Yup, Trump to Blame for Salman Rushdie Attack, Too

By Jack Cashill

The one thing we all knew for sure upon hearing of the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi was that Donald Trump would be held to blame. The Democrat-Media Complex (DMC) did not disappoint.


Known with the industry as “The Jackal,” Wylie is arguably the world’s most influential agent. What he said next in the interview had to resonate with all those media people looking for book deals.

“I think nationalism is on the rise,” Wylie said in explaining the environment facing authors like Rushdie — “a sort of fundamentalist right is on the rise. … From Italy to … throughout Europe, Latin America and the US, where … half the country seems to think that Joe Biden stole the election from Donald Trump. And they admire this man who is not only completely incompetent and a liar and a crook, but just a farce. It’s ridiculous.”

The interview in Spain’s El Pais was reported throughout the world. Editors and publishers within the DMC have an election to win. Any angle will do.

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  1. malenurseken says:

    People know better. The ONLY ones who believe that are the ones who perpetrated the LIE

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