American Tyranny? Perfectly Normal

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By Peggy Ryan

Immediately after the 2016 election, the order went out: never let Trump’s presidency be normalized.” Huh? So someone controls what’s normal and what’s not?

Actually, yes, the leftist insurgency can and does control what’s normal, or at least what’s perceived as normal. In fact, normalization is arguably the left’s most powerful tool to control behavior,, herd the populace, even impose a tyrannical government.

Normalization starts by saturating news, social media, and entertainment with a targeted subject. This first step is a form of Systematic Desensitization, where people repeatedly exposed to something abnormal, taboo, or even scary gradually relax and accept it.

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  1. malenurseken says:

    I think AGE is a big factor! Older people wont be as likely to accept it no matter how many times they hear it.

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