They’re Turning Our Kids into Orwell’s Dogs

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By J.B. Shurk

It is often said that good political campaigns are forward-looking. Obama sold “hope and change.” Trump promised to “Make America Great Again.” With control of Congress and the presidency heading into the 2022 midterm elections, what future are Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats offering to lure voters toward their side? It appears to be one in which boys are celebrated as girls, education is reduced to political indoctrination, and Green New Deal policies continue to exacerbate food and fuel costs.

What is the Democrats’ argument for re-election? Despite…..

Auron Macintyre said it well:

In the United States and the wider Western world, history and culture are being erased. Statues are torn down, buildings and military bases are renamed, holidays are replaced. Children are taught to hate the story of the home nation, to hate their heritage, to hate the color of their own skin. This is conquest; the people trying to erase your history and transform your culture are attempting to conquer you. The weapons of a soft ideological conquest may look different but make no mistake, the battle for your civilization is happening all around you.

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