“Progress” by John Rich

“On Friday (July 22), country music star John Rich took to former President Donald Trump’s social media network, Truth Social, to announce what is sure to be a controversial new MAGA-inspired song titled… via https://americansongwriter.com/john-rich-progress-lyrics-maga-meaning/


There’s a hole in this country

Where it’s heart used to be. Old Glory’s divided on fire in the street.

They say building back better, will make America great
If that’s a wave of the future all I’ve got to say is….

Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine
Keep your big mess away from me and mine
If you leave us alone we’d all be just fine.

They invite the whole world to come live in our land
And leave our countrymen dying in Afghanistan.

They say let go of Jesus and let Government save
You can have back your freedoms if you do what we say
They Shutdown our pipelines and they shut down our voices
And they shutdown our main streets
And they shutdown our choices.

They bent us all over but it’s all over now
Because we figured it out
We ain’t backing down

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John Rich Official
July 12, 2022




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