Project Veritas: RETRACTION #343: ‘Media Bias / Fact Check’ inducted to Wall of Shame

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Today’s retraction is what I like to call “fact checking the fact checkers” or “watching the watchers.”
We’re inducting “Media Bias / Fact Check” and its founder, Dave Van Zandt, to the infamous Wall of Shame for falsely attributing an article written by SOMEONE ELSE to Project Veritas.
You can watch my reaction to this shocking “fact check” here:

Look at what they originally had on their website:

The only thing false here is their “fact check.”
Project Veritas never published the article cited above, but somehow; they gave us all the “credit.”
Maybe they should fact check themselves, before they start doing it to others.
Following a correction demand, here’s what their web page looks like now:

There you have it.
People sometimes ask me why I care about what these petty websites have to say about Project Veritas.
Here is my answer:

Every time one of these “fact checks” about Project Veritas come out, they are selectively chosen as a first page hit on Google.
For an average web surfer — unaware of the Big Tech and “fact checker” bias — these lies end up becoming believable and are perpetuated throughout the Mainstream Media.
We have a duty to fight back against all lies, big and small. Small lies eventually become big lies – so we must stop them at the root.
As for “Media Bias / Fact Check”: do better next time. It’s not that hard.
In Veritas,

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