Gods, Scoundrels & Patriots: Parsing the Odd Non-Red Wave, Nov 8, ‘22

Let’s dress our wounds and and soak our bruises and get ready for the next round

By Kelly O’Connell

So the horrific happened to conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans. The augurs suggested that this would be the blowout of all blowouts. And that the crazy Biden leadership would get a slap in the face in a realignment. That Donald Trump’s lieutenant would be ensconced on his way back into office. And that God himself was reinstituting Republican control to save this nation. So what happened…

Here are a few thoughts.


1. It’s too early to know exactly what happened and so like Kari Lake says, let’s be patient.


5. If this is the dark night of our soul then it is time to dig deep and ask how we can do a better job as conservatives? Since the conservative movement is essentially the political arm of Christianity we really need to ask if our faith has fallen in this culture and what we can do about that. On this, a few thoughts;

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  1. malenurseken says:

    Id call it MORE CHEATING!!!! No reason why any state cant have election results on night of election DAY

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