Corporate Media is the Problem

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In a free society where a free press is there, among other things, to keep watch on the government and inform the People about government overreach, abuse, and corruption, what happens when the press comes to promote a political ideology? It’s no longer free, but becomes a propaganda tool of that ideology and the politicians that promote it. This is what seems to have happened to America’s corporate media and “Big Tech” platforms like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. There’s money and power in propaganda, much more than in reporting the news and playing the role of “watchdog” as was the case for most of US history.

Politicians could not have gotten away with the incredible abuses of 2020 (lockdowns, ridiculous restrictions on businesses, churches, etc), the vast overspending of tax dollars, the social engineering, the theft of elections, the unconstitutional theft of power from the States to the national…

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