2024: Republicans on Course to Get Blown Out by Phantoms

Republicans are lazy, period. I have given up on the GOP because in my state, NY, they don’t back anyone running against an incumbent candidate. It’s been like this for decades.

Check out this Article from AmericanThinker By Jay Valentine

Trump or DeSantis? It doesn’t matter. Phantom voters will decide 2024. The phantoms are not voting for either.

Those working deep in swing state voter rolls can tell you with 100% certainty that unless Trump or DeSantis wins with a 5%-to-18% margin in swing states, they will lose every one.

Let’s do some electioneering math.

To win the presidency, about a dozen swing states matter — we all know who they are. Some will add Georgia, Virginia, and Arizona, some not.

President Trump won in 2016 because he caught the leftists off guard. Perhaps even Trump was surprised on Election Night — the surprise was so complete!

In 2020, the Dems took no chances.

They had everything wired — but our boy Trump surprised them again — so they shut down the election apparatus at 11:00 P.M. and took matters into their own hands. Nine hours later, problem solved: Joe Biden emerges from a basement, incoherent, to take the oath of office.

That, people, is hardball — professional, take-no-prisoners electioneering. You may hate that the country is being lost, but you must stand back at the sheer breathtaking gall it reflects.

You would think rational electioneers in the Republican Party would, in 2022, do everything to stop the election jiggering that took place in 2020. You would be wrong.

Republicans like Speaker Vos in Wisconsin, the election commission in Maricopa County, New Hampshire RINOs, and the Republican leader in the Senate all stood aside and let the leftists do their thing — thus the Red Trickle.

As the parties pick their candidates for 2024, assembling multi-million-dollar consultant-led electioneering teams, not a dollar is spent on cleaning election rolls.

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