Not sure how I missed this – 10/31/22 – Leaked docs show Facebook made portal for feds to report misinfo, report says

I’ve been shadow banned and restricted by big tech platforms for more years than I’d care to say. So this does not surprise me at all.

10/31/22 – Leaked docs show Facebook made portal for feds to report misinfo, report says

The courts subsequently compelled the Biden administration to turn over communications between federal officials and social media platforms which, according to Schmitt, revealed an extensive “Censorship Enterprise” between multiple government agencies and social media platforms.

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Now, a parallel investigation by The Intercept has allegedly uncovered “confidential” documents from Facebook illuminating the presence of a “Facebook Content Request System” for government agencies.

As of October 31, 2022, the URL “,” which was listed on the leaked documents obtained by The Intercept, still appeared to be functioning normally.
“This censorship is not done at the sole or even primary initiative of Big Tech. It is so often done in conjunction with the US Govt and US Security State, which demands it,” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted, following The Intercept’s report. “The head of Big Tech’s censorship scheme is the Biden WH and the US Security State. I can’t stress this vital truth enough.”
Lee Fang, one of The Intercept report’s co-authors, indicated in a tweet that Twitter created a similar government reporting system as well.

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