“Total War”: Defiant Battlefield Assessments From New York’s Young Republicans

Check out this Article from AmericanThinker By Stella Paul

To the shock and horror of the left, The New York Young Republican Club gathered last week to celebrate its joyous solidarity in the face of overwhelming evil. Gorgeously clad attendees of the 110th Annual Gala strode past mobs of protesters braying the usual insults (“Nazi!” “Fascist!” “White Supremacist!”) from behind police barricades.

“One party in the country wants to put the other party in a gulag, and the media carries their water,” Donald Trump Jr. told the crowd, delivering somber analysis with perfect comic timing. “We have a political party pushing pedophilia, as the schools attack mothers…We saw more cancellations of Mike Lindell than Balenciaga for running a kiddie porn campaign.”

“We’re dining in this beautiful room, but it’s like dining on the top deck of the Titanic,” Marjorie Taylor Greene said. “We’re a nation invaded on our southern border, and every day 300 Americans are dying from fentanyl. Since 9/11, over one million Americans have died of drug overdoses, while the Mexican cartels make $19 – 29 billion a year selling drugs.”

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