It’s not what you know but what you know you don’t know

Three in-the-news pharma companies and only one who actually did science and pulled their’s off-market. Janssen saw the damaged caused and did not “full-engines-forward-damn-the-human-cost” model.


From a lengthy article with many linked pages. Well worth the read. This note is to give recognition to a pharma company, Janssen, that put lives above cash back. Please read more here:

“One of the easiest models for understanding the denaturation process is when egg whites are heated. Prior to this happening, the colloidally suspended proteins that compose the egg whites are transparent and can easily mix into water, while after this happens they become a solid white mass which separates from water when the two are mixed within (you can also use other denaturing agents besides heat such as alcohol to transform egg whites).”

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  1. malenurseken says:

    Most just wanted the DAMN MONEY! The HELL with ppls life! Lives!

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