@bellahadid – “From The River To The Sea”, “Palestine” IS ALREADY Free & Then Some!!

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“From The River To The Sea”, “Palestine” IS ALREADY Free–And Then Some!!

A supermodel chick, Bella Hadid (I’ve never heard of her) is crying over the “Palestinians” and thinks they need to be ‘free, from the river to the sea‘: Boo boo….

Grow up, Bella.

Get your head out of your ass.

In my own research for many years on the net, fighting Jew haters from the ocean to the north pole, the equator to Timbuktu – I have sought out through google images, Youtubes, MSN photo’s, etc just to see how ‘oppressed’ the Gazans and the Ramallan’s are.

I didn’t find ‘oppression’ with these people like I have found with white people in South Africa–who are having their land confiscated and starved off their farms… On the contrary, in the ‘Pali/Gazan land’, I found Hotels, Restaurants, Jewelry stores, Fashion shows, Deli’s, beach resorts, horse racing, and more…

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