Non-Partisan Elections Are Non-Existent

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I vote Conservative. I’ve given up on the GOP and Republicans, I find they say one thing but do another, usually detrimental to Americans. Most Independent candidates in my area are Democrats who are Marxist leaners. It is getting harder and harder to find their records online so you really need to want to understand what they really stand for by their actions.

By Robin M. Itzler

In today’s very partisan environment, where Democrats and Republicans have completely opposed views on critical issues, it is imperative to know the political registration of all people running for local offices — especially city councils and school boards.

For most Americans, the political party they are registered with is an introduction to their personal values and core beliefs. Learning a city council and school board candidate’s party affiliation should be the first step in reviewing their bona fides.

However, we can no longer assume party affiliation is enough information. For instance, Liz Cheney is a registered Republican and former Democrat-now-Independent Tulsi Gabbard is a registered Democrat. Which one would you vote for?

Plus, many Republicans have switched to no party preference (NPP) or Independent.

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