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COVID Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts

At first slowly but in recent weeks with seemingly gathering pace, two trends have emerged. On the one hand, many of the core claims behind lockdowns, masks, and vaccines are unravelling and the prevailing narrative has been in retreat on … Continue reading

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Central Bank Digital Currency Is The Endgame, Part 1

#NoToCBDC Central bank digital currency (CBDC) will end human freedom. Don’t fall for the assurances of safeguards, the promises of anonymity and of data protection. They are all deceptions and diversions to obscure the malevolent intent behind the global rollout … Continue reading

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Dems Blast “Threat” Of “So-Called Journalists” As Taibbi, Shellenberger Expose “State-Sponsored Thought-Policing”

BY TYLER DURDEN FRIDAY, MAR 10, 2023 Update (1300ET): Well, that escalated quickly… As one might expect, the Judiciary hearing on the “weaponization” of federal agencies, featuring Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger as witnesses was full of fireworks, facts, and … Continue reading

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