RebelNews: URGENT: Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED moments after church today

Just minutes ago, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested for opening his church in Calgary.Half a dozen police cars swarmed around him and he was taken into custody. Here’s the latest from our new Calgary reporter, Adam Soos:Wal-mart and Costco are open across Canada, so are liquor stores and marijuana stores.But a Christian pastor cannot open his doors with a massive police raid.This is the second Christian pastor jailed in Alberta this year — the first was Pastor James Coates of the GraceLife Church outside Edmonton. He was kept in a maximum-security prison for 35 days for refusing to close his church. Eventually, police raided the church itself, expropriating it and turning it into a permanent police garrison.If you think today’s arrest is an outrage — not only to Pastor Artur, and his congregants, but an outrage against our constitutional freedoms — then please help us. We’re crowdfunding his lawyers. I just got off the phone with them — they are working on getting Pastor Artur released right now.If you can help, please go to Arresting Christians for holding church services is what police states do, not liberal democracies. This has to stop.Yours truly,Ezra Levant
Rebel NewsP.S. What have we come to when Alberta — once known as the freest province in Canada — now routinely prosecutes and jails Christian pastors? I don’t know of anywhere else in the free world that has that disgraceful distinction.P.P.S. I just spoke with the lawyers we’re crowdfunding — they’re on the case. They already have a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday, and they’re going to try to get Pastor Artur out right now. Please go to to help crowdfund his legal fees.             Rebel News Network Ltd.
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