Now We’re ‘Mega’ MAGA Republicans

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By Kevin Lewis

Does the desire for adherence to the U.S. Constitution, for small government, individual freedom, a strong economy, energy independence, safe cities, secure border, strong military, and fair trade relations sound like extreme ideology? Do people who wish for these things threaten our country? In what universe does that make even a shred of sense? Indeed, the only threat they may pose is to the ongoing political careers of those who wish to retain the levers of power and control. If they are voted out of office, they may feel the threat of having to find a way to make a living doing real work in some field of endeavor, and, in fairness, that may scare them beyond the capacity for rational thought.

While I am sure that the current administration and the Democrat party in general want the very best for our country and all of its citizens (really?), I believe we could do better. Despite recent policy and political decisions that would indicate intentions to the contrary, they certainly don’t want to turn us into a Marxist regime…do they? They don’t want us to become a socialist/communist country with ubiquitous and necessary draconian enforcement measures. Do they?

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