A Great Awakening Decades in the Making

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By J.B. Shurk

Over at The Conservative Treehouse, Sundance has again managed to generate a treasure trove of anecdotal history, evidence, and analysis from those who visit his site.

Last month, he asked readers: if “[y]ou did not take the COVID-19 shot, why not?” The thousands of personal responses were illuminating and created a kind of timeline showing how irreconcilable conflicts pitting available scientific knowledge and common sense against the government’s own actions, orders, statements, and censorship heightened public distrust of COVID mandates and “vaccines,” until various tipping points spilled over into outright rejection of political, medical, and media authorities.

This month, Sundance asks a more foundational question: “When did you start really paying attention?” In other words, when did you “recognize that things around you, things you perhaps didn’t pay attention to before, were not what you thought they were”? What was the moment when “your political awakening began”?

The thousands of responses to this simple question are a cornucopia of rich history, personal reflection, and insightful analysis. Just as last month’s COVID question created a powerful timeline documenting the last three years of COVID-1984 insanity, this month’s more general question has generated nothing less than a near-century’s worth of details and stories tracking people’s “aha moments” as they discovered that the promises of American self-government are often but an ornamental fabrication plastered upon the stratagems of ruthless government actors pushing propaganda, accumulating power, and sacrificing American lives. Interestingly, they come from people traversing back and forth across the political spectrum. From a research point of view, the collected information is staggeringly comprehensive, impressive, and invaluable. From a personal point of view, the selfless entries and recorded memories are emotional, poignant, cathartic, and often deeply revealing. I encourage you not only to read through some of the many responses, but also to continue the conversation here at American Thinker, whose commenters, like those at The Treehouse, are well known for their crisp intellectual engagement.

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