How To Destroy The Health Of The Nation — The Hidden Dominion

Vermont Folk Troth

What changed in the last 30 years? - disease/disorder chart increase since 1990 - how to destroy the health of the nation

[…]It is not “just” the childhood vaccines. It is everything. All of these work toward low testosterone, apathetic men, lunatic women, etc.

Every one of these is meant to destroy the health of the nation.

But the question arises: Why? Why does the system allow them, when they harm the individuals within the system?

While dissidents generally fall into two camps, thinking that this effect is either 1) done entirely on purpose by centralizers or 2) done accidentally through the industrialization effect—I personally take the middle-ground approach.

[…]There are centralizers that direct and exploit this trend, while fully knowing the harm it is causing. We see this when they slip up and let their true intentions be known, as Bill Gates often does.

But it is also a natural emergent effect. As societies industrialize, the system needs more individuals of a specific, weakened calibre (docile, apathetic, low testosterone men, et…

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  1. malenurseken says:

    Pathetic!!!!! and ILLEGAL

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  2. malenurseken says:

    Not sure how you lower mens testoserone level. It happens naturally as men age. But in young men? Vaccines?

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