In theory, president Joe Biden wants you to cut meat consumption drastically to meet his 2030 sustainability goals. According to the Daily Mail, this level of reduction will leave you with just one hamburger per month.

Now you might be saying to yourself; this can’t happen; I won’t let it. A recent poll of 5,500 Foogle Fam showed 70% would not give up any meat to meet Joe Biden’s demands. But will you really have a choice, and how exactly would the Powers-That-Be force us to give up our meat consumption?

Well, they could try to tax our meat and work with suppliers to reduce supply and raise prices via subsidies. But these regulations are subject to congress, and it would be impossible to reach a 90% reduction in beef as suggested. There is a way, as this last year has shown us, the one thing that can send people home, shut down industries, and most importantly, reset human behavior – Pandemics.

Is a cow-demic even possible? Absolutely, and it’s not that unrealistic. Let’s review some facts you may not know.

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