Alphabet/Google (AG), uncrowned King of Suppression – CFP A Beacon of Freedom In A Sea of Censorship

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By Judi McLeod


When heavy-weight hitters over at Google chose to hurl all their weight on tiny independent Canada Free Press (CFP), the closest we could get to the peace of the Almighty’s majestic Atlantic Ocean was in our dreams.

Back then we imagined CFP as a little boat sailing by the biggest ship of them all, manned by a monolithic company sailing freely through international waters, having changed its name from Google to Alphabet.

Then last May a certain prime minister saw us pulling up roots and moving house and office some 1,100 miles from Ontario to the sea-bound Coast of beautiful Nova Scotia—having chosen to ‘get out of Dodge’ when the PM threatened to freeze the bank accounts of hard-working Freedom Convoy truckers—and their supporters—of which CFP was one.

We held fast to the concept of being a beacon of freedom in a sea of censorship, and thanks to our longtime loyal readers, we keep that concept intact.

When many websites chose Google Money, they, in effect, chose to be censored by Google

Alphabet/Google (AG), uncrowned King of Suppression, through their once bogus mantra of “Do No Evil”, suppresses thousands of conservative news sites having all the ammunition on THEIR side.

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