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HCA made $5.6 billion dollars last year, I wonder what percentage of that was blood money

Although this article is about a hospital in Hudson, Florida, there are concerns about what is taking place at hospitals across the country.

Bayonet Point Hospital is located in Hudson, Florida. The hospital is owned by HCA Healthcare Inc. HCA is the largest hospital company in the United States. Currently they own/operate 182 hospitals as well as 125 surgery centers and it is obviously a profitable business, last year they earned $5.6 billion dollars.

Some believe that the profitability, although seemingly impressive, came at the expense of patient care.

HCA is the largest hospital company in the United States

As far back as December of 2021, surgeons at the facility were concerned. At that time more than a dozen convened to discuss their issues with management. Among the problems that were brought to management’s attention were: anesthesiology errors that resulted in patients waking up during surgery, inadequate monitoring of patients in ICU, an overwhelmed and overflowing emergency department and unsanitary surgical instruments.

NBC News has reported that four of the doctors that attended that meeting gave this account of an interaction between the surgeons and the management representative that was at the meeting.

The group of surgeons were asked two questions. First, is the hospital providing a safe environment to perform surgery? The answer was a unanimous NO! They were then asked, Is the hospital a dangerous place to practice? Again, the response was a unanimous YES!

At the close of the meeting, the hospital administrator promised to address the issues, but now, over 14 months later little has changed. NBC News reached out, but a spokeswoman for the hospital declined comment.

The Doctors at Bayonet Point are not alone. After NBC News did a report on HCA, seven doctors from California, Texas, Virginia, and Florida reached out to them with complaints. The doctors believe that HCA is so focused on profits that they are implementing cost cutting measures to enhance the bottom line, unfortunately, they are endangering patient care. Nurses in 5 states agree with the doctor’s opinion.

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