Warnings From Our Founders

The Leftist says man is basically good, capable of evil. God says man is evil, capable of good. Who has the higher standard? The last two years says it all. You’ve been warned

Limited government was the hallmark of our Constitutional Republic. Through greed, and party politics, we have managed to subvert the founders’ intent and created a monster that is devouring our country.

There are powers that want our Constitutional Republic, and most of the world’s governments to end. They want a new beginning…a beginning that will enable the very rich to take charge. No more government of, by, and for the people. No more natural rights from God. No more religious freedom. They will determine our future, our beliefs, our happiness, our health, our very existence. They say we will own nothing and be happy, reducing us to mere children with them as parents. Their plans include depopulating the world of obsolete, redundant, and useless people. They are dead serious and have already begun executing their plans. Numerous leaked videos have been released corroborating their aim.

How many times does the World Economic Forum have to announce their intentions before the world takes it seriously?

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