Where Is the American Church in All This?

Check out this Article from AmericanThinker
By Cliff Nichols

Recently, Tucker Carlson focused the nation’s attention upon the notable silence of American Christian leaders on the Biden administration’s persecution of Christians by asking,

Where are all the professional Christians? You have to wonder … [w]here’s … all these people who are [should be] defending Christianity … as actual Christians are being arrested for being Christians?” (emphasis added).

There are a host of excuses such professional Christian leaders might offer to explain or justify their silence. But for the most part, most of these excuses have been debunked by people like Eric Metaxas in his latest book, Letter to the American Church. In it, he points out that, because American church leaders today have before them the example of the dire consequences that resulted from the silence of the German church when it was confronted by the evils of Nazi tyranny, the American church has no excuse for remaining silent in the face of the similar evils presently metastasizing in this country on an ever-growing number of fronts.

Our church leaders cannot ignore that we have a government that is intent upon destroying parental rights while at the same time it is

  • rewriting our nation’s history to obliterate from the record America’s original Judeo-Christian foundation
  • encouraging our young to question their gender; endorsing the mutilation of their genitals, and
  • inviting transvestites to their schools to twerk in their faces.

All of this is with the thinly cloaked purpose of eventually normalizing the criminal proclivities of the ultimate perverts among us — those who are actually hoping that our society will soon be brought around to legalizing their hideous desire to sexually engage with those minors.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/03/where_is_the_american_church_in_all_this.html


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