Facebook’s ‘Metaverse’ Is A Dystopian Nightmare And Poses Terrifying Dangers To Humans

Jasper and Sardine

Meta, the name of Facebook’s recent rebrand, is investing billions of dollars into a project that hopes to see the creation of the “Metaverse,” an immersive virtual reality environment in which people can interact with users and the artificial world around them. If you think that this sounds like an idea straight out of the Black Mirror writers’ room, you’re not alone — a number of prominent voices have expressed their concerns with the idea.

One of these voices is Dr David Reid, a Professor of AI and Spatial Computing at Liverpool Hope University. While he believes the metaverse may potentially bring some exciting possibilities to humankind, it runs the risk of drastically deepening the existing problems with social media and the internet, such as data privacy concerns and cyberbullying. 

“The metaverse has huge implications – it comes with fantastic advantages and terrifying dangers. And we need a highly robust…

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  1. malenurseken says:

    Yea Facebook sucks bad enuff as is. SO does instagram! Im CONSTANTLY being threatened with account lockdown or deletion! I had to make a new instagram account already! I can ONLY imagine what META would be like! The stupid ASS libs are the only ones on FB and IG now that can say whatever they want without so called INDEPENDANT FKD checkers blocking your posts! And the assholes TROLL EVERY REP BLOG SITE! And if you reply back to them in same manner as they attack you, YOUR THE ONE labeled as a BULLY and account locked!


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