One leftist has ideas to prevent Kirk Cameron-style events in her community

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By Andrea Widburg

Kirk Cameron, the former teen idol who became a devout Evangelical Christian and the father of six children, wrote a children’s book grounded in traditional values tied to the Bible (kindness, responsibility, honesty, pro-life, etc.). When he approached libraries to do a reading (the same libraries that have hosted drag queen readings about “transing” kids), he got over 50 refusals. However, Cameron was able to read in Scarsdale, New York, when he rented a meeting room (something the library was helpless to prevent).* One leftist’s response to the enthusiastic turnout for Cameron’s reading perfectly exemplifies leftists’ concern that free speech applies to their ideological opponents.

The outlet is called Scarsdale10583, and it bills itself as “Scarsdale’s #1 Community Website.” Its top article is currently one entitled “Library Overtaken by 700 Visitors to Kirk Cameron’s Story Hour.” The author is Joanne Wallenstein, who founded the site.

*The library made it incredibly clear to everyone involved that it did not approve of Cameron’s appearance and would do nothing to publicize it, including listing it as a library “event.” However, the library has hosted and promoted a drag queen story hour.

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