I’m Not Qualified

Check out this Article from AmericanThinker By Amie Adamson

I have taught high school English in the public schools for twenty years in three states, including two red states and a deep blue state. I have taught mainstream English, honors English, and remedial English. I’ve worked in alternative schools, high-poverty schools, large high schools serving mostly English learners, and predominantly white, middle-class schools.

Last month I let my teaching license expire. For the first time since 1998, I am no longer qualified to be a teacher in my home state of Kansas. When I consider the public education landscape not only in the Midwest, but across the country, it is with sadness that I think, “Not qualified to teach secondary English anymore? You’re right.”

I’m not qualified to deliver counseling services to the legions of broken, fatherless, emotionally stunted students who walk through our classroom doors every day. I’m not qualified to engage in behavior modification with dysregulated, angry kids who exhibit no impulse control, zero empathy for others. Students have talked about killing me, threatened to hit me in the face. Upon writing up these incidents, I have been blamed, told I need to work on “building relationships” with students, or offered more training on working with students dealing with trauma and abuse. Administrators pass off these students’ comments with, “Oh, he didn’t mean it… “ “I talked to him… “ or “Think about what may have occurred in your class that provoked this behavior.” There are minimal consequences for students who verbally and physically assault teachers. It’s open season on public school staff. I am not alone.

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    Unreal how things have changed since I was a boy in school!

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