Academia’s ‘Safe Space’ Invalids

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By Richard McDonough

F*** you! … You’re not wanted here. … You’re harming people by asking that question. … We’re going to … disrupt you. — Group of Portland State University (PSU) social workers to Philosophy Prof. Peter Boghossian for conducting a Socratic exercise on campus.

Prof. Peter Boghossian posted a video of a discussion he had with a group of social workers at Portland State University (PSU). He was doing what he calls “street epistemology” (approaching epistemological issues not in stuffy classroom in real conversations but on the street). He displayed a sign that said “There are two genders” and invited passers-by to respond to the sign.

When a group of people began yelling insults at him from the top of the building, Boghossian invited them to have a conversation.

About 15 people soon emerge from the building and approach him. Boghossian was polite to a fault. The group was often not.

19-minute video

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