Breaking The Democrat Party Ties That Bind

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By Clay Adam Ratcliff

I’ve leaned left politically my entire adult life…until recently. The nationwide riots in 2020 following George Floyd’s death, were a major turning point for me, although not the only ones. Although I felt Chauvin had acted negligently and callously, I couldn’t understand why the media insisted on injecting race into the dialogue without any reasonable basis. Wouldn’t this type of careless reporting only serve to worsen racial tensions? The rioting and destruction were only going to distract from real issues, unnecessarily claiming innocent victims in the name of a cause that was being overshadowed by its own destructive methodology.

I could not find a fellow liberal who was willing to simply condemn, not the peaceful protests, but the actual riots.

My fellow libs were also taking nearly everything Trump said out of context. I pleaded with them to stop. “If we embellish everything Trump says, do we not run the risk of losing credibility?!” The ensuing pushback was uncharacteristically aggressive, while the credulousness reminded me of a lesson I’d learned earlier in my life.

I grew up in a cult-like Christian religion that disallowed questioning the faith. Fortunately, the conditioning never really stuck with me. Eventually, I defected to a liberal ideology where I thought science and facts mattered. I was content… and then Trump was elected. I became a Trump-deranged liberal, but I remembered my childhood and wondered if I’d again been conditioned by a false ideology.

Image made using man climbing stairs (kues via freepik).

With a stubborn resolve and a willingness to prove myself wrong, I began reaching out to ardent Trump supporters and asking them to explain their support for him. Eventually, I had to admit I was making more productive inroads talking to Trump supporters than I was trying to convince my liberal friends that rioting was bad.

Where I was losing liberal friends for not aligning completely with their talking points, I was making new conservative friends…and I didn’t even have to agree with them!

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