Facebook admits the COVID Vaccines destroy the Immune System and cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Facebook has confirmed that five months’ worth of official Government data does in fact prove Covid-19 vaccination destroys the immune system leading to what can be described as a new form of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

Back in August 2022, The Expose published an exclusive in-depth investigation into five months’ worth of official UK Government released by the UK Health Security Agency that confirmed each Covid-19 “booster” dose provides a very short-lived temporary boost to the immune systems of the vaccinated population before decimating their immune systems much more rapidly than had already been seen in people who had received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

In short, we discovered that official UK Government data strongly suggests that the Covid-19 vaccinated population are developing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

That investigation was shared by a reader on Facebook on the same day that we published the article, and Facebook took it upon themselves to immediately remove the post and label it as “misinformation”.

However, the reader who shared our article disputed Facebook’s censorship and on the 27th October they finally responded to confirm that they were in fact wrong, the investigation was entirely correct, and that the readers Facebook post is now back on the highly censored social media platform.

So now that Facebook has confirmed what The Expose has been trying to tell the wider public for over a year, we have included the full original investigation below so that you can share this article far and wide.

Long read, but there is a ‘listen’ for the article. But you will miss the graphs and charts in it.
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