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As you’ve probably seen by now, Fox 26 Insider Ivory Hecker’s story has had a huge impact across social media and on the news.On Twitter alone, Ivory’s video blowing the whistle on-air while reporting for Fox 26 has been seen OVER TWO MILLION TIMES.Even the Mainstream Media couldn’t ignore this story.Look at just a few of the outlets that covered it so far:It’s incredible to see how Ivory’s courage led to this much attention. It is catalyzing more Media Insiders to come forward to Project Veritas as we speak.To no one’s surprise, Fox 26 issued the following statement as an attempt to justify what Hecker exposed:That statement is factually incorrect.Ivory was not a “former employee” when she went on LIVE TELEVISION to make her announcement. She was very much employed when she came to Project Veritas to tell her story.Also, can Fox 26 explain what they mean by “selective editing” and “misrepresentation”? Talk is cheap, I wonder if they’re able to back up their allegations with any sort of evidence.Putting the negative attacks aside, I want to thank everyone in The Veritas Army for supporting Ivory on the Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo.She has raised OVER $135,000 ALREADY! It’s thanks to people like you, Paula, that this happened for her.If you’d like to support Ivory, you can donate to her here: last few days have been truly amazing. Corporate media has been exposed.Stay tuned as more Brave Insiders will be going public imminently…James  Forward Project Veritas
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