The Sleeping Giants Awakens

I love Charles Ortel.

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The Sleeping Giants Awakens

By Charles Ortel

A rout is baked into the cards—not simply a Red Wave or even a Red Tsunami, but a brutal and abject rejection of “know-nothing” politicians in both parties who act insolently as “know-it-alls,” even as their policies and moves define economic and geo-political failures downward.

This reckoning is long overdue—we have been too willing to follow the prescriptions of supposed “thought-leaders,” too trusting that career politicians and bureaucrats in both parties have our best interests at heart, too tolerant of epic corruption and its odious consequences, and too accepting of breathless media accounts that whitewashed the economic destruction and mayhem perpetrated against families and households by a gorged and now gargantuan, soul-destroying super state.

At their core, the 2022 elections will be about plunging household earnings, soaring crime, and arrogant incompetence that put the long American experiment with ordered freedom on the brink of final jeopardy. Climate change, social justice, and abortion will animate some, but will not work as issues, alone or together, to stem the deluge of righteous discontent over public sector failures that has been bottled up for much too long.

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