The Deception of ‘Promote the Vote’ Proposal 2, in Michigan

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The Deception of ‘Promote the Vote’ Proposal 2, in Michigan
What are the items in this proposal that are dangerous to election security?
1. No absolute requirement for photo ID.
2. The legalization of third-party, non-government funding of elections.
3. Absentee ballots would automatically be mass mailed in perpetuity to voters.
4. Expansion of the number of unmanned drop boxes to over 2000!
5. Only the Secretary of State would be allowed to conduct post-election audits.
6. More than 33,000 prison inmates statewide would be given the ability to vote.
A fierce battle is underway in Michigan over Proposal 2, the Right to Voting Policies Amendment (also known as the “Promote the Vote” initiative)…
it would embed into the state constitution practices and procedures that would strike a death blow to the notion of election security and integrity. Amendments to the constitution are nearly impossible to change…
deceptive marketing and promotion of this proposal has confused people…
Polls are showing a 70% approval rate for this proposal.

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