Make America Great Again

As true now as it was then!
“The grassroots is at war with DC control freaks who have mastered the art of corruption, demagoguery and betrayal.”



I prefer my President to be American – and nothing but an American.

I like Donald Trump. He is an accomplished businessman. Budgets have meaning to him. They don’t to politicians. He is an outsider. Trump shakes things up in ways no other GOP-er does. I’m looking for someone who will restore the Republic. That requires combating the current political establishment at a level that they have never seen before.

I am not looking for a purist. Or a preacher. I do not support Trump because he agrees with my theology. I support him because he promises to build a wall, secure the border and enforce our immigration laws ensuring that we can survive as a nation. He has strength and commitment to our country in Making America Great Again.

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    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!

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