Well, I Apparently Am ..

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

A Domestic Terrorist!!

Merrick Garland and his DOJ may consider you a threat to democracy and potential domestic terrorist for any of the following and may sic the FBI on you:

1-If you consider the 2020 elections were fraudulent
2- If you dare to fly a “Don’t Tread on Me ” flag or sport a license plate stating the same.
3-If you speak out against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools or transgenderism and homosexuality to pre-teens. 4-If you support the sending of illegal immigrants to blue cities. 5- If you suggest you are not interested in the purchase of an electric car. 6-If you purchase any products from My Pillow or read Mike Lindell’s book. 7-If you are seen in public wearing a red MAGA hat or other Maga clothing
8-If you enjoy eating red meat, especially beef. 9-If you place a sign in your yard promoting…

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