclosure of these documents would violate the Protective Order and the Agreement” of the settlement agreed to roughly three weeks ago. Fox News has given Dominion’s legal counsel to look at the “inexcusable release of confidential discovery material and report back to Fox by the close of business on May 8, 2023.”

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